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  1. Few fun facts about Sofia Sin, the exotic Brazilian beauty at Love Ranch North

    1-I was born in Sao Paulo Brazil but am totally in love with Rio de Janeiro

    2-I am an animal lover. I have two dogs and regularly support animal rescue organizations

    3-Red is my favorite color. I call it passion red
    Red 1 EMAIL.jpg

    4-I am extremely sexual and love to please and be pleased

    5-As a good Brazilian, I love meat and all you can eat steak houses (Churrascaria) are one of my favorite kind of restaurants

    6-Until I moved to the US I’ve never tried to cook in my life but now I can say that I make a mean steak dinner

    7-I love the water being it the beach, pool, hot tub, Jacuzzi…being in the water relaxes me …and if in good company, it makes me horny

    8-I ‘d worked for a cruise line for many years

    9-Traveling is my passion. Learning about new places and cultures fascinates me.

    10- I love sex!

    11- I went to school in London, UK, where I lived for 2 years.

    12-My favorite place in the US is Miami Beach because of its warm water on the beach and having a vibe similar to the one in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    13- I lost my virginity when I was 17 years old

    14- My first boyfriend was 13 years older than me

    15-I have very narrow feet. I wear shoe size 7.5 and 8, if heels.

    16-I am extremely ticklish, specially on my feet & knees

    17- Until few years ago I was afraid of the dark, specially when in new places (I am a bit better about it now)

    18- I’ve visited 70 countries in all the 7 continents including Antartica

    19- I am fluent in Portuguese, Spanish & English and speak a little bit of Italian (I am also proficient in the language of Lust)

    20- I am a mix of Brazilian and German (Nein, ich sprach kein Deutsch)

    21- I am the middle child. I have an older and a younger brother

    22- I’ve been permanently living in the US since 2012. When not at the Ranch, I live in Las Vegas, NV

    23- I didn’t speak any English until I was 21 and decided to visit New York City

    24- I love theater, especially musicals

    25- My favorite movie is Streetcar Named Desire with Marlon Brando

    26- I am obsessed with Marilyn Monroe

    27- I don’t like ice on my water

    28- I love Swiss chocolate

    29- One of my all times favorite musicals is Rocky Horror Picture Show

    30-I have a bachelor degree in Communication for Radio & TV

    31- I am bisexual and love multi girl parties (the more the merrier)

    32- Just in case I haven’t mentioned, I Love Sex!

    33- I went skydiving twice in Brazil

    34- When I was a kid, my favorite dish was rice with French fries

    35- I hardly ever drink soda

    36- I hate exercising. I’d rather Sexercise

    BIKINI 7 EMAIL.jpg

    37-Champagne is my drink of choice. The bubbles work both ways making me giggle and horny ;-)

    38-I admire Coco Chanel

    39- I love motorbikes but never learned how to drive one. I always ride on the back.

    40- Bad manners really turn me off

    41-How you treat me is a lot more important than your looks

    42-I am super romantic and specialized in the best GFE (girlfriend experience ) for many years, but I have a strong kinky side, so a couple of years ago I also became a ProDomme

    43-I had my hair dyed red and then blonde for man years but when I moved to the US I changed it back to my natural brunette color

    44- I don't do well in cold weather. I am a warm blooded babe

    45- Not all Germans are blonde with blue eyes. My father had brown hair and hazel eyes and so do I

    46- I love Carnaval (Brazilian mardi gras) . That’s my favorite time of the year to visit Brazil. The music and energy are intoxicating

    47- I love swimming naked or topless

    48- I wear a thong when I go tanning

    49- I love raw oysters & champagne or chilled white wine

    50- I am single and have no kids

    51- I love watching gymnastics but was never good at it

    52- I love olives

    53- I’ve never dated another girl but had been on a steady polyamorous/threesome relationship with a couple few years ago

    54- I love helicopter rides

    55-If I don’t have champagne, I drink pinot noir wine

    56- Orchids are my favorite flowers because they remind me of a pussy

    57- I love kissing

    58-I enjoy looking at your eyes while giving you a blow job

    59- I had my first experience with a virgin guy at the Love Ranch

    60-I drink close to a gallon of water a day

    61-I have the famous Brazilian butt

    62- I enjoy partying with couples, especially newbies. I am very patient and pay special attention to the lady’s reactions. While partying with couples, ladies run the show

    63- I specially enjoy romantic dinner dates and that's one of my specialties, but I haven’t been on an outdate since I joined Love Ranch North

    64-I am totally addicted to coffee

    65-I don’t’ smoke or use drugs, but don’t judge whoever does. Live and let live.

