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    1. Who's Caressa Kisses

    I'm delighted to make your acquaintance… I was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. I ooze Southern charm (but without a drawl). You'll enjoy my presence and the company that I provide. I am a young woman of many talents and interests. I have spent my life both in the United States and Asia. I am both well-traveled and well-read, and can hold many conversations on a wide variety of topics. I'm a young lady who is a combination of exquisite angelic beauty, genuinely sweet personality, a bright mind, and a playful disposition. They say I have a soft passionate touch that sends chills through a gentlemen's body and leaves them breathless. I enjoy ambient music, mutual sensual touch and masturbation to inflame both our libidos. I prefer extended stays or overnights to fully heighten our sexual encounter, but I am in no way opposed to a quickie, sometimes that can be just as intoxicating. Whether you are looking for a sexy companion, a wonderful date, a few days on the town, or an amazing week of fun together, I hope you will consider me. I feel comfortable in any social environment-whether we're kicking back at a sports event or heading off to a fancy restaurant.

    2. How would You describe yourself?

    I conduct myself in a very classy and elegant manner, but with a naughty twist. I will not only capture your mind with my down to earth sense of humor, but I will also sweep you off of your feet with my sexy feminine ways! I have a tight, tan, toned petite hard body that men and women both find irresistible. I'm 5'3", 105 lbs with measurements of 32DD/ 22/ 32. I have long, blond hair, green hazel eyes, big pouty lips with caress-able silky satin skin. I practice yoga daily to uphold my athletic frame. Though I'm often referred to as a full package, my flirty, fun, outgoing sensuous nature and big smile is what I'm best known for.
    Take a SEX-SAFARI WITH ME. Click Link Below
    3. What Exactly is the BunnyRanch?
    It's a Full-service Legal Brothel owned and operated by Dennis Hof. It's a DisneyLand for men & for some women too!
    4. Are there Adult rides?
    Sure are! The most thrilling, exhilarating rides you will ever take, in fact. I would love to give you a Personal, no-obligation Tour!

    5. How tall do you have to be to ride?
    Size matters not, but you must be 18 and to enjoy a cocktail at our extensive bar, you must be 21. A valid ID is required to enter the house.

    6. Do you like what you do?
    No, I Love it! Seriously. I am openly and shamelessly sexual. I have no reservations whatsoever about this. I am living my fantasies! Given all the STD testing that goes on in Nevada and the safety measures we take, it is statistically far safer to experience sex through this avenue than to take your chances in the harsh, unpredictable world of dating.

    *Short but oh "La "La So Sweet!
    *Long & sensual
    *The “Girl” Friend Experience
    *Party Like a Rock Star! (Transpiration,VIP SUITE & Complementary Bottle of Liquor Included)
    *VIP Treatment Includes Transportation W/chocolate covered Strawberries,Fruit & Nuts ,Liquor or beverage of your choice. VIP SUITE,
    Flight Arrangements made for you and all travel plans VIP Accommodations Emailed directly to you for your personal conformation. Leave all your stress to me.

    *Multi-girl Parties
    *Brothel Virgins,Virgins or Inexperienced
    *Gentle Men W/ Special Medical Needs
    *Champaign Parties
    * NEW FANTASY SUITE Jacuzzi/Asian Wet Room/Massage
    *Karaoke/Meet and Greet

    Sensually I can Accommodate All Your Needs and Desires
    *Multiple Positions/ Tantric Sex
    *Multiple Orgasms,and not just ME
    *Mutual Masturbation and Sensual Touch, to in-flame both our libidos.
    *Oral/Mutual Oral 69
    *Role Play,Fetish,Tickle & Tuch,
    *Blind Fold,Light Hair Pulling,Feather Play
    *Sensual Dances,Special Clothing
    *Paddle Parties/Light Bondage/Strap On

    7.*How Can I Talk to You Personally?
    *Email me:Caressakisses@bunnyranch.com

    *I Personally ANSWER MY E-MAIL MON - SUN BETWEEN 6:30am to 11pm
    *LIVE Chat! "Online Daily" *Ask Me to *CHAT* Can't Wait to Meet.

    *To Assure Skin on Skin Time. Deposits Or Prior Arrangements Are Necessary. Tho, I live Locally and Work Full-Time. I am currently not making lineups. This gives me the advantage of Being Schedule Friendly. I have MUCH MORE TIME and AVAILABILITY TO OFFER You then me flying in for an Extended Stay at the Ranch.

