About Me I'm NOT Bald~Natural and Trimmed

Discussion in 'Kit Kat Ranch Forum (Carson City)' started by MelissaKiss, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. I do have pubic hair. Not quite a bush but I do have hair.
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  2. SophiaSun
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    SophiaSun Well-Known Member

    Beautiful girl !!![smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=i love you1.gif][smilie=hot over you.gif]
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  3. Thanks miss Sophia Sun!!!!!!
    Can't wait to see you again!!!
  4. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    What sexy pubes you have there Melissa!
  5. GiaCorleone
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    GiaCorleone Sicilian Thoroughbred Gia 'BellaBambina' Corleone

    Gotta keep it nice & trimmed for the guys and girl oh yeah come out & party with these sexy ladies @Kit Kat Ranch 7752469975

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