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  1. I specialize in Girlfriend Experience Fantasies, Over Nights, Out Dates, Girl on Girl shows, Breast Sex. My favorite position is "your" head between my thighs, doggy and me on top. I cater to kinks and fetishes as well. Such as Foot Fetishes, Ass Worship, Domination, Bondage, Feminization, Humiliation, Tease and Denial, Role Play, Spanking, Strap On, Golden Showers and somany more just ask. rps20160606_193655.jpg
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  2. I am here to accommodate and stimulate your imagination and help you lose all inhibitions. I thoroughly believe in feeding primitive desires of mankind. I offer a sensual and relaxing mood filled with tease and gratification. It is all about pure ecstasy with me.
    People say they feel 'comfortable' with me and I hear, 'I can be myself when I'm with you'.
    I'm by naturally curious, adventurous and attentive. I enjoy learning your interests and delight in sharing mine.
    What are you waiting for CONTACT ME NOW melissakiss@loveranch.net
    LAS VEGAS LOCATION rps20160606_220037_173.jpg
  3. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    That breast sex sounds fascinating! It makes me want to book a party with you!!
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  4. Appearing LIVE at The Reno/ TahoeLocation Newly Resurrected Kit Kat Guest Ranch through July 2016
  5. Miss Kiss, that's me. I am unique. I got MY OWN PRODUCT that I have worked on for years and I know how to Bring it. I'm not just using "punch lines" to attract you, I'm THE REAL DEAL, Been doing this. I know my product and I know you WILL LOVE IT!!!!
  6. Oh oh oh...
    Oops I did it again
  7. Do you wish to feel appreciated, heard understood, wanted, desired or more simply, a non judgmental ear, someone who lets you be you? Are you craving feminine affections and sexual adventures? Well I am that woman for you. I can do this for you with a genuine smile. Come and Escape, to me from your daily troubles. I can fulfill all your needs and desires then leave you unashamedly wanting more. I will make you feel complete bliss, Pleasure and lust. I know very well how to pamper and stimulate a gentleman both his perception and corporeal pleasures.
  8. I am a well rounded diverse and versatile Luxe Paramour, there is NO competition in the level of detail and input I give each and every gentleman. 100% Satisfaction and I have the Record to support this statement. So do not hesitate to contact ME now. You can just drop in and tell our hostess, you are here for me, Melissa Kiss OR simply send me an email. I SUGGEST email me First and make an appointment as I am a touring and High Demand courtesan available at ALL our locations, Reno/ Tahoe and Las Vegas. Also I am the ONLY Licensed Inamorata who is able to offer Out Dates from the South! A REAL GFE, dinner, I got that, a show in Las Vegas, I got that, travel to Tahoe, I GOT THAT. Lets get to know each other and plan for something greater later. I do prefer longer engagements so multi hours and over nights are more than welcome!!! A luxurious intimate night at Cesar's Palace, Planet Hollywood, I GOT THAT... a helicopter ride over The Hoover Dam, I GOT THAT!!
    I stay Pressed and dressed to impress, never will embarrass you as I'm college educated, well traveled and KNOW HOW TO COMPORT myself in EVERY situation.
    I'm perfect for gentlemen who prefer Classic Beauty. Untouched smooth skin...classy and refined for Truly Discerning gentlemen. When discretion is important, I'm your girl. Take me to Michelin 5 starred dinner, a Symphony Orchestra, Cirque Du Soliel... meeting family? I can talk history, international relations, science, art, film, current social issues... I'm just So equipped to Perfect ANY man's fantasy dream Woman intimate experience.
    Email me... at ANY of my contact emails... lol
    ANY, I respond within MINUTES during daytime hours but always within 24 hours. If you don't hear from me, try again because that means something didn't work ;)
    Dennis and Suzette ALWAYS know where I am so don't hesitate to ask either of them if you get no response or our webmaster, Phil.
    Thank you ...
  9. Air Force Amy
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    Air Force Amy The Real Deal Online & In Person!

  10. My favorite is Combining!! Lol
    Why choose just One? Let's mixXx it up rps20160720_181545_459.jpg
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  11. Air Force Amy
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    Air Force Amy The Real Deal Online & In Person!

  12. For gentlemen requiring more than a "chic to bang"... Contact Me.
    Intelligent conversation and experience in the art of seduction and pleasure, I got that. ;)
    Email me because your taste is above average.
  13. I always liked boob option .... Very nice menu Melissa
  14. I like combining specialities. For instance, gfe and light bondage, spanking and role play.
  15. ivymae
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    ivymae -Kit Kat's ♔ Polynesian Princess-

    you have so many awesome ways and choices to spend time with you, Melissa! I couldn't pick just one!
  16. GiaCorleone
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    GiaCorleone Sicilian Thoroughbred Gia 'BellaBambina' Corleone

    Looking sexy like always Melissa book now guys she has so much in
    store for you book now 775-372-5678
  17. Back at The Alien Cathouse Alien Cathouse Las Vegas Location!!!
    melissakiss@aliencathouse.com rps20160908_042519_864.jpg
  18. ParisEnvy
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    ParisEnvy Well-Known Member

    Wow Melissa your favorite position also happens to be mine. Whoever thought
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  19. Lol Great minds do think alike ;)
  20. ParisEnvy
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    ParisEnvy Well-Known Member