    66-I always have a manicure and pedicure, even if I am not going anywhere special

    67-I have an hourglass shape with 34C-27-37
    BIKINI 5 EMAIL.jpg

    68-If you are cruel or don’t care about animals, probably we won’t get along

    69- Contrary to what most people think about Brazilians, I love samba (our national dance) but don’t care for soccer (or as we call it, football).

    Ask Me Anything!

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  2. adalineray
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    adalineray Well-Known Member

    Great information! I loved reading about you![smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  3. Thank you Adaline. I actually have a lot more to share but wanted to stop at 69.
    Guys and girls , ask me anything!
  4. shelbystar
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    shelbystar Looks get you, my personality brings you back!

    This is a great thread! I loved hearing all about you! I used to live in Ft.Lauderdale! The water feels so good!
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  5. Thank you Shelby. I actually had a lot of fun writing it.
  6. GiaCorleone
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    GiaCorleone Sicilian Thoroughbred Gia 'BellaBambina' Corleone

    Oh yeah I love 69 best way to give oral pleasure[smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  7. GezabelleSinclaire
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    GezabelleSinclaire The girl you always Fantasized about

    Can I get a 69 party with Sofia?!?!?!
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  8. Great information, Sofia. The more you share the more interesting you become, and the more I want to know.
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  9. Thank you Kyle. You can ask me anything...
  10. foreverman
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    foreverman Well-Known Member

    I like #30 the best! the more the better!
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  11. Thank you Foreverman. I think that you meant # 31...although #30 is good too . I am the perfect mix of beauty and brains ;)
    Let's have a multi girl party together [smilie=hot over you.gif]
  12. allen65
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    allen65 Active Member

    Great info Sofia.
    I can't believe no one has taken you out on a diner date. Where would you most like to go?
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  13. Hummmm...I would love to do the dinner cruise (I love romantic dinners as well as being close to the water, so it would be the best of both worlds).
    I truly enjoy flirting while learning more about you over a romantic meal and a bottle of champagne /wine. I heard that Rapscallions (I love seafood, specially shellfish) and the Italian restaurant at Pepermill are great dinner options. I promise a very yummy desert ;)
  14. foreverman
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    foreverman Well-Known Member

    you're right, it was #31. still, the 1st time I want you all to myself
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  15. Certainly! Since you enjoy traveling, what countries have you not visited but are on your list to visit?

    And I'll admit, I don't enjoy exercising either, but I don't get much sexercise. Maybe we can help each other out with that? ;)
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  16. Hi Kyle,
    The current priorities on my "To Visit" list are :

    • Taj Mahal in India (one of the new 7 wonders of the world)
    • Do a safari in South Africa
    • Dubai
    I also would love to spend more time in Thailand
    We should definitely help keeping each other in great shape. Let's fuck our way to fitness! I'll be your personal trainer [smilie=hot over you.gif]
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  17. Sounds like a great plan. Can't wait to be all yours [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  18. I really envy you, all the amazing places you've visited. I wish I had the means to travel more. But I like the idea of you being my personal trainer. A sexy workout would be just what the doctor ordered!
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  19. And we can play doctor while we Sexercise...I can be naughty nurse Sofia;)
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  20. I like the way you think, Sofia. Actually, I like a lot about you in general. ;)
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  21. Thank you Kyle. You make me blush :oops::rolleyes:
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  22. And I'm sure you're absolutely gorgeous when you blush. [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  23. Guys, I am sure that there are more things you want to know about me. Don't be shy... ask away!
  24. ivymae
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    ivymae -Kit Kat's ♔ Polynesian Princess-

    The thought of 69 with you and then seeing those pictures!!! OMG, That would be such a sexy time, Sophia!
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  25. Well Sofia, since we've talked about you possibly being my personal trainer or sexy nurse, do you enjoy role play parties? And if yes, what is your favorite role play? Are there any role plays you haven't tried but would like to in the future?
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  26. Thank you Ivy. Would love to party with you anytime! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  27. I love female police officer role play (so I can use my handcuffs and give you much more than a patch down...) and naughty nurse( we have a doctor's office at LRN ). I love role play , so I am very open to many different scenarios [smilie=hot over you.gif]
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  28. shelbystar
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    shelbystar Looks get you, my personality brings you back!

    You are quite the party Sofia! Lovely on the inside and out!
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  29. Thank you Shelby. I am looking forward to many more naughty adventures with you when I am back at LRN 9/14-9/25![smilie=hot over you.gif]
  30. [smilie=hi ya!.gif]Guys, I 'll be back at LRN on 9/14. Don't be shy, ask me anything and cum party with me ;)

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