REVIEW Roxanne and Alice in Wonderland, Round 2

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  1. Roxanne and Alice in Wonderland, Round 2

    I can't just write a short review. I can't avoid being a bit graphic. Plus, I had to turn the rental car in earlier than my flight and I have typed this review from Reno International Airport with time to kill.

    Round 1 had such an effect on me. It will be my treasured memory. I owed it to Roxanne and Alice to splurge on an outdate after such an epic party. Apparently, I owed it to myself also.

    We had such a great time in public, refraining from joking too loud in innuendo about every last thing. The ladies were genuinely themselves and let their guards down. Alice told the ranch management that we would be gone an hour and it rolled easily past 2 hours. We were having such a great time. But that's not why you readers are still here.

    Anyway, back to the ranch....

    I wanted to use the words of so many songs to describe this party. But I will keep it short and only include the opening verses of John Lennon's "#9 Dream" as they would be appropriate here.

    So long ago
    Was it in a dream, was it just a dream?
    I know, yes I know
    Seemed so very real, it seemed so real to me

    I decided to revisit Alice's specialty and had her tie my arms to the bed. I wanted to feel helpless as these ladies did as they wished to me, unable to grab or direct anything. They started out giving me a taste- something was always against my cock and my face. They had intended to tickle or bite or scratch and deprive me by taking away what I had already tasted- keeping things just out of reach, but they both picked up that I had gone into some kind of dream state from the things they were doing. There was no point in trying to entice my senses in that state as I was already as enticed as I could be. I am one who believes in finding the spirituality of a moment under the stars or at the beach or wherever, and I definitely left my mind behind and just rode out this experience. At the beginning, Roxanne had put on classic rock, mostly Led Zeppelin. I think she discovered how the music of my youth allows me to escape into the words and relive youth. Heavy focus on the music and my dream state allowed me to stay hard and keep going. After a bit, Alice even figured she might as well untie me and give me use of my arms back as I was clearly where I needed to be.

    Here, I must apologize to Alice. With my hands free and staying in my dream state, I relived a teenage moment of making out and caressing the face and body of the woman in front of me- but now it was Roxanne. I was so focused on Roxanne with some kind of puppy-love look on my face. She knew it too. She kept telling Alice, "Look at his face." I kept pulling her face to mine and said to let Alice do all the work "down there." That moment seemed to last for hours. By the way, Alice knows how to stop just short of pain and use some kind of pressure points on the balls. I can't tell you how much it was with her hands or her mouth, but it's heaven.

    Alice is such a team player- she let me have my dream uninterupted. She stayed down there and let me fall in love with Roxanne's face. Alice only changed things up when it was time to move along toward the second finish of the party. The intercom had said time was up and Alice kept going into overtime with her mouth and then her hands to leave me with the happiest of happy endings. The first ending was kind of a minor event during my dream state, so this was my big release. I was supposed to let Alice know when I was about to finish but I was still making out with Roxanne and let's just say it was a wonderful mess, a great end to the dream.

    We went past our time and lingered on and on with conversation and hugs and kisses forever. I couldn't tell you if I spent a few hours or half-a-day with these two wonderful ladies. It was perfection. My problem now is that I am hooked, but won't be able to come back probably until next July.

    On my way out the door, I found a lively discussion going on around the fire pit. Sindy, Remy, Sadie, Shelby, maybe some more ladies and the poster named Freekygeek were having a great time. I joined in. I wish I could say we passed a marijuana cigarette or a bong around to complete my teenage moment, but no. I stayed for a couple rounds of drinks (with me just having water). I promise I will write a separate review of our fire pit chat that completed the evening. I set the cruise control below the speed limit as I drove back to Reno so that I wouldn't speed like I did as a teen. What a night.
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  2. It was so, so much fun! Thank you once again for spending time with us, and letting us spoil you. Now we're really going to be in for a challenge next year trying to outdo ourselves!

