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  1. Lately in chats, Twitter, PMs, etc, I've been answering a lot of the same questions over and over again.... So I decided - why not make a FAQ? Let's do it!


    ♥ | Frequently Asked Questions | ♥


    Easy Stuff:


    When is your birthday?:
    May 27. Yep I usually wind up having it Memorial Day weekend, or after if too many of my favorite people aren't around then.

    Astrological Sign?:
    Gemini according to most Horoscope Books. I don't think too much about these things, but some of what is described as "Gemini" traits fit me pretty well!

    How old are you?:
    I like to make people guess! Some are right on the nose, while others usually guess too young or too old. How old do I look to you?

    Where are you from?:
    Originally, or where do I currently spend most of my "off" time? As covered in one of my *cough*shamelessplugging*cough* Vlogs , I've lived in many parts of the United States. Currently I hail from the Lone Star State.

    How tall are you?:
    Between 5'8" and 5'9" when I'm not slouching, without heels (which is actually the industry standard minimum to be a mainstream model :) ) . Low heels put me at a nice 5'10" and when I feel like going crazy, I have heels that make me tower well over 6 feet! Those are my fun shoes.

    How much do you weigh?:
    Between 115 and 120. It fluctuates depending on time of year so I can't give exact numbers!

    HOW BIG ARE DEM TITTEHS? (What is your bra size?):
    Actual bra size as measured by a professional puts me at a 30F. But bras that size are hard to find in styles I like so I usually try to use a sister size by going 32DD or 34D if I can make the band tight enough. The curse of having a very narrow bone structure!

    You clearly have tattoos and piercings - what all do you got?:
    For piercings - 2 in my left ear lobe, 2 in my right ear lobe with 1 in the upper part of my right ear, and one on the right side of my lower lip. Tattoos - on the upper part of my right arm I have the Eye of Ra, on my lower back I have a tattoo that is a symbol from the show "Avatar: the Last Airbender", and on my upper left thigh I have from Doctor Who the name of the Doctor in Gallifreyan. I have plans to add to the tattoos in the future at some point, with the next being something I designed myself!

    You're very eloquent and well spoken, have you attended college?:
    So far I have 2 degrees! An associates, followed by a bachelors. I'm actually looking into furthering my education in the future by pursuing a Doctorate as well.

    When did you start working as a Courtesan?:
    Very recently! As of November 2015. Love Ranch Vegas is the first brothel I've ever worked at as well. Before that I've been a model and dabbled in adult entertainment both amateur and professional.

    What is your Schedule?:
    As well as posting on here when I'll be at the Ranch, I keep this updated as well!


    Various Curiosities:


    What is your natural hair color?: I was born a ginger, actually! Very light ginger with strawberry-blonde highlights. Alas the roots came in ashe when I was a teen and for a while I dyed it various shades of red - but then I discovered all the other fun colors hair dye comes in so bleach happened. As of January 2016 my hair is platinum blonde with streaks of pastel pink, blue, and purple.

    The pictures in costumes - is it for Halloween or something else?:
    I cosplay as a hobby and also sometimes companies will have me dress as a character from something their promoting at their exhibition booths. Cosplay basically means I'm a giant nerd who likes to make costumes of characters, dress up in them, and hang out being silly with other nerds. I have costumes of comic book characters, anime characters, sci fi characters, movie characters.... It's a lot. But the fun is so worth it! (Of course other geeks already knew this answer, so you guys get cookies!)

    You call yourself a Geek - but how big of a geek are you?:
    Naturally I have my fandoms from various media - Supernatural, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel & DC Comics, various anime.... But I'm also an avid reader, reading popular fiction series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Hunger Games, etc but I also read a lot of non fiction which throws people off. (Currently I'm in the middle of a book called "Orca: A Whale Called Killer" all about orca whales, as known by scientists by the 1990s as it's an older book.) I'm super into science - pretty much all the sciences (and I have friends who work in various scientific fields to thank for that) - biology, chemistry, physics... I find it all very interesting! And I'm a technology geek. I'm really good with computers especially, doesn't matter if Windows, Mac, Linux - I can work it; I can even take most computers apart and reassemble them as several of my own machines are Frankenstein creations. I know a lot of computer languages, albeit older ones as over the years I haven't had time to keep up. But I know enough to put together a decent looking web page! And make computers do funny things. I'm also the internet. That's all you need to know about that. Geeky enough for you?

