Anyone else do Lyra Hooping or Aerial Silks?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by KittiMinx, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Burlesque is a beautiful art and hobby and passion of mine. In the past several years lyra and aerial acts have become more and more common. They just add to the glamor and spectacle of it all.

    I've been taking classes and doing lyra hooping and aerial silks for quite a few years now. It can be a rough workout, but a ton of fun!

    If you don't know what it is, examples:

    If any of you do it please share pictures or videos of you in action! Performance and rehearsal videos would be super fun. It's such beautiful art but also takes some major athletics.

    Can we have lyra hoops and aerial silks put up in the houses or at least the gyms. I'd hang around on them. Put a hoop in the bar and get a show with the drinks. :p
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    Wow I would love to see you do something like this, do you have any videos of you we can see?
  3. I can look! I've only done a couple of shows ever, I mostly just do it for fun. The place I go to, because it's also a fitness place and really focuses on building women's self-esteem, doesn't allow the use of cameras. (And part of that is because of the bullying trend of taking someone's photo or a video of them without their knowledge and then sharing it on the internet to make fun of them, capitalizing on their insecurities and such - especially if it goes viral as they tend to do.) I can try to dig and see if any of the shows I was in I made it in a recording.

    Beyond the art and performance aspect of it, lyra and silks are great fitness alternatives. Really helps you build strength as you have to fight gravity and use your bodyweight against you. Plus it's fun!
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    What a fun hobby! Looking forward to seeing some footage of you! :)
  5. Would't it be cool if a hoop and some aerial silks were installed in one of the gyms? (Though, really, a lyra hoop would need to be someplace people can watch.) Even more pizzazz!

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