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  1. Heyyyyyyy everyone Chocolate here I have been here since July 31, I'm looking for someone to call daddy, I'm in desperate need of someone to put me to BED... My GFE would include everything come book with me and let me rock you're world for a few hours or even all night and get 20% off, and I will even throw in a bottle of Champaign. I'm looking for someone I can leave my pussy juices on, I provide many different services to help suite you're needs..
    • multiple positions
    • multiple orgasms
    • oral sex
    • massage party, over night
    • GFE experience
    • any kind of dat
    • 2 girl parties
    • couple,
    • fetishes
    • Jacuzzi parties
    • bomb fire party
    • bubble bath
    plenty more that is kept a secret!!!

    Come book now with me!!!!!!!
    chocolatekisses@aliencathouse.com or by phone at (775)372-5678

    Remember I'm only here until Aug 14 @ 7am

  2. MollyCox
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    MollyCox Ta-Molly here wants ta- blow ur mind and ur cock!!

    Great pass shot boo!! Love it Yes guys come party with her before she's gone!
  3. Thanks love me and mrs.gates are also doing 2 girl special parties!
  4. Hannah Foxx
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    Hannah Foxx Luxury Companion at Bunny Ranch

    I hope you find your daddy, sweetheart!
  5. Summer Daze
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    Summer Daze Can you handle this ride

    Our for a hell of a lot of different varieties I wish I knew the others. But I'm sure if you ladies and gentlemen book with the amazing chocolate you'll learn about all the others that she offers.
  6. Colette Wingtouched
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    Colette Wingtouched Kinkster Extraordinaire

    Sounds like an awesome time! Guys, get on that!
  7. AliceLittle
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    AliceLittle Alice Little, Bunny Ranch

    I wish I could be your daddy cause I want to know what other secrets you have to offer ;-)

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