Erectile disfunction?? No problem. We are good. Come

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  1. we at the love ranch specialize in stimulation. We have patience of steel. do you have ed? are you embarrassed? then this is the right place to come to. we try until the cows come home. No rush and quality time spent with you. call me . vanity
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  2. Penis specialist
  3. TN_MAN
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    TN_MAN Well-Known Member

    I support Vanity's position regarding this subject.I for awhile suffered with ED due to a medical condition.We all need to take a hard stance against Mr. ED!
  4. JadeCapri
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    JadeCapri I am genuinely happy to meet you.

    With us there is no one leaving unhappy. We will anything in our power to make it happen, one way or another. Absolutely no reason to feel embarrassed about anything. Just talk to us about it.
  5. I'm great with erectile dysfunction! Let my oral rouse up what you thought you lost! ! ! I'm very good at it and I can be very patient with you if need be......
  6. Vanity is ABSOLUTELY right, guys!!
  7. Dysfunctions Is One Of My Specialities..... I Will Take Good Care Of You.... :D
  8. I have so much energy in august I can even make the dead come alive
  9. i can make it stand up like an arrow
  10. Don't be embarrassed or shy, we provide a safe and pressure free environment.
  11. HeavenlyRose
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    HeavenlyRose Well-Known Member

    We can definitely take care of your needs.
  12. we are here for you and to take care of everything you need.... come in and see the ladies
  13. I'm ready to put talents to use
  14. Come on guys. I'm a real trooper
  15. My mouth and hands work miracles
  16. I am sure your mouth and hands do work miracles!
    When you come back here I am going to find out for myself! Lol ;-)
    I miss ya hun!

    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  17. I have patience of steel
  18. I have patience for this
  19. I'm a real trooper. I never give up
  20. I'm ready
  21. shelbystar
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    shelbystar Looks get you, my personality brings you back!

    We can solve any problem you may have!
  22. I can make anything come back to life
  23. No problem. I can take care of that
  24. sindysky
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    sindysky Well-Known Member

    Great topic Vanity! Guys dont be shy! We have very patient and understanding lovers who would take the TLC needed to get you an experience you thought may be out of reach!! Book your party with your gal today!
  25. Let me fix your problem
  26. Let me raise your temperature
  27. We are good at this. Especially if you take 2girls
  28. I work really hard at getting it up. I have a lot of patience
  29. I will betray Thursday.
  30. I'm good at taking care of this problem
  31. Great Vanity, this is the way I like to handle ED as well.
  32. I think it comes with experience.
  33. I have plenty of patience and energy.
  34. shelbystar
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    shelbystar Looks get you, my personality brings you back!

    We can help every time!
  35. It's not all about a rigid hard on. Sure, it's a requirement for entrance into that fleshy wet opening... but there's so many other ways to give a man pleasure. Even a flacid cock enjoys pleasurable sucking, gentle tongue strokes and soft loving caresses. Yes, I have accomplished giving a man an orgasm while he was not the least erect. Skill my loves, caring, kindness and patience is the key. Make him feel like the man he still is and he will be able to reach satisfaction.

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