    When did you get into modeling and what got you into it?:
    I used to actually be really into Photography until one day I was doing a photoshoot with someone at a big studio and several very prestigious professional photographers kept asking why I wasn't in front of the camera, myself. This was probably about 8 years ago. The rest is history. :)

    You say you're "omnisexual" - what exactly does that mean?:
    A term somewhat made popular by Doctor Who/Torchwood character Captain Jack Harkness , it basically means it doesn't matter what someone's sexual organs are or gender presentation, I can still be attracted to them in a sexual manner. (Also known as "pansexual".) This also includes those who are trans*gender (regardless of how much they "pass") , those who are genderfluid/genderqueer/androgynous, and even intersex.

    You seem to be pretty open with expressing your sexuality, is that true?: Yes, and no. Like all things it depends on time, place, and people around me. I'm more open online and at places where sexuality is welcome and encouraged because it's more accepted and appropriate, but I'm not going to whip my boobs out in front of the President, y'know? (Though that may be pretty funny.) I'm also more reserved around women than I am men because I care a lot about people's comfort levels and I don't want to put anyone off. Lot of times I just gotta appreciate from a distance. ;)

    What do you do in your free time?:
    I socialize with friends, write, draw, surf the net, play video games, read, volunteer a lot with local charities, do geek conventions (when I can), engage with my pets, walk my dog, do yoga and pilates... The list goes on!

    What's your diet and fitness regimen?: For years I've tried to stick to a vegan diet and have been mostly successful at it. I'm very in tune with my body and can feel when it needs something (like sugar or sodium). I take multivitamins as guided by my doctor, and make sure my smoothies have protein and to work protein and iron into at least one of my main meals as well. And I'm an avid drinker of water. I drink a ton of water! Aside from water I'll drink something like Powerade if I just did a lot of strenuous things, and occasionally I'll grab an energy drink for a morning or afternoon boost if I had a rough night and nothing else is keeping me going. I make myself smoothies in the morning using fresh fruit, protein powder, and almond milk. I only drink straight juice if my sugar is low as OJ is a quick easy fix. Rarely do I go for sodas, coffees, and teas.(But f course I like a good wine or beer, as well as a well mixed cocktail when out. :) But I don't partake often.) For fitness at home I do a lot of pilates and yoga.. And as I have a dog I like to take her on long walks that wear both of us out. When I was younger I was heavily involved in Martial Arts, and still occasionally practice forms to help keep in shape as well. I do miss sparring, though! When not at home where I have my dog, I still try to do yoga and pilates and keep on my feet as much as possible. I'm not much of a gym person (that's a whole rant for another day! lol).


    Partying With Me:




    Where are you located?: Love Ranch Vegas!

    What is the closest airport?: Las Vegas McCarran

    How close are you to Vegas itself?: We're at least 80 miles outside of Vegas due to county lines and state laws. If you call the Ranch they can give you directions from where you are.

    I'm staying in Vegas, will you come party with me there?:
    Due to legal restrictions, no. If you want to party you have to come out to the Ranch.

    Other than taking a taxi, is there a car service that will take me from Vegas?:
    Yes! We do have a driver. To utilize this wonderful amenity make sure you call the ranch ahead of time to insure the driver picks you up and brings you in a timely manner!

    Are there hotels to stay nearby if I don't want to stay at the Ranch?:
    There's a lot of hotels between Vegas and the Ranch along the highway. Google may be your friend or you can call the Ranch and see if they have suggestions for you!

    What food and drinks are available at the Ranch?:
    We have a full service bar running 24/7, and as for food while we do have a kitchen it's mostly used for staff and us girls. However if you book a party and would like something to eat, I'd love to make something for you! (I'm actually a great cook. :) ) You can also call the Ranch and ask about food on the way to bring something in to eat while at the bar.

    What amenities are at the Ranch?:
    We have several luxury VIP suites available in different sizes for different prices, as well as an outdoor jacuzzi. Our parlor has a lovely fireplace, pool table, and flat screen TVs. A couple of computers are also available to use to check email and whatnot. Plus our fun bar!

    What types of payments does the Ranch take?:
    The Ranch takes cash (US currency), debit cards (that are Visa or Mastercard), Visa gift cards, and all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover,etc) except American Express. All charges are discreet.

    Is it handicap accessible?: Yes the Ranch is accessible and is fully ADA approved.

    For discretion is there a private entrance?:
    Yes! Be sure to call the ranch in advance to let them know your situation and when you plan on arriving so they can assist you.

