I am looking for the "Ultimate Gentleman"

Discussion in 'LoveRanch South (Las Vegas/Pahrump)' started by JadeSteele, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. I thought maybe I'd turn this around a little

    I am looking for the Ultimate of Gentleman's Gentleman :D
    Who is kind, mature, loving, all around funny, charismatic, successful and generous man.

    If you're the Ultimate of Gentleman's Gentleman ....
    I want to connect with you. It's not all about sex !

    You can clean up a girl on the outside to your liking. Hair, clothes, career and cosmetic changes!
    Although, what is on the inside is what will make her true beauty shine !!!!!

    Miss Jade :D
    I am the best of all worlds


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  2. Humm no Gentlemen in the Gentleman's Sandbox who would like to entertain the idea ...?
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  3. BunnyLove
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    BunnyLove Busty Big Boobs Bunny

    Cum on guys, Jade is very special [smilie=hot over you.gif][smilie=hot over you.gif]
  4. Not nearly as SPECIAL as you!

    Did you get your flower from B? Dont forget it!
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  5. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    Which Ultimate gentlemen is going to come in and see Jade today?
  6. I'll chime in. You'd be hard pressed to find such a guy. Sometimes guys don't really care about what the lady wants, only what he wants. I speak from experience but that era is way way behind me now. Me personally, I just try to be the best person I can but I have my faults, I'm only human. But I just try to live each day better than the previous. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.
  7. We all have our pros and cons. What is an important factor of this equation..... Is finding one who appreciates (and might actually like) those factors... Why? Because that is what makes you .... U.
  8. Another to ask...what is your definition of successful? Someone who has lots of money? Power? Someone who has achieved certain goals but not necessarily bringing in wealth and power? Or perhaps someone who is happy in his life? That could be considered as being g successful as well.
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  9. I understand your question, And you are correct. There is such a broad spectrum of what one considers successful.
    In this post, I was meaning successful as "having their shit together" to be financially stable and growing. I am still a virgin in many aspects of life.
    I like my glass house, my bubble, and I do not have the desire to lower my standards.
    The same goes, I love to learn.
    I love to learn to grow and live the positive wealthy way of life, and lifestyle.
    I love the alpha male who has a diversified silent portfolio of investing. He doesn't need to show off, yet he could.
    He has a very sharp mind, extremely eccentric, well traveled.
    He is a perfectionist.
    He is wealthy in life with both financial and personal relationships and continues with forward thinking and growing.
    He knows what he wants, when he wants.
    He adores the women in his life, he loves to love.
    But most importantly, he loves to be loved for who he is ... evil/angel .... good/bad...
    He doesn't need to change for anyone...especially for a female. ❤
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  10. take it to the top of the food n money chain
  11. gotcha...understood perfectly...
  12. Im really an easy keeper ...:p
  13. BunnyLove
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    BunnyLove Busty Big Boobs Bunny

    I think we all want a gentleman respectful sweet kind and generous anybody footing that Bill come CS today beautiful lineup at love ranch south that means you guys in Vegas
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  14. 14233174.jpg
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  15. Cum See Me @ Love Ranch Vegas!!
    buy me a drink, .. lets get tipsy and play :D:p

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  16. Slider
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    What I find interesting is that, when describing women, you included "career" alongside "hair", "clothes" and "cosmetic changes", implying that these were merely things "on the outside" that don't ultimately "make her true beauty shine". Yet when discussing men, "success" - which you defined as "having their shit together" and being "financially stable and growing" (which sounds like a career to me), suddenly became an essential, gentleman-making property.

    I mean, obviously on certain worldviews, such as a traditional Christian one, where a family is typically supported both by the man's outside (i.e. money-making) career and the woman's at-home work (homemaking, motherhood), I would expect to see these kind of gender roles championed. But not so much on the presumably more "feminist" worldview of a 21st century "Hookers For Hillary" courtesan. :D Maybe I'm just misunderstanding you.
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  17. Slider
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    Slider Well-Known Member

    Boom!! ^^^ This, folks. ^^^ :)
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  18. Slider
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    Bingo. You all deserve exactly that and no less, pretty Bunny Love. :)
  19. it goes both ways.
    Everyone deserve the opportunity... And the opportunity to be mentored to succeed....
    This is just a mere description of my man makings.. and turns ons
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  20. GiaCorleone
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    GiaCorleone Sicilian Thoroughbred Gia 'BellaBambina' Corleone

    Stop by the love ranch South & have a couple drinks with Jadesteele she a lot of fun guys so book now 7753725251 received_178856152540046.jpeg
  21. well at least i know im funny looking .... ahahah :p:cool:o_O
  22. parisenvy
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    parisenvy Well-Known Member

    Sounds like Jade knows what to do with a man
  23. Still taking applications for my sugar daddys...
    I need several
  24. parisenvy
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    parisenvy Well-Known Member

    I. Love sugar too Jade. You should definately get something sweet to nibble on
  25. nibble .... lol

    I like to call it "Throat Love":D:p
  26. thunderstorm
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    thunderstorm Well-Known Member

    Your Ultimate Gentleman, is around. There is more than one that frequents the brothels, actually. You never know who you really are talking to, not even after years of banter with said people.

    I would like to know more of this thing you mentioned, your turn ons.
  27. Umm yes..... My turn ons...
    Well .... I can be a complicated creature

    Im one of those gals you just have to meet who loves to give 1st bad impressions :D:p

    Come visit me at the love ranch
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  28. thunderstorm
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    thunderstorm Well-Known Member

    Sounds like we have a few things in common, bad first impressions and complications. :)
  29. ChicagoBob
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    ChicagoBob Well-Known Member

    Would you settle for a horny Irishman? :D:p:D:p:D:p
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  30. tahoebigbear
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    tahoebigbear Well-Known Member

    Interesting thread Ms. Jade and while I'm sure there are Gentleman in southern Nevada, I think you should also travel north in your quest. :)
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  31. I have no desires to go north.
    Im staying close to my VEGAS!
    Im here, come see me.
    Flight to vegas is less than lap dance.
    I will arrange for transportation and/or limo service.
    and we have nice accommodations here for over night.
    Bar and ill feed you

    Try something different... Travel south!
    And visit me

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  32. lover5
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    lover5 Well-Known Member

    I find you to be very interesting and extremely funny and honest. I think the older and more mature we / men get we want to please more. I know I do its more enjoyable to get the female off because she will return the favor in a big way because then she is in to you. Just my thoughts.
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  33. Thank you. Sometimes it's hard to figure out the definition of certain things.
  34. i guess !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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