shooting star

Discussion in 'LoveRanch South (Las Vegas/Pahrump)' started by JadeSteele, Aug 25, 2016.

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  2. parisenvy
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    parisenvy Well-Known Member

    Ohhhh... I like the Label.
    I would give it a sniff.
    Would you?
  3. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    I would definitely sniff it! It makes me wonder what a shooting star does smell like
  4. Ill make my own scent... Thats what id do working in cosmetics id do miss mix alot... This one ill call "Gun Powder"
  5. its not that impressive.
    at least not to me anyways.
  6. awwww ..... I'm sorry.

    What's your favorite cologne hun ?
  7. im not a cologne guy. never have been. i either smell like a mixed vat of scented oils or car shop.
  8. RandamnHero
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    RandamnHero Well-Known Member

    I've always wondered that when I see weird candle scents. Like okay, how do you get a shooting star's smell? Has anybody been that close to one to smell it?

    I remember I saw one at this shop on OSU campus. It was "Frat Party Basement." What does that smell like? Bong water and Body Oder?
  9. hahahaha i have a triplets laundry list worth of odd candle scent names.
  10. RandamnHero
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    RandamnHero Well-Known Member

    I used to buy weed lollipops there so I would see odd stuff. They sold wack packs, which was 5 porn magazines in a bag for like 20 bucks. The most counter productive candle I saw there was "rain deer poop."

    Doesn't that defeat the purpose of a scented candle?
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  11. bahahaha ................. scratch n sniff
  12. there is gun oil scent, E 85, diesel , lick me all over, butt naked, burnt rubber, blown engine (blech), monkey farts, bacon,
  13. RandamnHero
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    RandamnHero Well-Known Member

    I like to wear some Old Spice most of the time. I also have a cologne called Lucky You that I've been complimented on. I also have worn one called True Religion Drifter. I like to smell good especially since I'm a big dude. I always ask women in stores if cologne or deodorant I'm buying smells good, see if they like it since women have sensitive noses compared to men.
  14. Lucky You .... lol i like it
    Im a huge fan of fragrance, working in cosmetics.. and stuff so its Always been one of my turn ons is a nice fragrance man! :D
    women love that
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    That is actually really funny!
  16. Right! I was kinda thinking how awesome to have a shooting star scented candle.
    I was impressed.....

    But what the fuck do I know,
    besides what I know,
    so I think I know I don't give a fuck


    Will you please water my garden, said the blind man.
    I said, yes sir. It would be my pleasure. ;)
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  17. its hard mixinf candle scents. they smell so much different in liquid vs in a candle.

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