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  1. Video Blogs By Kitti Minx - An Insight Into Her Mystical Daily Life

    New Vlog Up as of 3/30/16!

    Hey all! I'm Kitti Minx! I noticed an increase in girls blogging, but being more video inclined, I decided to take it another step forward and do it in video form! (Internet Culture -savvy people may know this as "vlogging".)

    I will do my best to have a video up on a weekly basis! Sometimes I'll put the subject matter up to a vote (like with my first one) while others will be whatever comes to mind I feel like doing! When that happens expect it to get weird. Always expect weird.

    Quality of videos themselves may vary, depending on equipment I have access to at a given time. One may be in super HD shot on a DSLR while the next with my IPhone! But who doesn't like a bit of adventure?

    Please follow this thread as I will post the videos here as I make and upload them - that way you don't have to worry about missing any!

    First Vlog is up! As voted by you all it's an Intro/About Me video with some various random facts to help you get to know me better! And it's likely going to be the longest of any video I put up. :p If you wish to, please subscribe to the Youtube channel I'm using to host them - Here . That way you get notified of uploads quickly!


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  2. By the way if you do YouTube videos and would like to be promoted in an ending bumper in a future video hit me up! (See the end of the video of you don't know what I'm referring to.)
  3. galoverboy
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    Kitti Minx-formation overload. Nice first video, easy to see that you have a variety of interest and experience and will be a joy to talk with.
  4. Going to be making the next video soon! If you have a YT channel you'd like featured in my outro bumper let me know ASAP! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  5. ... And Vlog #2 is up! This one with a holiday theme!

    10 Things I Don't Understand About The Holidays (aka 10 Things That Are Fairly Irritating This Season)
    The last one was chipper and upbeat, so being a Gemini I decided to flip it for #2 with more of a witty rant.

    For more about #10 - please check out http://www.operationkindness.org/opk/ :D

    And apologies for the raspiness in the voice. The weather's been all over the place here and my throat's been paying the price.

    Hope you enjoy and Happy Holidays everyone!

    (If you have a Youtube channel and want it promoted in the Outro bumper of my next video, send me a PM!)
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  6. Love the dr who video "bookending" of this one
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  7. Figured you'd get a kick out of that ;)


    Not too late to spread good Holiday cheer and donate to Operation Kindness! http://www.operationkindness.org/opk/

    Also -

    - If you have a Youtube Channel and want to be promoted in the Outro Bumper in next week's video, get in touch

    - if you have an idea for next week's video I'd love to hear it!

    xoxo Kitti

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    charlie_k Well-Known Member

    Love the Message you gave in -- -

    Especially about Pet Adopting --rather than shopping and spending a chunk of money on it -- and Caring for them !!!

    and thinking about Kids who don't get much toys to play with on Xmas. -- Think before posting.. True that !!!
  9. While waiting for this week's (which should be uploaded sometime on Friday), I decided to put up an old video blog I found that was recorded nearly 4 years ago!

    A couple of my model friends came over to hang out, but when they came in my cat tried to escape. While trying to find my cat we found a little terrier who was clearly abandoned. Shortly after finding him, we also found my cat and brought them both inside. My friend decided to keep him and name him "Steve Dogs". Using an old Cisco Flip camcorder (remember those?) I recorded some of what happened that evening. :) Enjoy!

    Not all dogs are as lucky as Steve, consider donating to Operation Kindness to help dogs and cats get healthy and find loving forever homes! http://www.operationkindness.org/opk/
  10. .... And this week's Vlog ( Vlog #3!) is up!

    5 Amusing Sex Stories!
    The last one was a bit of a rant, so I decided to ring in 2016 with something light-hearted and hopefully entertaining!

    Apologies for the delay - this last week "Life" just decided to bend me over in an unpleasant manner. And also apologies for the shift in video quality I had to use a different camera this time!

    Hope you all enjoy! And Happy New Year!

    Featured this week in the outro is Bunny Love's Channel (so go show her some love!): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSAlAU9JNqzXPas_lmDnMQg

    (If you have a Youtube channel and want it promoted in the Outro Bumper of my next video - PM me! ;) )
  11. Taking ideas for this week's video! Let me know what you'd like to see!

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  12. And this week's vlog ( #4) is up!....

    Things I Don't Understand About Girls

    Few Things:
    1 - of course I don't mean every single girl on the planet, even though I myself am guilty of some things I mention
    2 - there's only audio as the camera I used for the first vids someone else is using and the rest of my equipment refused to be team players this week
    3 - occasionally there's random noises and bumping and that would be my dog who refused to get off my lap no matter what and every so often got curious about the mic. Say hi to Misha, everyone!

    Hope you all get a laugh nonetheless! And those of you who wondered these same things feel less alone!

    My next Vlog will likely be from Love Ranch Vegas as that's where I'll be next week. Check it out!: http://www.loveranch.net/kitti-minx.html

    Thank you for tuning in to the weekly weirdness! xoxo Kitti

    (If you have a channel and want it promoted - PM me!)
  13. Since I will be at LRV next week for the Vlog, I'm taking ideas as to what you'd like to see!

