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  1. I might be wrong, but weren't there rules put in place a while back that prohibited people from spamming threads with posts that didn't add anything to the discussion? I've noticed a handful of ladies that are showing up all over the board as the last post on hundreds of threads every day. As much as I don't want to hurt any feelings, its annoying to see so much spamming, and frankly, makes me not want to participate on this board anymore. I'm sure other people have been driven away from this board because of it as well. Is there something that can be done to put an end to the spamming?
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  2. If you don't like it, you can always PM the person know that you are being "driven away" from the boards. Have you guys looked at the Alien Cathouse and Love Ranch Vegas forum recently? It is not only posts on existing threads, it is the new threads too.
  3. I'M not quite sure what you consider spamming...However the Ladies are encouraged to engage with the members online and think of Hot topics to generate New Friends and playmates...the only way we can do that is to strike up interesting topics or to respond creatively to the other members or Ladies on the message boards....especially if you are New to the Forum like myself....Trust and Believe it is NOT meant to detour you or stop you from wanting to be on the message boards....It is a way for us to see what your likes and dislikes are and to get to know your fun side.....besides How else are the New Faces as well as Your Vets are suppose to get to Know you better and Understand what you enjoy about Us ! We also like hearing from you as well.


  4. I'm not against the ladies interacting with other people on this board. I just find it frustrating when ladies post in every forum on dozens of threads, and none of the posts actually add to the conversation. If all of your posts are saying "go see her," "thanks for sharing," or "I agree" then that's not contributing to a thread; that's just getting your post count up. In addition, if a new topic is posted, there should be more substance to it then just "Come see me, I'm bored." A new topic could include personal interests or ask other board members questions (but the questions should actually get answered, not just "Oh, these are great questions!"). A lot of you ladies are intelligent and well educated, and your threads and posts should demonstrate that. A few well thought out posts can do more for you ladies than 500 posts that are 4 words or less. If anything, hundreds of posts in one day is hurting everyone else that's trying to get noticed.

    I'm not trying to be rude by bringing this up. I just remember this board being a lot more enjoyable to be around when the mods were enforcing the "no spam" rules.

  5. I'm in complete agreement. For me, the ladies who do that kind of rapid posting like that, it would turn me off from even thinking about seeing her.
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  6. Thank you Shykyle87 i appreciate your input and will take into consideration of your thoughts...Ineeded to hear from the forum and members their concerns especially coming back after 4 it's not my first rodeo It's just been a while1!! Pleasure meeting you and maybe one day we will have a chance encounter!!
  7. Thank you dreamscometrue for your input and knowledge on this subject I really needed a clear understanding on what you the forum and the members were feeling!!!
  8. I will be mindful of that when posting or letting a female that she is a Hot Girl and joining in on group topics and discussions....but also remember the Ladies may join in later because of what time they may come on the floor...each lady as her own schedule so some may not join in on a discussion until later on in the evening....but I will also remember to chime in some interesting facts on all topics if not helpful....Thank you!! I appreciate the feed back!!!!
  9. Ariel, thank you for your input as well. I do realize the ladies have different schedules and that they are competing for business, so getting noticed is very important to their success. I just felt that putting more thought into their posts would help them in a positive manner, that seeing their interests and intelligence in posts would create more interest and possibly more business then filling up a couple pages of posts with short answers.

    Each lady has their way of doing things, and my intention was never to offend any of them. I was just trying to be helpful, because I want to see each lady be as successful as she can possibly be. I also look forward to more interaction here with you, Ariel, and the other ladies as well.
  10. Oh no Shykyle87 Thank you for letting me know your thoughts and your input.......I helps me understand How to entertain and its a great way to let me know you alls likes and dislikes where I'm better prepared to Entertain you as well as the guest that come thru these doors!!! And yes I hope to interact with you more as well and stimulate your mind even more!!!
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  11. Ariel, I'm glad I could help you out in some way, and I hope it greatly benefits you during your time at the ranch. Thank you again for your contributions to this thread.
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    The only problem with the current spam rules is that they focus on the quantity not the quality of the words. Sometimes less than 30 characters can speak volumes. Granted character count is objective, and quality monitoring would be more subjective but there are ways to get around the character count without adding to quality. I don't have a solution but somehow focusing on the quality of content, not quantity. As an example, "We the people" is way under the 30 character content, yet speaks volumes!
    Also some of the name games are fun and can reveal something about one's personality. By their very nature, frequently answers are less than 30 characters forcing one to come up with a creative way to get around the limit
    Sorry for the rant, I enjoy this board and do find it a valuable way to connect with the ladies and really does show the breadth of their personalties
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  13. KittiMinx
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    KittiMinx My common sense is tingling.

    Yes. This. Because guess what can fill the character count so it meets the limit? A bunch of annoying emojis that really add nothing to the conversation!

    For those of us who take actual time to write thoughtful posts and seek actual engagement and conversation, it can be quite frustrating to see the Alert notification of a response only for it to be a shallow "Great thought thanks for contributing!!!!!" (followed by a dozen emojis). Piss off with that nonsense.

