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    The first thing you may be wondering is ....

    What exactly is a Kitti Minx?

    Kitti Minx is a mystical being who materializes wherever she senses she may be needed. Much like a fairy, this waif-ish entity comes to bring fun and magic - but with plenty of mischief! When encountering a Kitti Minx one must be equipped to handle anticipation as her pixie magic can make many dreams a reality when it's not always expected. One thing is known for sure: those who have been in the presence of Kitti Minx have yet to hesitate to speak of her amazing talents and using her otherwordly gifts to bring them to places they never thought possible! Careful: her pixie dust is strong and if one gets enough of it they're well on their way to Neverland!

    So now you're likely thinking "Okay ,that was a bit odd, surprisingly erotic even. but then who is she?", very well -

    Who is Kitti Minx?

    Kitti has been nearly all over the United States throughout her life, and even a few other countries. Though her roots from long ago are planted in Jersey and New York City, she currently hails from Texas. Her many travels and encounters have given her many fresh perspectives on the universe as well as fuel her creativity. Much of her background in schooling and other ventures is all in the arts and creative fields; though right now she is tapping in to another part of her brain that's leading her head on into sciences. Namely marine mammal studies! Her creative talents are well versed - she's shown to have great skill when it comes to drawing and painting whether it's realistic or in a more edgy or comical style. On top of being strong in the fine arts, she also studied graphic design, web design, and even both hand drawn 2D and CGI 3D animation. If that's not enough ART for you, life took her down the road of another creative passion - photography and inevitably film. She knows her way around a camera and while she has worked on several feature films that have come out in the last several years she dreams of being able to one day fully helm her own movie or TV series. Oh - wait - still not enough of the art? She's also built a talent in performing arts having done various theatrical stage shows, enticing burlesque routines, and one in a while she dons yet another alter ego as a drag king to do some comedy. .... Is that enough art for you now?

    As for her passion for sciences she has grown up amongst many science enthusiasts in a variety of fields her whole life. Biologists, Chemists, Geneticists, Physicists - she's even gotten a full on tour of the NASA facility in Houston(including the currently working mission control room), thanks to a friend who worked as a rocket scientist.(This was before NASA had that site get reworked and is now mostly a museum with their work spread out across the country.) She has been an animal lover since birth as well - nearly every animal she finds something special and fascinating about. (And yes, a lot of times she's THAT person at a party whose hosts' cats and/or dogs flock to.) In her many ventures all over she's often come across marine mammals, especially whales and dolphins which earned a special love for them in her heart. And after a long while she's decided to take that love and pursue it as yet another passion as she is eager to learn so much more than what is already available.

    Aside from that, she's been a model for a long while. Started off doing it as a hobbyist and then some time building a solid portfolio and good reputation she went on to do it semi professionally. Early professional work included being on billboard and commercial advertisements for a few different companies. Throughout the years photos she modeled for have been featured in galleries all over the world, and she's worked with several couture designers to bring their big ideas for beautiful images of their creations a reality. Though she did cut down on going mainstream as she felt a stronger connection to those who were in photography for the art and focused on working with those whose intent was to have work for gallery tours or to go be published. On top of all that on and off throughout the years she's done promotional modeling at expos, conventions, and events mainly doing comic and gaming shows but also promoting clubs and lounges for special engagements.

    But wait - that's not all! She's also been very comfortable and open with her sexuality and since the age of 18 and has dabbled around in many aspects in the adult entertainment industry. From gogo dancing, to doing photo shoots and videos, to camming, to becoming involved in the Fetish scene, and now to that path leading her here. To being able to use her experience with a variety of people over the course of her life as well as her natural talents and bring it here to share it with those who desire the opportunity.


    "Alright, that sounds pretty neat, but what's some basic info about her? Stats and Interests?"

    Basic Info About Kitti Minx:


    Stats -

    Age: Take your best guess ;) If you can guess correctly you get a little treat :p
    Height: 5'8"
    Body Type: Slender
    Body Shape: Hourglass figure
    Bra Size: 30F
    Hair Color: Blonde
    Eye Color: Green


    Sexuality: Pansexual/ Omnisexual (means I'm attracted to people because of their personalities and unique features not always related to their nether bits 8) for more in depth definition check it out)

    Other Info-

    Style: varies! Kitti's love of art carries through in her dabbling in various styles of fashion and makeup. While a fan of high fashion and many conventional trends, she also loves the aesthetics of the many gothic and alternative subcultures (like pastel goth, and ounk rock). And of course she's a bit of a geek so that at times comes out in her aesthetic choices as well. One day she may decide to go old school glam and do herself up like Marilyn Monroe, the next like Blake Lively, the following more of a school girl, and then she decides to go full on alternative and punk with bright colors in the hair and spiked collars and cuffs with an outfit mostly studded leather. It just depends on what her muse at the time is telling her!

