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  1. I'm going to leave this one up to the message board members!

    of all the amazing specials you have seen and heard, what would be the ultimate special that would have you on the next flight straight to the Bunny Ranch to see one of our beautiful bunnies?

    Make it fun, make it tempting.

    I'll start first!

    Make your appointment with me, I will be available Feb 3rd through Feb 16th.

    Put a 10% deposit down before Feb 2nd and get 1 hour free (you must book the first hour)
    Book me for the day of Feb 3rd and get 30 mins free
    Book me for an outdate overnight and I will buy the dinner and pay for the room!
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  2. CherryLane
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    CherryLane Let me be your "CANDY GIRL"...sweet & sticky

    Boys, you can't beat those specials!!! Book with this hottie now!!!

    I was giving 20% off with a 10% deposit of party of your choice with a free 3x5 personalized photo. Screenshot_2016-01-30-03-32-44-1.png
  3. O cherry thats an awesome deal!
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  4. CherryLane
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    CherryLane Let me be your "CANDY GIRL"...sweet & sticky

    I learned from the best...wink, wink.
  5. willowlove
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    willowlove Well-Known Member

  6. gijen
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    Great specials, Entice! I think an overnight would be so fun, especially if there is dancing involved!
  7. How about a BOGO special? (For each hour booked, get an hour free...(with the purchase of at least 2 hours)


    An "off the clock" special where you book for X # of hours and get the rest of the night included (for those that are afraid/anxious to 'perform' under time constraints.) I know many ladies offer an "overnight" special but nobody advertises how many hours need to be booked.
  8. all these are great! book one of these ladies guys!
  9. AliceLittle
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    AliceLittle Sagebrush Ranch Starlet

    Wow- now that's a great special! You sure know how to treat someone to a great time ❤️

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  10. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    Can't beat them one bit! Take advantage of these specials now while they are available!
  11. VictoriaKeyes
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    VictoriaKeyes *Available All Winter*

    Very nice! I like the sound of that!

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