Air Force Amy
May 9, 2009
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August 5
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The Bunnyranch! I live only 10 min away!
Bionic Bunnybabe! Certified Love and Sex Coach.

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Air Force Amy

10x Bunny of The Year!, Female, from The Bunnyranch! I live only 10 min away!

The weather is perfect! Dec 1, 2016 at 10:25 AM

    1. Frankie Morgan
    2. Mallory Davis
      Mallory Davis
      Hi Amy big fan. I would love to work with you could u please help me find the best way to do that please. I'm 27 very sexy and fun my email is
    3. Air Force Amy
      Air Force Amy
      The weather is perfect!
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      2. Slugushi
        Perfect for what though? :)
        Dec 2, 2016 at 7:28 AM
    4. Frankie Morgan
      Frankie Morgan
      Hey baby how are u
      1. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        I'm good sweeetheart. Real good. ow are you?
        Dec 1, 2016 at 10:23 AM
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      2. Frankie Morgan
        Dec 1, 2016 at 2:45 PM
    5. trixieblue
      Love your pic's Amy....Please share with me your photographer...Lots of Love Trixie Blue ...
    6. DyanaDyamonds
      Lots of love and respect.
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      2. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        Thank you. Much love XOXO
        Oct 25, 2016
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    7. BrittanyBillions
      Such a beautiful inspirational bunny! XOXO Amy!
    8. BrittanyBillions
      Such a sweet gorgeous gal!! XOXO Your energy is so inviting have a fun night!
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    9. SailorBay
      You are so STUNNING!!!!!
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      2. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        Thank you sweetheart!
        Sep 22, 2016
    10. SummerRain
      Hey stunning lady would love to have a double party with you, any one wanna book us please do so❤️
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    11. Mcdfreshcatz
      Yes can't wait mrs Ciri Lane
    12. Ciri Lane
      Ciri Lane
      I am soooooo looking forward to meeting you...YOU'RE SOOOO GORGEOUS
      1. Mcdfreshcatz and Air Force Amy like this.
      2. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        Thank you! I can't wait!
        Sep 16, 2016
    13. Ciri Lane
      Ciri Lane
      Hello GORGEOUS!!!! OMG I am so excited to meet you xxx I will be making my first debut September 22nd
    14. ShawnaAlyssa
      You are amazing and very talented, as a new scarlet to the sage brush I look up to you and admire your work!!!
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    15. foreverman
      Happy Belated Birthday to you!! still have my super crush on you. I gotta come up for Dennis' BD party so we can meet
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    16. christymichelle
      Hope you have a fantabulous birthday!
      1. Air Force Amy likes this.
      2. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        Thank you so much Christy! :)
        Aug 5, 2016
    17. BaronRandoVJ
      Happy birthday! Hope you celebrate in style! Of course, everything you do is stylish.
      1. Air Force Amy likes this.
      2. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        Thank you so much for the birthday wish :)
        Aug 5, 2016
    18. MichelleSweets
      Happy Birthday to you, You BEA-U- TIFUL Bunny! I hope you get everything you want today best wishes to you
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      2. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        Thank you so much! You're very kind :)
        Aug 5, 2016
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    19. AriaArial
      Hello love... you are so amazing and so funny also very supportive nothing goes unnoticed love you xoxo
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      2. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        You're such a doll, Aria. Thank you so much <3
        Aug 2, 2016
    20. ArielMoon
      Hello beautiful AIRFORCE AMY....Im the newest kitten @ The Alien Cathouse...Ive been following for years and you been the most awesome women I've seen.. Just tonight i'd send you a Thank you and a shout out ......and keep doing what you're doing mama stay humble...

      Best wishes,
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      2. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        Thank you so much Ariel! You're too sweet :)
        Jul 29, 2016
    21. SolaidaVegas
      you have beautiful pictures book whit amy force
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      2. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        Thank you for your compliments, beautiful :)
        Jul 23, 2016
    22. SolaidaVegas
      You really hot Amy
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    23. Air Force Amy
    24. Air Force Amy
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      2. roxanneprice
        Adult Disneyland Princess is a perfect title. I love the photos Amy! Stunning. :)
        Mar 31, 2016
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    25. Air Force Amy
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      2. RandamnHero
        Another gorgeous collection, AFA.
        Mar 29, 2016
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      3. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        Thank you RandomHero! Thank you for noticing!
        Mar 30, 2016
        RandamnHero likes this.
      4. RandamnHero
        Oh yeah, my attention was immediate. ;)
        Mar 30, 2016
    26. Air Force Amy
    27. Air Force Amy
      Air Force Amy
      I regret I'll miss the St Pats party at the Bunnyranch - I can stop in to say "hi" before and up until 6:30p. :-)
    28. Air Force Amy
      Air Force Amy
      My new kitty cats get here tonight via United Airlines. I
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    29. Air Force Amy
      Air Force Amy
      See my new "Game of Thrones" pics in the new Album of such I posted this morning!
    30. Air Force Amy
    31. Air Force Amy
      Air Force Amy
      Off to Vegas 2day to re shoot some pics into layouts and covers because the teasers came out so well.
    32. Air Force Amy
      Air Force Amy
      i have some new photos. A few previews to share with you!
    33. Air Force Amy
    34. Air Force Amy
      Air Force Amy
      My glamour photo shoot is only one week away. I'm SO EXCITED! (See my sneak peek thread here - next update will contain the link)
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    35. Rob
      Amy I just love everything about you.XO
      1. Air Force Amy
        Air Force Amy
        Thank you. The best way to prove that to me is by coming to see me and it's actually to your advantange and favor to do so......
        Feb 4, 2016
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  • About

