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  1. Hello my name is Ada,

    This is my first week here at Love Ranch North. I am supper excited to start working here and I can't wait to meet you.

    A little about me. I am a local and I love the great outdoors. All I want is to ride my bike and take a hike around the beautiful Lake Tahoe area. I love eating and I love a good conversation.

    I would love for you to come in and meet me and get to know me and I would love to get to know you.
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  2. I hope you enjoy your stay while at LRN. I plan to be there in two weeks. Will you still be there?
  3. Yes I will be, I'm a local so I'm not going anywhere for awhile. Call and make an appointment or email me @ adamarie@loveranch.net ;)
  4. Well hello to you too! Can't wait to meet the president of the VP of the Cinnamon Sweet club!
  5. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    Why hello Ada! You are a beauty! Welcome to the family!
  6. I'll be here for awhile sweet heart!!
  7. Thank you!! Happy to be here and join the family! ;)
  8. Metalhead99
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    Metalhead99 Well-Known Member

    Hello there Ada welcome to the LRN & the message boards what a beauty you are [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  9. Well thank it you! So you're a metal head yes? Do you happen to be in death metal?? I happen to love metal music. Come in we can chat about ;)
  10. Metalhead99
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    Metalhead99 Well-Known Member

    O yea Death is my favorite some of my tops are Carcass, Obituary, Vader, Nile, Arch Enemy, Bolt Thrower I am dying to come visit but I'm so far away :( but I will be a NV local by the end of the year. Glad to hear you're a fan the metal scene can be such a sausage party it's hard to find a lady who appreciates it as I do also glad to see a another redhead at the ranches
    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  11. Slider
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    Slider Active Member

    Gah! How does LRN keep lucking out and getting these cute, hip, intelligent ladies?!

    (And on top of that, her name is a palindrome) (...and an acronym for the American Dental Association. Awesome!) :p

    Pleasure to meet you, beautiful Ada. I may not be as "metal" as Metalhead99 (I'm old-school, and the heaviest I get is probably this, which I love) :

    ... but rest assured, I pack enough "hardened steel" - in the right places - to keep you very happy. :cool:

    Welcome! :)

    - Slider
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  12. Slugushi
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    Slugushi Well-Known Member

    Hi Ada, welcome! Hiking and biking at Tahoe sounds like you have the right idea to me! :)
  13. a
    We'll have to listen to some when you cum!!
  14. You are going to have to cum in and find out intelligent I truly am. ;)
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  15. Yes we should go on an out date sometime we can take a nice ride ;) if you know what I mean!!
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  16. piglet
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    piglet Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the boards and the house Ada xxx
  17. Hi Ada,

    Welcome! I also enjoy food!
  18. Who doesn't enjoy food??? I'm also good at cooking... maybe we can make a party out of it!!
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  19. shelbystar
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    shelbystar Looks get you, my personality brings you back!

    We love having you here! You are so pretty and have a great attitude!
  20. Hopefully, Sindy will have explained her Scuba Club by now :)
  21. auron79
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    auron79 Well-Known Member

    Hi Ada. Welcome to the boards and to the Love Ranch. I hope you're having a wonder time out there. :)
  22. Are you looking forward to winter? Do you like to ski or snowboard?
  23. hi Ada, my name is markbmiller when I'm not on the message board. Looking forward to meeting you soon later this month. Sindy, Shelby, & Roxanne all know me.
  24. Well I can't wait to meet you too!!
  25. She has explained hehe I'm in need of my card now!!
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  26. Yes I am. I love it here it feels like home!!
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  27. So I'm not a winter person but I do love sitting by the fire place snuggled in my blanket drinking hot chocolate!
  28. auron79
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    auron79 Well-Known Member

    Great to hear. Hope to meet you next month. :)
  29. I'll be here! Can't wait to meet you!

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