    Kitti-Related [Party Types & Prices]:

    What Parties Do You Offer?: Here is a sampling of my menu, to give you a basic idea. I do Girlfriend Experience [GFE] (usually a multi-hour party and one of my favorites as I love the intimacy, conversational exchanges, and building passion that culminates in an overall fun experience; plus I'm all about getting to know people and GFE parties are perfect for building that sort of relationship so I can hand tailor your party to your tastes). Also do overnights where we can really relax and get to know each other, chill on the bed in the room with a good movie, or in the hot tub, or hang out in the outdoor patio area and stargaze - a great way to end a party and really get connected. If you're not into all that, I do Fetish parties (see the previous link, though more details are coming soon), Roleplay, and even Cosplay parties!
    --------- I'm a very laid back open-minded person, hence why what's linked is really just a sampling of all I'm able and willing to do. Your best bet to find out more is to send me an email or if at the Ranch, bring it up during a Negotiation. :)

    Samples of costumes & outfits I have:

    How much do you charge?: This is something I cannot answer and we would have to discuss in detail when you are at the Ranch and we have negotiations. I also don't negotiate over email with clients I don't know and haven't been with before, nor do I quote any set prices online. Working out of a legal licensed brothel is going to be slightly more expensive than the alternatives because it's safe, clean, and legal - no worries of catching illnesses or there being cops. Girls give 50% of the amount of what is booked to the house which goes to keeping the brothel in tip top shape for everyone there. I can say that I sincerely give my clients much more than just the gratification of sexual intercourse - I give them a unique experience they're unlikely to forget. For peace of mind in regards to safety and a much more fulfilling time you may pay a little more but you get more! [However, I do pride myself on being able to work something out with nearly any budget. Plus I run special deals and discounts regularly!] If you have trouble figuring out potential price beforehand, bring with you what you're comfortable spending and perhaps a little extra just in case. If our negotiation doesn't work out, you are always more than welcome to talk to another girl and see if there's a match there! Though I will say I'm extra lavish with clients who book an extended amount of time with me or are repeat clients. ♥ Email me any questions you have!

    Do you do parties with Couples?: Of course! And I do my best to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. :)

    Do you do parties with other girls?:
    Definitely! I'm quite open to partying with other girls. Whether we're negotiating and you want to ask another girl to join in, or you're in another party and want to bring me in I'm 100% game!

    Do you party with women (not part of a couple, or multi-girl party, single person coming in as a customer)?: I'm more than happy to! In my time on this Earth I've had experiences with a variety of people. I know how to please a lady as much as I know how to please a guy, and am always in communication to know her specific needs to enjoy herself. As not all girls experience pleasure the same way! If you're a lady looking to experience something with another woman, I'm your gal!

    Do you party with Virgins?:
    I'm more than happy to help anyone make their sexual debut! Since losing one's V-card can be a big deal, I pride myself on my patience, compassion, and understanding to guide a person through each obstacle they may potentially face. And in doing so I make sure that one's sexual debut is something they look back on fondly as a fun, pleasurable, and worthwhile experience! The virgins I have been with in my life don't regret the experience being with me for an instant. ♥ So no worries there!

    Do you party with someone with physical, mental, or other limitations and if they have assistants/caregivers are they allowed to be present if not participating?:
    I do my best to be able to party with anyone, regardless of any potential limitation they may have. The Ranch is handicap accessible, and I personally have experience with people who are elderly, have mobility issues, are blind, are Deaf/HoH, and are diagnosed under the Autism spectrum. Caregivers can be present during negotiations and the party but arrangements must be made with Ranch staff so everyone is in the loop and the Caregiver cannot participate aside from assisting the person they are responsible for.

    Do you offer Specials or Discounts?:
    Once I'm at the Ranch I do! Check the boards and my social media. During all of my stay I offer discounts to Active Duty and Veteran Military (the discount varies depending on the party). For more specifics follow me on the boards and on social media to see when other specials come up!

    Kitti-Related [Things to Know Before, During, & After]:

    I can't come see you yet, can we still talk?: Sure! Just keep it to threads & PMs on the boards or Twitter. I try to save email for questions from potential clients and for clients in general.

    Should I contact you before making an appointment?:
    Please do! Email me at kittiminx@loveranch.net . I prefer communicating with clients before the visit to hash out plans so everyone is on the same page! As of right now I just stick to email for these things, but I'm very thorough about checking my inbox and replying in a timely manner! Phone contact not through the Ranch is reserved for regular clients.

