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  1. So Christmas is just around the corner. Idk about you but I want to Be Home. I love this holiday because of my family. My granny, my aunties and uncles and cousins...
    So that's my short term goal, to be home and have a cozy comfortable Holiday season.
    So I'm figuring a great way to accomplish this expeditiously is come up with an offer one couldn't refuse.
    Are you the type of gentleman who enjoys making a lady really really happy and smile ALOT ? Giggle, laugh smile hug you and say "thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, oh thank you" and show you gratefulness and pamper you not equally but beyond comparable to how you're helping me accomplish My goal. Let Me Show You TRUEST MOST SINCERE Appreciation? Sensual and Loving Appreciation?
    Book a 24hr rendezvous and get a 24hr Free. Book 2 days get 2 days Free. This includes outdates. This includes my Entire menu!!!
    I will, "Love" you all over your body and spirit. I promise rps20160825_134250_110.jpg rps20160825_134411_852.jpg
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  2. Do you want to be with a woman who appreciates what you do ?
    I'll show you how appreciation feels ;)
  3. Why not? Let's go have fun! Let's explore! There's so much to do in life why do it alone or with the wrong company?
  4. This is an going special...
    Why not? I'm feeling generous :)
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    Great specials Melissa!
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