4/27 Weekly line up!!

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  1. Jada Bailey

    Monica Monroe

    Lydia Faithfull

    Melissa Kiss
  2. you should in future updates mark the girls who are local.
  3. ? Why?
    I'm just curious. Whats your idea? Why should our residence matter?
  4. Because you never know if you're going to have a ladies coming in and out staying for a while unless you're all local
  5. Hmmmm? At any rate, that doesn't apply here, The southern houses don't operate quite the same due to licensing. We have no "shifts" and Dr/ health screening laws are different, more strict. Because of the smaller number allowed our girls have to stick to their schedule, we have fewer rooms. One can not just "pop up" here because we just dont have the room here and wether a lady is local or not is very "private". If the individual lady is ok with sharing that info, it's up to her but for security reasons it's not appropriate to post any lady's town of residency on boards. But thanks for sharing your curiosity. Rest assured you just gotta drop me an email and/or call 775 372 5678, place your deposit and tell the hostess you want to see me and I'll be here!!!
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    Hey TKJ! The current lineup is spot on! I was just there a few days ago. Like Melissa said, all the Nye County houses are different than up North. In the South, the girls are committed to a certain time schedule - the don't come & go like the Bunny Ranch.

    When I'm in the area, I always call the house first before driving out (if there is somebody special that I want to see). I can say the southern houses are pretty accurate with the lineups though. Sometimes I just drop in to see who's on the menu - variety is the spice of life! :cool:
  7. Thanks sorry about the confusion I'm new to all this song just trying to get a better sense of everything.
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    You can't go wrong with either ACH or LRV. All the ladies are awesome!
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  9. No biggie! It's sooO easy to get confused, most things are the same but the few differences are very different :) kisses~ rps20160528_230007_804.jpg

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