    Is it better if I make an appointment beforehand or just show up?:
    If you intend on partying with me, I greatly prefer you book an appointment beforehand. Making that appointment ensures that I will be available for you at that day and time and not seeing other guests. I will just be waiting for you! However, I cannot guarantee I will be available if an appointment is made without a deposit as then there's no way to know for sure if you are actually going to show up or if I will be waiting for nothing when I could take other clients. If you can, I suggest emailing me and setting up your appointment as far in advance as you possibly can. That way that time is guaranteed yours. Once you email me we can find a date and time that works and I can then explain how to continue the process. Setting up appointments in advance is also something I suggest if what you're looking for isn't something simple (like you want to do a roleplay, cosplay, or fetish party) and may require setup on my part. If you just show up without an appointment there's no way to guarantee I'll be available!

    I see you're going to be at the Ranch during X block of time, but I won't be able to come out then. Could I make an appointment for a time I can be out there even if it's not on your schedule?:
    Yes and No. No, if it's last minute. Yes, if I have enough advance notice (think a good month at least). As I'm not local to Nevada I have to travel and if I'm not already set to be at the Ranch at the time and need to book a special trip - I need the time and ability to do so. For example, I'll be at the Ranch from 1/12/16 - 2/1/16, but you'd like to make an appointment for a party the beginning of April. So long as you make a deposit and set the appointment with the Ranch no later than the beginning of March (after contacting me first to hash it out), it can be done even if I wasn't planning on being out there at that time. But if you want to book an appointment for mid February or the beginning of March it's very likely I would not be able to do it.

    Is there anything I should do specifically before our party?:
    Please, please, please have good hygiene! Shower right before you leave if you can. And please brush your teeth and use mouthwash especially if you plan on kissing. Just dousing yourself in cologne or Axe won't fool me. (But cologne/Axe after already bathing is appreciated so long as it's not overbearing. :) ) Make sure the below the belt area is scrubbed squeaky clean and the backside as well. But hopefully this is something you do already! I also greatly appreciate a well manicured lawn, if you get what I mean. Doesn't have to be bald, but at least well trimmed so one's not risking getting lost in Fern Gully. Make sure your nails are clean and consider trimming and filing before arriving if anything you want to do involves your hands. Facial hair is a-okay just try to make it not scratchy! I'm into a lot of things, but rubbing against sandpaper is not one of them. :p When you arrive if we book to party I may have you quickly wash the nether region and swig with mouthwash just for my own peace of mind (especially if you try to pull the Axe/Cologne bath trick on me - you seriously won't get away with it ;) ).

    Are condoms mandatory for all activities?:
    Condoms are mandatory for intercourse and oral sex. A handy doesn't need one. There's no exceptions to this whatsoever as it's the law, and for our health. I try to supply a variety of condoms and the Ranch has a supply as well if they have a specific kind I don't you want to use. Don't bring your own (this is a safety thing). We provide them.

    Can I book multiple activities in a single party?:
    Sure, if we can come to a mutual agreement on time and price!

    Is there anything you don't allow in a party?:
    Anything not previously agreed upon in the negotiation. You want to do something else - we stop, discuss it, and likely take you up to the window to pay for the extra activity. If you switch it up on me without my consent and renegotiating the party ends right then and there with no refund and you will be escorted out.

    Can I rebook if we run out of time and I want more?:
    Unless I have another appointment, certainly!

    Can I take pictures or record during our party?:
    No and no. Unless you have a very good reason, I kindly ask that you turn your phone off during our party as well.

    Can I spend the night with you?:
    Yup! It just has to be negotiated. We can spend the night in my room at the ranch, or if available and you want to pay one of the VIP suites!

    Can I spend more than one day with you?:
    If my schedule allows for it, and we agree on a price, then yes.

    Can we leave the Ranch - like go to Vegas, for example?:
    Unfortunately, no. This is due to country laws. We can however go anywhere on the grounds owned by the Ranch!

