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    I have recently had the joy of being judged. One of the many things that has been decided is that I am absolutely NOT a Dominant woman. Allow me to set the record straight

    I'm not your stereotype. Of ANYTHING. Get that idea out of your head.
    I'm not an "alpha". Dominance games, group politics, I could give a shit - but I don't.
    I'm a quiet woman, reserved, even withdrawn.
    I listen far more than I speak. Unless I'm trying to impress someone I have already formed a high opinion of through mutual acquaintance.
    I'm not a big, imposing figure. I'm thin and petite.
    I'm soft-spoken. I will rarely raise my voice above what is needed to be heard over background noise.
    I'm soft-hearted. I'm a sucker for helping strays, of the human and animal varieties. The more hurt and battered, the more I want to help.
    My natural inclinations are to teach and protect, to guide people toward their own happiness.

    So what exactly makes me a Dom, when so many things point otherwise?

    I'm quiet and listen because I want to know what makes you tick. I want to know every nook and cranny of your mind. Your hopes, fears, dreams and nightmares. Because that's where REAL (to me) Dominance and power lie. To lift you to the heights, or throw you to the depths, with a single sentence, a solitary word - that's the power I crave, and will have, in time. I will own you, because I will know you so well, you will WANT me have that power. You will hand it to me willingly, because you will come to know that you can trust me not to deceive you or break you.

    I'm soft-spoken because my true voice, when I use it fully, can make a hardened drill sergeant flinch and obey from reflex. It booms, it echoes, it carries forever. I'm soft-spoken because doing this makes people afraid - and because I don't need to use it often. My word is my bond - what I say is uttered with absolute sincerity and conviction. I can lower my voice to a deep, quiet rumble, and you will KNOW that my promises and threats are truth you haven't experienced yet, and that arguing with me is an exercise in futility.

    I am soft-hearted because I have spent my life picking up the pieces of what other, "alpha" types have left in their wake. Puzzles are fun, but not when the pieces are what is left of a mind or a heart that has suffered too much at the hands of someone who takes, uses and discards. Putting a human back together after such treatment is rewarding, I just wish it wasn't necessary, or so frequently needed.

    I expect the best out of people. I will lead them to that, demand it of them, will accept nothing less than the pinnacle of what I know they are capable of in that moment. My disappointment is the cruelest weapon I have, because you will WANT to please me, to show me that you are capable of what I see inside of you. You are a shining star, even if no one else, especially you, can see it. I see it, and in time, so will the world.

    When the world sees you like I do, when YOU see you as I do - I have the privilege of standing, in my quiet way, off to the side, taking pride in helping you reach that point. And you will love and respect me for it.

    I'm not your stereotype, and I'm not everyone's type of Dominant. But for the ones who want what I have to offer - to them, I am more than capable of being their everything.

    As a woman I know likes to say, "You better trust and believe!"
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    HEAR HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WELL SAID (STANDING OVATION!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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    Preach girl!!! I love it!!! Very well said!
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    shelbystar Looks get you, my personality brings you back!

    You are a very soft hearted and sweet lady! That is the Remy I know!
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