    8. Sweet! So how much does it cost to party?
    BOOK Me Anytime through out 2016 in Advance with Deposit and

    For Every Hour You Book, I Will Extend Our Time NO CHARGE Up To An Additional HR! Thats Correct Every Additional Hour is on My Time. My Thank You in advance for considering me. *I am Local Rate Friendly, Set Up A Regular Encounter Today. I am Personally Available for INCALL OR OUT
    TXT,PHONE,E-MAIL - MON-SUN 6:30am - 11pm

    Can I read any reviews of your performances?
    Yes, please do so! Read a few of them here:


    Party Packages Click Link Below


    9. Isn't the Moonlite BunnyRanch the place where HBO's Hit "Cathouse" series is filmed?
    Yes, order me on Demand today!! HBO's Hit "Cathouse-Caressa Kisses the GirlFriend Experience"

    10. Will I be filmed without my knowledge?
    Never, all areas where filming takes place are roped off & anyone who has not signed a release will not be filmed. Promise!

    11. Where are you when you're not at the ranch?
    I Work From HOME DAILY.. Will Have Live Cams up soon.

    12. You do look like you are in great shape, what are your favorite workouts?
    I love yoga and cardio. Also light weight lifting just to stay tone.
    13. Are you Single?
    Yes, I am!

    14. *Which Porno film did I see you in?
    You didn't! I have no plans to expand into other areas of the adult entertainment industry. I do have, appeared on HBO, Host of ESPN RADIO "Hottie Handicapper" (Follow my hot tips)and other Main Stream Media promoting the world-famous Moonlite BunnyRanch.

    15. What did you do before this?

    I worked in the Medical Field, as a Surgical Technician, Nationally Certified FA

    16. Why did you quit the Medical Field?
    Needed A Break. I love my Field of Practice, I still volunteer my-time. I keep my Surgical Skills Current and Aid in Assist in the Well-begin of others.

    17. What are your Turn-Ons?

    Having a sense of humor, being open-minded, taking care of yourself, generosity, and kindness top the list.

    18. Your breasts... are they real?
    Extremely Nice, they are 32DD, they feel very soft and very perky! I love them to be squeezed.

    19. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?
    I have a very small flower Tattoo, and I do have minuscule nose piercing.

    20. Do you smoke?
    No, but you can and yes, I entertain smoking fetishes.

    21. What's your favorite drink?
    Water/ Fresh Lemon

    22. What about alcoholic drinks? Dnt Laugh! Good Cold Beer

    23. What kind of parties are your favorite?
    Ultimate Orgasm Party,passing out in one another's arms,waking together for breakfast before we kiss good bye in the morning. I can Smell the Coffee and Feel The Love Drunken Hang Over Now.

    24. REPEAT! I can Smell the Coffee Now and Feel The Love Drunken Hang Over.

    25. Can I make an appointment?
    Absolutely! It's my best way to ensure that I will be available when you're here. If you have specific dates in mind, I will do my best to line up my schedule accordingly. In some cases, no deposit is necessary.

    26. Is there a Dress Code at the Ranch?
    Nope! However, I do appreciate a person who makes the effort to smell and looks nice.

    27. Can I shower while I am there?
    Yes, you sure can! In My shower in fact. Maybe even with Me!

    28. Can I bring my own music, videos, clothing, props, etc. for our party?
    Absolutely, I would love it if you did!

    29. Is there any Gambling at the Ranch?
    No, but there are Casinos within five minutes. I've even been known to be a source of good luck!
    30. What if I want to see you Outside the Ranch?
    That can be arranged, but only through the BunnyRanch. Those encounters are called "Outdates" & they can be loads of Fun! I love to get off the Ranch to let loose & explore the best Nevada has to offer--Tahoe, Las Vegas, Genoa's Hot Springs & Reno are a few of my favorites!

    31. Is is true that you split the proceeds of your parties with the BunnyRanch?
    Yes, Ladies receive half of what their clients pay.
    32. What is your favorite position?
    I love missionary, girl on top, and doggie…but as long as it feels good, I am there for you.

    33. Do you Kiss during parties
    I love kissing!!! Caressa Kisses is my name!!!

    34. Do you allow pictures to be taken before, during, or after our parties? And what about filming?
    Sure, I love to be photographed, that way You can remember our time together.

    35. Are you a Squirter?
    I haven't mastered the art of squirting just yet. It happens when I least expect it---and only when my G-spot is stimulated. I need more practice.

    36. Seriously, though. Does Size matter?
    No! Why are men so preoccupied with size??? It truly is all about how you use it! Truly! (And sometimes, how you Say it.)