    If I need to shower after the party, will there be time for it?: Usually when notified time's up there's a limited amount of time allowed to wrap things up, get dressed, and get back to the main area. However, for specific activities booked, or a party is booked that's at least a certain amount of time I add in an extra 10 minutes to our time, for free, for you to take what I call a "luxury shower" (using very nice soap, shampoo, etc I provide). If you think you will need to shower after doing the activity but don't meet those requirements make sure that's know during negotiation so we can wind down prior to the actual time being up and you can rinse off. If you want to shower with me, that counts as an activity, with a price to be negotiated. ;)

    After our party, can I thank you for our time with a tip or a gift?: Certainly! You can tip me in person, and send anything you want to the Ranch's address.

    Can we keep in touch after our party?:
    I'd love to! Follow me on the boards and contact me on here, through email, or Twitter. I enjoy keeping in touch! When it comes to intimacy with me, I like to use the saying from the Adventurer's Club: "You may enter here a stranger but you will exit as a friend." That is 100% true!




    There has barely been any GIFs used yet in this post! Son, I am disappoint: Oh no! I must remedy this immediately -

    What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?: African or European?

    What is your favorite type of client?: One who is laid back with a sense of humor. Geeks/nerds are a major plus. Because I'm a huge weirdo. A weirdo who is worth it, but still a weirdo.

    Are you seriously obsessed with Mad Max Fury Road?:

    What is your favorite thing to order at the bar?: Usually something of my own creation, as in my civilian life I've done a lot of bartending for various themed events. However, can never go wrong with a glass of Moscato (wine) and it's a shame the beer I like I can't find easily in Nevada. For mixed drinks if I want sweet I go with a flavored vodka mixed with pineapple juice with a splash of grenadine, and if I don't want sweet just mix up a simple whiskey and Coke.

    Why do you determinedly use the Tahoma font? What is going on between you and Tahoma?:
    Tahoma and I have been in love for many years, now. I love the simplicity of it while still not being commonly used and how easy it is to read. We plan to wed one day. Our marriage will go down in internet history books.

    What are you wearing right now?: An old worn out T-shirt from Nickelodeon studios I've had since I was 12 that surprisingly fits and old pajama bottoms.

    What are you doing right now?:
    Making this FAQ because of all the questions I answer over and over again. Also just drank probably a good 16oz of water while doing so and as I was writing this up I was jamming to some White Zombie. And I just tooted. :D


    Well... that's all I got that I'm asked pretty frequently for right now! More may be added later. Until then - how was it?


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  2. Hahaha the last half of that is priceless. The airspeed of an unlanden swallow, haha.

  3. Nerdy people like to ask me that a lot as a joke... might as well include it!
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    Nice FAQ, Kitti!
  5. [​IMG]

    Thank you! Put a bit of work into it! ;)

  6. Thank you! I do my best to be anything but boring or ordinary! :p
  7. I was under the impression you were allowed to go anywhere in the state of Nevada including Vegas as long as the party was negotiated at the ranch

  8. From what I was explained to me, Nye county (where most of the "Vegas" brothels are) has different laws. I, myself, could go to Vegas - for my own fun, not working. But not as part of a party due to how the laws are. The Vegas houses don't do outdates for that reason.
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    (yeah, sorry, had to do it)
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    nye county is definitely more uptight. big bummer.
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    Great info! You sound amazing! [​IMG]
  12. Thank you all! :)
  13. What if you were to build a Trojan Rabbit?
  14. Have to make sure everyone's in it for it to work. :p

    Though we could try building a large wooden badger.....
  15. Or, perhaps we could recreate the Sir Galahad in Castle Anthrax scene...
  16. Sounds like fun ;)
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    This is great information Kitti. I really like this thread you put interesting and truthful information in it and I really like that. We will be seeing you real soon back at Love Ranch Vegas. :)
  18. Thank you so much, Ms. Shauna! Can't wait to be back with y'all! Hope you're ready for me ;)

  19. My return to LRV is a week away! Check out my FAQ and if you still have any questions before booking a party don't hesitate to email me!

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  20. I'm back for some summer fun at Love Ranch Vegas! Will be here until the 28th of June!

    While not as humorous as this one, I answer some more serious FAQ I've been getting on my blog. It would be beneficial to read that along with this when you want to reach out to me! It helps to be well informed!

    Not as in love with MMFR but still jammin' to Deadpool, so have a gif!

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    This is a awesome FAQ. Very informative and any person would love to party with you. :)
  22. Thank you! I may update it in the future when I have the motivation time to as there's some things to add. Any particular questions come to mind?
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    Kitti it's a tragedy that we haven't met yet!
  24. IT REALLY IS! Don't you still take appointments over here and have a license? Come visit ;____; (I don't have a card for ACH)
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