    If that's the case then we both should know how to please each other in bed. Great minds think alike? me and you should be just fine. Now if only we can find a man that can handle this much blonde sexy fun all at once. Hmmmmm
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  21. I am a Gfe provider. One of the best and I know this because of the feed back from my suitors and my long list of repeat clientele.
    I'm extremely Soft, very very feminine and I do invite you to join me in embracing my femininity. I love to be worshipped for my femininity. I love to be caressed and held. I nearly purrr like a happy little kitten.
    My skin is impossibly sensitive and silky soft. My curves are soft like pillows, for you to rest and hold. My face is soft and feminine, sweet like an angel. Men say to me, "I LOVE YOUR FACE", Seriously. Not to mention my body! 34Dd 28 39 5'4. You will find great warmth and comfort from within my thighs, between my breasts, behind my knees, at the curve of my lower back, my beautiful neck, I am purely pleasure. Please don't cheat yourself by missing out on the experience Only I am certain to give. Do let me be your guide through a hedonistic fantasy. That of seduction, passion, lust, pleasure... Bliss

    Some of my favorite kinks include but certainly not limited to:
    Taboo Role-Play, Body Worship, Feminization / Sissification, Humiliation, Golden Showers, Ass Worship Foot Worship and so much more! Just ask. I'm open minded and always up to conquer new challenges and further my knowledge and know how in the art of seduction and pleasure.
  22. Available NOW at The Alien Cathouse Las Vegas Location
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  23. Miss Melissa Kiss available until November 23 2016
  24. Available at The Alien Cathouse Las Vegas Location
  25. Also included,
    •Taboo Role-Play

  26. Available at The Alien Cathouse Las Vegas Location
  27. Now taking reservations for November and December 2016
  28. Often imitated NEVER duplicated!
    returning 11/3/16
  29. Returning November 3rd until November 23rd rps20161030_122335.jpg
  30. Returning to the Alien Cathouse Las Vegas Location November 3rd~23rd
  31. Hair: Blonde
    Eyes: Brown
    5'4 34Dd 28 39 Curvy Soft All American
    Kitty: Natural

    I offer THE Ultimate NAUGHTY Girlfriend Experience.
    Intimacy, Sensuality, Understanding, Passion, Laughter, and Ecstasy are just a few qualities that I bring to every adventure I am chosen to create.
    I'm educated and well traveled so conversation is never boring.

    I provide an authentic ultimate unrushed and unparalleled unique and quality custom designed experience just for you!!

    I exceed expectations, it is what I do.

    I will accommodate and stimulate your imagination. People have said they "feel comfortable" with me.
    I let you be you, non judging. I offer a sensual and relaxed mood with tease, stimulation and gratification.
    I'm naturally adventurous, spontaneous, attentive and softly spoken. I truly do enjoy sharing intimate experiences and exploring people.
    You WILL be doted on. Caressed. Held. Kissed. Desired. You will be pleased, physically, spiritually and emotionally. No strings. No Judgments.
    Yes the sex may very well be the BEST part of your experience but it's not Solely the most important.
    The journey is equally, if not more important.

    I do specialize in The GirlFriend Experience Adventures, TRUST ME, I am the ONE who will exceed all expectations! SERIOUSLY!!
    I understand that a true Gfe is about the connection of minds and intertwining of souls,
    Not merely by the act of "kissing" and "cuddling" constitutes a "Gfe" title. If you settle for that sir, you are missing out on a truly unique adventure that Only a True Gfe Expert Specialist, can accommodate So you should be contacting me, now.
    I do gladly accommodate Girl on Girl Shows and Toy Shows as well.
    I'm perfect for Virgins!!! If you're a virgin, you definitely Need a courtesan with experience and gfe authenticity, that's where I come in.

    Some of my personal favorite Kinks & Fetishes include but not limited to:
    Taboo Role-Play, Stockings, Foot Worship, Foot Jobs, Light Bondage, Feminization / Sissification, Sexual / Sensual Domination, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Spankings, Strap Ons, Golden Showers and so many more!!! Just ask!! I am a well rounded Courtesan. Pleasure is my ultimate passion.

    I'm available ANYTIME By Appointment With a Deposit!!!
    For my schedule updates check me out on Twitter @Miss_MKiss OR You Can Simply email me, I answer my emails personally and within 24hrs but usually sooner.

    I'm Based at The Alien Cathouse Las Vegas
    Call 775 372 5678 To Book

    I am also available BY APPOINTMENT With Deposit at The Reno / Tahoe Location, Kit Kat Guest Ranch
    Call 775 246 9975 To Book Me In Reno
  32. I'm available ANYTIME By Appointment With a Deposit!!!
    For my schedule updates check me out on Twitter @Miss_MKiss OR You Can Simply email me, I answer my emails personally and within 24hrs but usually sooner.

    I'm Based at The Alien Cathouse Las Vegas
    Call 775 372 5678 To Book

    I am also available BY APPOINTMENT With Deposit at The Reno / Tahoe Location, Kit Kat Guest Ranch
    Call 775 246 9975 To Book Me In Reno
  33. Contact ME
  34. After visiting the Alien Cathouse in the past and having a lineup, I decided for my next visit to call and make an appointment with one of the ladies. I decided on Melissa Kiss based on her blog and reviews. My appointment was for a Thursday at 4:00 PM on June 9th. It was the best decision I every made. Melissa greeted me right away and I knew we would have a wonderful time. Melissa and I spoke for some time getting to know each other. Nothing was rushed with Melissa. She took great care of me, always making sure I was comfortable and relaxed. Melissa is a lovely lady, very smart and a good conversationalist. She has a great laugh and is fun to be around. The time went by too quickly. Melissa exceeded my expectations and, the best recommendation of all, I can't wait to see her again. My advice is to call for an appointment so a lady can be ready for you, and especially call for Melissa Kiss (that is if I'm not there already!)

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