I wanna be a Bunny!!! Any tips?

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  1. So I am very very interested in becoming a bunnybabe, I am 5'3" 250 lbs, and 38 DDD all natural, shaved, my hair is always a different color and style but my favorite is bright red. I am a big girl and very confident and proud of my body. I am tattooed and pierced and have a great playful attitude. Some reasons I think Id be good for this job is I love sex and trying new things, as well as learning what people like and doing my absolute best to make their fantasies come true, Im very open, the only things i wont do is poop pee and vomit other than that Im very open and would be willing to try new things to please a costummor. Im hoping to work a couple weeks a month. Let me know if anybody has any tips on how to get noticed and picked, I want this so bad! Thank you for reading and big kisses to everyone!
    PS I am bi and love orgies and gangbangs 1445723195326_IMG_20151016_151113_058.jpg ABC_7508.JPG ABC_7532.JPG ABC_7650.JPG ABC_7674.JPG

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    Best thing to do would be to send in an application and see what happens! In this line of work, you never really know. Beauty is subjective. You definitely have that classmate/coworker one notices but never really gets the chance to talk to vibe. Best way to be noticed is to smile, make eye contact, and come off as friendly and inviting as possible. Figure out your strengths, play them up, and I think you could do rather well.
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  4. thank you so much :) i hope i make it there someday!!
  5. thank you very much i will definitely do that :)
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    Be confident and patient. Those are the most common things I have noticed in successful working girls
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    Good luck to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Best of luck to you!! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif][smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  10. Yes Good Luck....Happy Fourth... image.jpg
  11. I think she would make an awesome Bunny Babe. I could never do it...wrong personality type....way too shy...no confidence..but I have similar measurements (five four...not sure what I weigh...but 38G-32-47.
  12. Good Luck too You SexY ladY!!!!♡♡♡
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    I wish u the best of luck in your future endeavors

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