    What do you want to see in next week's Vlog?

    1.) Room Tour
    2.) Mini Fashion Show (showing off some outfits)
    3.) See if another girl wants in and do something silly
    4.) The usual ramblings into the camera but about _____ subject
    5.) Artfully recording the washing machine and dryer
  14. ....And this week's vlog ( #5 ) is up!

    Photobooth Tag (With Richard Hunter)

    This one was recorded right at Love Ranch Vegas! And I had a lovely guest with me - Mr. Richard Hunter. You might recognize him from the UStreams and such.

    Essentially we use crazy filters on an app on Macs called Photobooth to make each other laugh. And it's amazing. Everyone should watch it. Right now. Go.

    Expect more Vlogs from LRV soon! I'll be here until 2/1! http://www.loveranch.net/kitti-minx.html

    Thank you for watching and enjoying my various oddities. :p

  15. Because of several factors (mostly the wifi connection not being the best out here for uploading videos especially since y'all know I do HD to boot, as well as just busy with a bunch of other stuff) didn't get to vlog all that much.

    However, to offer some insight into my background, such as film school, I put up a video from January 2011 I recorded with friends from school after graduation. In which we just saw Tangled and were talking about it like film school nerds. :p

    It was recorded on a Flip Camcorder which was a product by Cisco that came out I'll say 2009 they were pushing heavily so they sent me one for free to use to promote the product... But 2012-ish the product disappeared and was no longer getting pushed as not only did it just not catch on in general it had issues. Recorded HD video quickly and easily as well as getting video off the device to edit and upload being super easy to do. However there was no way to stabilize it and wouldn't work with any kind of Tripod or anything. And unlike GoPro (who now dominates the small take everywhere HD camcorder market) Cisco didn't release any products like harnesses or helmets or anything to help with stability. It was just a small HD camcorder where if you pressed a button on the side a USB stick popped out to connect to a computer to transfer the video files. That was it. So I did what I could - mostly recorded random vlog-type videos of me and my crew adventuring but we'd always end up making fun of it because it was next to impossible to record without the video being shaky. :p Like yeah Cloverfield was big at the time but that didn't mean the world wanted everything to be in Cloverfield-vision!

    So enjoy the random throwback and I'll get back to usual weekly vlogs once I'm settled back home :cool:

  16. Apologies for a delay in this week's video. What I thought was allergies after coming home from the Ranch on Monday turned out to be a full on sinus and upper respiratory infection. Eesh. D: I'll get the videos rolling once I'm not as stuffed up and coughing and spending many hours asleep! lol

  17. Go see the Deadpool movie. Right now. I'm going to go back to resting and tripping out on a ton of medications for bronchitis because my lungs hate me right now. But Deadpool is worth it. So worth it. GO. It's like if I existed in a fictional comic universe. Except Deadpool's a dude. But I'd likely be a dude if given the choice especially if Rob Liefeld created me. eesh. I'll take extra pouches over terrible and beyond unrealistic anatomy. Also a healing factor would be pretty nice. Anyway go see Deadpool as I likely will several times because Fox needs to be rewarded for doing something right by what little of the Marvel franchise they still own. And the rewards they recognize are in the shape of money dolllars.

  18. I trust if you watch my stuff or follow me at all you have a sense of humor. Keep it that way, puddin' pops. :p
  19. This week's vlog is about the importance of health in this industry aside from sexual health. But you all know I'm me so while this is a serious video it's also not.

    So yeah keep an eye out! As I'll have one I was working on about my Florida trip - free diving, hanging with dolphins, all kinds of cool stuff up later this week hopefully. ALL THE VIDEOS. But I wanted to take advantage of my derp sick voice and make this one while I could. Thanks for watching!
  20. Please check out this week's vlog (which I originally was going to make this past weekend and upload before Monday but I got sick and then made the Health video; so consider it the vlog for the previous week in which I didn't put anything up):

    This one talks about my experiences freediving (as well as freediving itself ) and my recent adventure and then goes into the rest of my day where I got roped into going into a Marine Park located not super far from where our boat was in harbor. (Yeah think about that for a second. A marine park with dolphins and a killer whale and from parts of the park you can see the ocean. Right there. Yeah.) It's on the longer side but there is a payoff, especially for you potential clients, to stick to the end. (Or just read the video description on Youtube. lol )

    I'm pretty much completely serious in this one as freediving is a hobby of passion for me and everything else is something near and dear to my heart and something I'd dedicated a great deal of my life to for a long time. Respect would be appreciated.

    Vlog #8 - All About Freediving! And My Life With Whales

    Thank you for watching - especially if you watched the whole way through! I'll see you next week with another Vlog!

  21. I vlogged my journey from home to the Ranch! Check it out! :) I got some cool footage of stuff.

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