    37. Do you accept Married clients?


    38. Do you accept women as clients?
    Absolutely…I love women too!

    39. Can we bring another lady into our party?
    Yes, that would be so much fun!
    40. I'm a Virgin & I'm very nervous. Can you help?
    I will take my time with you and make you feel at ease first…then show you everything you wanna see and teach you what I know.
    Click to Read More 'Let Me be your First'

    41. How many times can I climax during a party with you?
    As many times as you would like…and I'll do the same.

    42. What if I want to see you outside the ranch?
    Sure, as long as we stay within the State of Nevada.

    43. I want to change that.
    I admire persistance, but if you're going to sweep me off my feet, you'll have to start at the BunnyRanch. What you look like matters not--how you treat me is what counts.

    44. How much does it cost to visit? And what if want to do more than visit?
    It costs nothing to visit. Stop by and say Hello sometime. We can discuss various party options while you're here. Once you decide to stay & Party, then we'll slip off to my Private suite.

    45. What is this "Menu" of which you are speaking about?
    Power Up!!! The skies the limit;)

    46. Screw the Menu, what if I just want to bend you over your bed and have my way with you? Screw the Menu, Indeed!

    47. How many times canI climax during a party with you?
    As many times as you can! Unlike most other girls, I allow unlimited orgasms---no matter how much time we spend together. That's right--unlimited organisms are standard! After all, I plan on having my share;)

    48. I'm a little on the Kinky side. Ok, I'm really kinky. Can we explore my wildest fetishes? That's the idea! Hey, I've heard it all---you're not going to surprise or offend me one bit! Shame, I believe is a product of societal forces put in place to control people. Forget shame! What gets you off gets you off! The BunnyRanch is a place where you can simply be yourself! And that goes for me too!

    49. Even if I'm into domination, role play, foot play & strap-ons?
    Yes, bring it on!
    50. Is anything off limits?
    I do not perform anal, but I can always bring in a Bunny Sister to accommodate you.

    51. Given all of your accolades, do you command higher rates? Absolutely not. If anything, I compensate for this misperception by keeping my rates fair at all times.

    52. Great! So how much does it cost to have a party with you?
    It really depends on the type of party we have… My goal is for you to have the best time possible with me…and to make you come back time and time again!!! Pricing can only be discussed in My Private Suite.

    53. What hours are the BunnyRanch open?
    Since 1955, the Ranch has been open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. I can accommodate any time frame.
    54. Which airport should I fly into? Where would I stay?
    Reno-Tahoe International Airport. The Ranch is about a half-hour drive from there. We can even pick you up! Just call 1-888-BUNNYRANCH before you board your plane to arrange for it. You can stay with me if we do an overnight, and there are VIP suites available on property as well. Also, there are many hotels nearby that you can stay at if you prefer. Overnight stays with Me & transportation from the airport is included.

    55. Should I give a tip and/or a gift?

    If you would like to, they are always very much appreciated:)

    56. Do you offer any specials/discounts?
    Read More Military Discounts

    OF course-Lots of them! Military & Virgin discounts, 2 for 1 Parties, Half-off Overnights, Take me out to dinner & get an Hour free, put down a Deposit & I will add a Free half-hour to our party. Send me flowers/gifts to our party for a Free half-hour.
    ***However, Discounts cannot be combined***

    57. What accommodations are available?
    Besides my private suite that I love to share- and I love falling asleep in satisfied arms after a memorable evening, there are the My Personal Place is Located in Reno Next to The Airport if your passing through. VIP suites, Gold Dust West is minutes of the Ranch. Casinos in Reno and Tahoe Let me know ahead of time if you need help planning your trip.

    58. Is billing discreet?
    Completely, Nobody will be able to trace your visit to the BunnyRanch.

    59. Testing? What kind of testing is done?
    Courtesans are tested weekly for a wide assortment of sexually transmitted diseases. The testing process is state-regulated and mandatory. Our background check is cleared through the Sheriff's Dept. and our health exam is cleared before we are allowed to engage clients in any way.

    60. What about other pre-cautions?
    I visually inspect clients for obvious signs of STDs. In addition to that, of course, condoms are used during all activities. A variety of sizes, sensitivities and colors are provided. I'm also vaccinated against HPV. Further precautions may be taken on a case-by-case basis. I take your health and mine, Very seriously!