    Basically, quit posting like you're trying to meet a quota and make posts that are inviting for other users to talk to you and engage with you. Start threads with topics that invite conversation, not just sell yourself. And when you reply to other people have your reply actually acknowledge the person you're replying to and what they're talking about. That in turn will further fuel the conversation so you can reply more. Imagine that!

    One reason I gave up on posting on here is I got tired of the thoughtless spam and BS. All it does is push actual thoughtful and informative threads inviting conversation and engagement away where they can't easily be found, resurrecting threads that are up to a decade old and have no business being replied to, or simply add literally nothing to the conversation and just waste space. It's annoying and a turn off. How do you expect an interested person to talk to you if you give them nothing to talk to you about? If their impression of you based on your posts is that you're shallow and empty? That doesn't invite conversation. I feel sorry fro you gentlemen, I really do.
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    Okay I admit I am the type of guy who can see things from both sides. I've been on the boards since 2012. I have seen spam and have at times spammed, honestly I don't think anyone can say they haven't. That said, what ever happened to "anything goes so long as it is positive" on these boards? Some like games, some don't. Some like brief cute replies, some like to write dissertations. To me it's all good. If you don't like it then don't read it, or you can ignore that poster by clicking that option that Freeky included.

    I remember when I joined I read the rules. I love that the boards are a place to NOT be judged and to be only positive or you'll be warned and if repeat offense you get banned. No place else in the world like it. 200 posts is obviously overboard especially if one does that everyday or very often. Limiting number of posts is not a bad idea but I think limiting character number serves no purpose if we can add emojis to get or point posted. It's all good folks so let's have fun.
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  15. KittiMinx
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    KittiMinx My common sense is tingling.

    There's a difference between quick replies and literally posting nothing. You can contribute to a conversation with a quick reply. But copying and pasting the same message and putting it in dozens of threads over and over again is annoying.

    "Anything goes so long as it's positive" is great for a My Little Pony forum. Or a small forum with not a lot of users. This is none of those things. You can still be positive while having an actual conversation. You can make posts describing who you are and what you have to offer without looking like a pop up ad. And you can get noticed without Flooding boards with hundreds of threads that all say the same thing.

    It's 2016. How the internet works has changed. How forum discourse is viewed has changed. Social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat,etc are for short and sweet messages and sharing whatever. Now when people take the time to join an actual discussion forum the expectation is they're going to get real conversations and exchange information. That the users handle themselves eloquently.

    How would you feel if I just responded with Supernatural GIFs all the time? Whether they made sense in context of the threads or not? That would get pretty annoying after a while, wouldn't it?

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    I understand that this is a business and putting yourself "out there" is how you build business for yourself, I really do.


    Speaking for myself, if all I see are a constant flow of ads with no substance, odds are you wont interest me enough to want to come see you. Im old. Somewhere along the line, I outgrew the "She pretty, me want put dick in her" line of thought. No offense, but pretty is good, but pretty and intelligent is a win as far as Im concerned. Im not looking for a rocket scientist, but being able to hold a conversation that is not an ad for yourself is not rocket science. When I used to watch the UStreams, I tried interacting with a lady who was in the chat channel from a different ranch. Zero response, all she did was keep running "Come see me" ads. She is amazingly good looking, but if all she is interested in doing is running ads for herself, nope, I am not going to waste my time on her during a visit to the ranch, simple as that.

    I hope I am wrong (and I will admit I am a very analytical and slow to trust person), but if all I see from a lady are ads, my thoughts are that the party will be primarily her trying to "up sell" me, so I will avoid partying with her. I feel that if she and I are talking at the bar, it will be one long sales pitch. Frankly, I am not comfortable enough around people I dont know to deal with that very well. The bar scenario happened to me on my last visit with one lady and now I will not interact with her at freaking all on the boards. When I come for my next visit, if she approaches me she better have been practicing her Pashto because I will completely deny the ability to speak English. Seriously, I dont care if she demonstrates how she can suck start a Harley right there in the parlor, I wont have a thing to do with her.

    Maybe some of the ladies who have been there a while can take some of the spammers and explain to them the difference between interacting with potential customers and spamming the same potential customers with bullshit. Maybe they will see more customers coming to see them specifically because they interacted with them on a level other than "you come bang me".

    As for old threads being brought back from the dead:


    Just have them drop that on the thread if they think it deserves resurrection.

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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    It really depends on what you mean by spam... As Ariel has mentioned, We are encouraged to interact as much as possible on the board. Me personally, I do like to post new threads, but I also like to reply to other threads and get some conversation going.
  18. StevenL
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    The ones who spam aren't you ladies in this thread, Gezabelle. When you reply or start a thread, there is substance to your posts. The ones that get irritating are the ones that put up a dozen posts that are all the same ad and don't have any substance to their post. They don't interact, they just waste space. I swear, some days it's like they are trying to win a prize.

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  19. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    Yes, I do agree with you. If you are going to make new threads, please have done substance to them. And to make sure it is something that has not been covered anywhere else in the forum. There are many Q&A's all over boards!

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