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  1. how cool and exciting i just luv ustream it gets me out there for the world to notice me yippee tonight was my second night I just love all the topics of conversation the update on events and social interaction with everybody with so much climatic happenings going on I just gotta experience every orgasmic event and add my own twists to them so for the ones who watch and are ready for the Phoenix experience get yourselves in here and lets make it happen tonight [smilie=call me.gif] for an appointment @ 775 246 5683 and press 0 I'm still getting used to all the ways to contact me so if i don't respond please call the office and ask for meor just show up and ring the bell twice and let the parlor hostess know you are here for meeeee GODbless
  2. shelbystar
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    shelbystar Looks get you, my personality brings you back!

    Ustream is a lot of fun! Keep up the good work!
  3. thank you for your encouragement, and GOD help me make and benefit the most of it;) and if you think I did a good job on upstream you should experience how great I am in a party[smilie=happy.gif][smilie=be mine!.gif];) ok girl you can find me at the Sagebrush sex you soon..GODbless
  4. You were great[smilie=be mine!.gif]
  5. oh GOD yes girl its so fun everyone and everyone is so helpful keep the faith and keep it up
  6. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    I love Ustream! I really like going back and watching Ustream reruns!
  7. yep me too which helped me notice how nervous i was like a little wiggle worm the first time so the next time i was on i kept having to tell myself " just breath Phee" and of cousre say a little prayer and have fun with it wheeee!!!
  8. VictoriaKeyes
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    VictoriaKeyes *Available All Winter*

    Gotta love ustream! Be ready for Wednesday :)
  9. looking forward to it [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  10. VictoriaKeyes
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    VictoriaKeyes *Available All Winter*

    Me too Phoenix! Your a doll :)
  11. for all the viewers on the forum let me clarify i meant looking forward to doing upstream and I will sex you soon when a sponcer comes into to have a threesome with us...giggels
  12. RoxyGold
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    RoxyGold Well-Known Member

    Ustream is so much fun! Everyone always looks great and there are so many fun things we talk about! :)
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  13. yes and with you hosting it deffinately helps me relax and have fun and opens my mind up to the different topics you bring up luv you girl [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  14. Miz Roxy, I'll second that! :)
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  15. hopefully you'll be in soon to get your nut with me Squirrel [smilie=be mine!.gif] just ring the gate @ the Sagebrush 2 times and ask for Phoenix Rising
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  16. Some times its nice to stop in and see the Ladys.... Some are shy and care not to be on Ustream, do to there life outside the Sagebrush.....So If I were you I would stop by after Ustream just to see the lovely Ladys that are shy.....
  17. GiaCorleone
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    GiaCorleone Sicilian Thoroughbred Gia 'BellaBambina' Corleone

    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif] received_178856105873384.jpeg
  18. I do have my shy moments also and agree with Shawna about going ahead and just getting yourselves up to the ranch to meet us in person ;)some of us also might just be returning from our time off and show up to the Sagebrush to late for u-stream or might be all booked up during the airing so yes another great alternative/option is to meet us in person and have our own time getting better aquinated with one another [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  19. AliceLittle
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    AliceLittle Sagebrush Ranch Starlet

    It feels a bit weird at first, but you get used to the shows and how all the technical stuff works, then its so much fun to hang out.
  20. and watching you and how confident and happy you are on u-stream is deffinately proof and so encouragely reassuring [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=be mine!.gif]
  21. ha ha ha i just noticed i called it upstream on my thread my how i have evolved lol uuu-stream is such a blast and i just dig how many different topics we can about and all the girls we can fit in to 1 hour soooo very exciting and informative [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=be mine!.gif][smilie=call me.gif] @ the sagebrush and press 0 for your appointments w/ meeeee [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] experience you soon and several times[smilie=hi ya!.gif]
  22. AliceLittle
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    AliceLittle Sagebrush Ranch Starlet

    Give us more than an hour and we'd just keep going!
  23. i agree with that I've caught myself about to verbaly respond to a lot of the topics during the live broadcast (when it wasn't even my turn yet lol) that I've even had to pop back on the show to respond lol and the choice topics alone could create lengthly conversation and then add us to the mix we could go FOREVERRRR !!!!
  24. rileyzane
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    rileyzane Experience the GFE with me at Love Ranch!

    Live audiences!! Very interactive, and a great tool for the ladies:)
  25. AliceLittle
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    AliceLittle Sagebrush Ranch Starlet

    I guess that's why folks need to come in to see us, more time to chat.
  26. yes I agree we got them started now its time for our views to take the next step towards their climatic adventurous conversations with some up close and personal hands on,one on one interaction with us [smilie=be mine!.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif] [smilie=call me.gif] @ Sagebrush Ranch press 0 and ask for Phoenix Rising to make an appointment with me and/or ring twice @ the gate and ask host or hostess for Phoenix Rising;)

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