    61. How often does STD transmissions occur in Brothels?
    I encourage you to do your own research, I did. It's a documented fact that in more than 30 years of state record-keeping, not a single incidence of STD transmissions have occurred in a legal brothel here in Nevada. Not one! Again, you're astronomically safer here than in your neighborhood meat market.

    62. Do you accept married clients?
    Of course. In fact, I count several married couples among my clients. You only live once! Marriage should not mark the end of a satisfying sex life. I've been told that I've enhanced several marriages.

    63. So you accept women as clients?
    Absolutely! I am attracted to men & women of many different shapes, backgrounds and ethnicites. What can I say, I'm insatiable! :)

    64. Are you truly bi, or are you "gay for pay"?

    I am very much bisexual. Admittedly, I don't get to enjoy a woman's touch as often as I would like.
    65. Can we bring another girl into our party?

    Yes, you can choose the other girl, or if you prefer, I can select someone with whom I have an established chemistry with. Or, we could bring in more girls and really get wild! It's all up to you. Do bear in mind that adding more ladies, does generally increase the cost.

    66. I want to do this for my significant other. Can I set something up?
    Of course! It happens all the time. What better gift to give a cherished lover!

    67. What if I'm active in the military, a Veteran, a student, a Teacher, a first-time visitor, police, firefighter, or if it's my Birthday? Do I get any special privileges?

    Yes, you came to the right girl!

    68. I have a disability, erectile difficulties or special medical needs. Can you work with that? Absolutely! We will make you as comfortable as possible through whatever means necessary. I will always put your needs first.

    69. My Promise to You!

    [smilie=heart fill with love.gif] I promise there is no rush in our time together. I promise I Iook much better in person & I promise to charm & captivate you with my delectable figure, classic beauty & stunning face. I will take your breath away with my fits, toned body & my seductive, beautiful smile:)
    Some courtesans talk about the GFE ( the GirlFriend Experience), but the fact is that I really love to please & to be pleased! Your complete satisfaction is my pleasure & passion. I provide the ultimate un-rushed, unparalleled quality GFE!

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    That's some Great info Caressa !!! :p [smilie=be mine!.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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    Kisses to you LoverOfWomen! I love getting my info out to you......

    Until then: Naughty Thoughts, Caressa Kisses

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  4. 3 1/2 weeks, but who's counting? [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  6. Yes, I totally agree
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    Caressa thanks for all the great info!
  8. caressakisses
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    The best way to make someone feel welcome and invited is to put out enough information that they feel they know you before they even come out....

    Kisses Caressa

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    WOW! Hopefully I'll get to share one of your parties this summer when I visit. I know you don't mean to but you intimadate me. lol

    [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  10. JadeCapri
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    JadeCapri I am genuinely happy to meet you.

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    TheLoveDoctor, please don't let me intimate you, I am a girl from Texas and I will welcome you like we are old friends.....

    Kisses Caressa
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    image copy.jpeg
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    I was just checking out your video and You were Looking just Amazing Caressa !!! You were also making that Pink Bra and Panties Look Super Sexy babe !!! I'm also wondering is this the same outfit You were wearing in the video !!! :p [smilie=be mine!.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  13. caressakisses
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    Thank you LoverOfWomen, I so love when you like what you see and hear.....

    Kisses Caressa

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    Thank you Willow!

    Kisses: Caressa

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    I love my 69, how about you...let me know what you think...

    Naughty Thoughts: Caressa Kisses

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    I would Love doing 69 with You Caressa !!! :p [smilie=be mine!.gif] [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  18. I love 69! :p [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif]
  19. Air Force Amy
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    Air Force Amy The Real Deal Online & In Person!

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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

    Sounds like a super hot idea... How would you like to join me in a classic 69...
    Until Then; Naughty Thoughts,
    Caressa Kisses
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    shelbystar Looks get you, my personality brings you back!

    Love all the information!
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  23. love, love 69! [smilie=be mine!.gif] [smilie=be mine!.gif] [smilie=be mine!.gif]
  24. Gosh you have a smile CK that just brightens my day!! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
  25. caressakisses
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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

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  26. 69 with Caressa [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif] [smilie=hot over you.gif]
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    caressakisses Caressakisses.com

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    Love all your info and I loved doing 69 with you!
  29. caressakisses
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  30. I'm a strong supporter of 69!!
  31. You are such a Hottie! [smilie=i love you1.gif]
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    I would love to 69 with you!
  35. caressakisses
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    SilverK, it is my pleasure.. When it comes to oral sex I want you to feel like you are the King you are, let me show you the way....
    Naughty Thoughts; Caressa Kisses
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