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  3. Broadhildt
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    Broadhildt Well-Known Member

    Always good to read about a satisfied customer. Thanks for taking good care of him, ladies!
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  4. auron79
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    auron79 Well-Known Member

    OK... you have had a fantasy party of mine and I'm so glad you were able to have it with these two beautiful women.
    I'm hoping next trip I'm out there I can have a similar experience. Awesome review JAG!
  5. cinnamon
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    cinnamon Making Memories, You'll Never Forget!!!

    Lucky lucky man!!! Great review and congrats ladies!!!
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  7. ...with her golden lasso of truth.
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  8. I see what you did there! ;) <3
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  9. The golden lasso of truth for RED WONDER WOMAN- Its effects can be very dangerous, as not everyone is capable of facing the truth of their actions and desires while stripped bare of excuses (and clothing). The vast majority of men who find themselves in the lasso, simply surrender and enjoy themselves.
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  10. foreverman
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    foreverman Well-Known Member

    sounds like a great time! I always seem to miss it
  11. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    What a great review! That sound like an awesome time you had!
  12. roxanneprice
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    Anytime Broadhildt! It was a blast and I can't wait to do it again... ;)
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  13. They did indeed spoil me. I don't think we actually have to outdo ourselves, but if anyone can think of a way, Alice can.

    Broadhildt, thanks for sharing my sentiment to the ladies.

    auron79, I hope you have such a wonderful experience too.

    Cinnamon, yes- I am still that lucky guy.

    foreverman, I am glad you missed it in the sense that you standing there watching us would have been creepy. But stop missing it- go have such a time that you are the one writing this kind of review.

    Gezabelle, it was the best of times. Quite literally.

    Roxanne said: I can't wait to do it again...
    Me neither. I almost hopped a plane to come back right away. But I will wait and allow the memory to serve me for awhile.
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  14. Just so everyone is clear on my glowing report-
  15. Hey ladies, I noticed that Cinnamon said this in her own review thread:
    To show my appreciation, I am offering extra time for those of you who write a review, it will be added on our next party together!

    Just want you to remember that kind of thinking. Extra time....or a discount because you love me. Then I could call it the "Little-Price Party."
  16. RoxyGold
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    RoxyGold Girl With the Golden Touch

    Excellent review of an epic party! Alice and Roxanne definitely know how to please! :)
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  17. Roxanne and I will certainly give the hook up to any fellow who chooses to come and spend time with us

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    I love our adventures together Alice! Who will be in between us next I wonder? ;)

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  19. We will talk in a couple months about the possibility of a winter "hook up." I might want to hold the record for most LITTLE-PRICE parties.

  20. auron79
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    auron79 Well-Known Member

    Awesome personalities and both gorgeous! This party is soooo tempting!
  21. roxanneprice
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    They call us RoxAlice. :cool:
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  22. Be sure to check out our Star Crossed Lovers thread for all the delicious details of how to enjoy your own trip to wonderland with us!
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  23. i'm so excited to see what our next adventure is going to bring us- perhaps we should arrange a mad hatters tea party?
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  24. I put you in charge of that. All I know is I can bring the breakfast and Roxanne wears a tiara.
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  25. Sounds like a good time to me. :p
  26. Now its your turn Auron. <3
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  27. auron79
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    auron79 Well-Known Member

    Now that would be the best birthday celebration!!!
  28. roxanneprice
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    HAHAHA. Let me put my thinking cap on, *puts on plastic princess tiara*
  29. It's supposed to be a really nice tiara, worthy of Roxanne Price's head. And you have the cowboy hat option, but it will get crushed.
  30. roxanneprice
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    roxanneprice •Hopeless Romantic •Legal Companion •Sexual Healer

    Can I wear the tiara on top of the cowboy hat? :p
  31. Sure, as long as one or the other is on your head. It is to remind us that you are the focus of our party. I am sure you will find it easier to be our princess and leave the tiara on, but because I am spoiling you, I gave you an option.
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    Okay, that's a smart idea. I like the way you think!
  33. "Should I be a princess, or a cowgirl?"
    "Why not both!?"
  34. roxanneprice
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    LOLOLOL I'M DYING. I will be both, no one is going to stop me either! RAWR <3
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    [smilie=call me.gif][smilie=call me.gif]

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