    Hobbies: reading (so much reading), writing, drawing, photography, performance arts, Northern Shaolin Kung Fu (among other styles of Kung Fu and martial arts), and cosplay

    Interests: very in tune with geek culture - loves watching various sci fi shows and films (and really just films in general), as well as comic books (still wavering between being Marvel or more DC they both keep pulling hard but there's many amazing independent works out), gaming (mostly fighting games and party games with the occasional JRPG/RPG thrown in there if time allows for it), the humorous aspects of the growing and evolving internet culture, technology advancements, and the occasional table top roleplaying game. And of course the love of cosplay! Besides the geek stuff she's an animal lover, and does also try to keep up with various sports. Mostly MMA fights but almost always willing to tune in to baseball, basketball, football, and hockey. (Don't ask the teams she roots for because she doesn't want to start any potential fights! :p All teams have their avid supporters and in turn their rivalries. But as of right now she's not super big on the Cowboys - they need to get their act together to really represent Texas!) On top of all that as you read above she loves art, film, good books, and the many wonders of sexuality.

    What Kitti Minx Has To Offer You (IE some of her Menu):

    With her creative background, fluid sexuality, and past various experiences in the bedroom and other fields of adult entertainment, Kitti has many skills and is open to a wide array of desires and fancies.

    Please note for pre-booked appointments via phone or email a deposit on the party is required for most of what is listed below! Thank you!

    Some of What She Offers:

    Talk To Me Party (got something on your mind? stresses? need a non judgmental listening ear? questions about sexuality and sensuality? or just want to talk about a specific interest in depth? I'm more than happy to oblige)
    Private Modeling Party (your camera is your eyes, and she'll pose for you in her sexy outfit(s) and perhaps even her birthday suit!
    Private Dance Party (dances vary from clothed to topless to nude, from burlesque to strip club style lap dance)
    Massages - Give or Get
    Sensual Tease (bit of dancing and posing and all around sexiness; you can look but not touch! :p )

    Solo Show (for those who like to watch a girl have fun)
    Massage with a Happy Ending
    Hand Relief Party (she is quite good with her hands)
    Blowjob (her oral skills have become the imbedded fantasies of many)
    Dine at the Y (if you love going down on a girl or looking for lessons or practice your technique)

    Straight Up Sex (if you just want a good session of the ol' in n' out)
    Tantric Sex (lots of sensual teasing and foreplay to build up to really get the mind and body into the full experience)

    BDSM/S&M (whatever your kink, she's usually willing and able! whether you want to play dom or sub!)
    Humiliation/Sissy Shame (you want to be throughly humiliated? she can do that - especially if you're out to be a complete sissy)
    Dungeon Time (if your kink can't be done in the bedroom you're in luck! there's an equipped dungeon!)

    ULTIMATE Girlfriend Experience ( more details here )

    Fantasy Role Play (decide the scenario and roles and let's do it!)
    School Girl Role Play (Kitti has an adorable school girl outfit perfect for anyone with that type of role play fancy)

    Cosplay Role Play Fantasy - Unique Experience You Can Only Get From Kitti! (Kitti often brings cosplay costumes with her of famous characters. Ever wanted to make out with Harley Quinn? Take the top off Slave Leia's bikini? Feel the skintight black latex of Black Cat's bodysuit as you get hot and intimate? This dream can be a reality that only Kitti Minx can deliver!)

    Some examples of costumes and outfits:


    Virtual Reality Party (can't come out to the LoveRanch? No problem! Kitti is more than happen to book a virtual session with you via Skype! Simply contact the ranch directly to set it up - (775) 372 - 5251 )

    These parties and experiences are not just available to men but also COUPLES and WOMEN! With Kitti's fluid sexuality and talents she's more than willing and eager to work with couples and please ladies on their own as well!


    Other Needs:

    Fully accessible to anyone in need of assistance, including handicap.
    Virgins are also more than welcome as she'd be happy to help them make their sexual debut!


    Above is just some of the many things she offers. Of course there's a lot of girls and she's open to parties with 1, 2, or more other girls as well as orgies and other parties involving any and all of the other lovely ladies. Jacuzzi parties are also available - and of course rock out hard with a party in the luxurious VIP room!




    To get more details or curious about other parties not listed above. Call or email!
    Email: KittiMinx@loveranch.net
    Call the Love Ranch (Vegas): (775) 372 - 5251

    Come make Kitti's time in Vegas a fun one and she looks forward to talking to, and meeting you all!
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  2. You really need to come see me! ;)

    I'm also available to do Skype webcast parties! So if you can't play in person, why not let cyberspace lend a hand? Just call the house when you want one 775 - 372 - 5251

  3. Cum see our pretty little kitty!
  4. Thank you Trish! [smilie=heart fill with love.gif]
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  6. All of what's listed on here is still on the table, plus much much more! Be sure to check out my June specials! Game of Thrones, anyone?:cool:
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    Wonderful bio. Always articulate :)
  8. It was a pleasure meeting you miss kitty hope to see you again ..


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