UStream Fun at Love ranch Vegas!

Discussion in 'LoveRanch South (Las Vegas/Pahrump)' started by sonja, Dec 15, 2013.

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    The entire UStream show it was 3 girls in a bubble bath but once the camera was turned off it was time for the "after party"!
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  2. CJX
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    CJX New Member

    bath time is always FUN
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  3. You got that right!
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  4. work work :lol:
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  5. Oh my.

    You're missing another blonde!

    I'll be back soon, ladies!!!

  6. Ha! We seem to go in phases. We went from a practically all blonde line-up to CJX being the only blonde (with Kim Kay, Eve, & Renee all with dark brown/black hair) At Alien - we went from all blondes to 3 redheads - Rosie, Quinn, & Aries. It's USUALLY mixed up much better than that!
  7. what are we doing this Saturday for u stream drinking champagne naked in the hot tub i hope

  8. We DID that, already! :lol: -- Not a bad way to make a living :p

    We have some ideas already but we're always open to suggestions! We're going to do a human dessert buffet but want to wait for Eve to get back since it was her idea. When Goldie gets back she's going to cook a gourmet meal for us... Maybe a Nuru at LRV?
  9. Those are some great pics ladies :D
  10. The bar games we dd on last night's show were more fun than I expected! I really got felt-up thoroughly on the orange relay race and the "Plunge the hole" game that TJ came up with was a hoot! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  11. CJX
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    U Stream was Fun!
    we had a gentleman join us and tell us his positive views on the brothel
    we shld have a visitor every week

  12. Swamp Thang to be exact. He will be our "official" DJ for upcoming events. Cool guy! :D
  13. shelbystar
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    shelbystar Looks get you, my personality brings you back!

    He was really funny and it was nice to see the inter action between a gentleman and the ladies. Sounds like he will be fun.

  14. Oh he is! Gotta Love a man who loves to have a good time.
  15. Wish I had been there for the bubble party. It looks like yall had an awesome time;)
  16. you ladies are so cute :lol: :lol:

  17. It was, Brandy! We'll have to do an encore performance so you can get in on the action!
  18. U-Streams are more and more fun every time.
  19. Now that the glitches are (mostly) solved - we can relax and be more playful. The ladies have all come up with so many great new ideas for upcoming shows!
  20. This Saturday will be a blast; Saphire and I are already planning it!

  21. Kewl! I want in on it. I know what we HAD planned and I know what that MIGHT change to... so tell me!!!
  22. Sounds awesome to me;)

  23. I'm here now so maybe today? A photoshoot might be fun...
  24. I'm an EXPERT and taking photos of sudsy ladies.

  25. You can also BE one. A bubble bath is in order!
  26. I love bubble baths!

  27. Let's do it.
  28. i agree it is nice to have a man around lots of fun!!!!! call us 1-775-372-5251. be that lucky guy????
  29. all in ???
  30. how about sudsy guys ehha ???
  31. it was a blast next week is going to be even better cum and join us 1-775-372-5251.
  32. we can do a replay everybody join in????
  33. you are a stunner xo
  34. Last night was so much fun, thanks to all the gentlemen out there that has such fun questions for us. It's so good to talk to you all!!! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]

  35. I LOVE when the guys join in with the chat. A lot more fun!

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