    August 5
    Home Page:
    The Bunnyranch! I live only 10 min away!
    Bionic Bunnybabe! Certified Love and Sex Coach.
    Here’s some more personal info about me.

    I love travel, decorating, current events, history, writing, teaching, gardening, photography, scrap booking, arts and crafts, graphics, continuing my studies in human sexuality, adding content and improving my website is foremost on my list of “to dos’ right now.

    Charity. My favorite causes being Veterans, anything U.S. Military and also the fight against sex trafficking, domestic violence and the plights of illegal prostitutes especially teenage runaways. I host an annual children's Christmas party every year for charity.❤️-air-force-amy-annual-childrens-xmas-party-at-my-house-dec-22-this-year-❤️.26175/#post-590072

    I love Cirque de Soleil’s, Broadway shows, The History Channel and Bravo TV. I love concerts ranging from Classic rock n roll to symphonies and I really like listening to live Blues.

    I confess to TV Binge viewing! Stay tuned and check my blog as I think I should make a true confessional list of all the shows I have binge viewed and then you can see we will most likely have favorite TV shows in common!

    I enjoy fine dining, travel, sightseeing, luxury accommodations (doesn’t mean I have never enjoyed hippie travel) cruise travel, nature, photography, designer wear, flip flops, a good bargain, exercise. I really enjoy staying healthy, fit, young, happy, inquisitive and active.

    I think it goes without saying, but just in case you don’t know – I am a highly sexually charged woman. I enjoy physical sex, the psychology of sex, sensuality, eroticism and I’ll try anything that has to do with sex at least …hmmmnn….ten times!

    I love the smell of coffee, roses, and fresh cut grass. My favorite perfumes vary, but you can email me for my current favorite.

    I couldn’t live without my Jacuzzi whirl tub bath at home and I love luxurious linens and heavenly beds.

    I make the best and most comfortable beds on the planet. I really, really want to have my own line of linens.
    – Is there anyone out there that can help me realize this dream?

    My kitty cat, Kiara, rules my life. I love her to pieces. She is my companion. I get all the love and companionship via my treasured clients at the Bunnyranch.

    Will I ever get married? Maybe. Maybe to you? [​IMG]

    I don’t have a boyfriend. I have never been married and have no children, but I am “Auntie” to dozens of my friend’s children and I hold super extravagant parties for them and all the children of my coworkers each holiday.

    I have many lady friends and belong to women’s groups outside the industry and love hosting parties and charity events.

    I’m not into bad manners (especially poor table manners), poor hygiene, bullies, thieves, drugs, arrogance, gossip, haters/jealousy, back stabbers, greed, liars, pimps, no shows and Competition – (Too old for that any longer. I enjoy my legendary status and call that enough for now.)

    I work as an independent contractor. I turn in all my monies received as a legal prostitute to the ranch I’m working for; they keep a 50% commission. I pay taxes, own properties, run my own corporation, am my own agent. I’m single, have never been married and have no children. I dedicate all my love to all my clients and get all my sex at the ranch. Trust me, every one you provide plenty of love, sex and affection I can handle in any one-life time.

    Entertaining is a very rewarding experience for me. I’m not in the ‘biz just for the money. I love meeting new people, making new friends, dinner dates, seeing the sites, catching a show or a movie, great sex no strings attached.

    I also like cuddling, sleeping with you, waking up in your arms and doing it all over again. I like our good conversation; laughter, good times, and making you feel good about yourself. I enjoy treating you nice, being liked by you, and especially like the afterglow for days and maybe even years to come.

    I take pride in being the best and never cease to prove it to you. I became the best in the industry by lots of hard work, studying and consistently raising my own bar and perfecting all my skills in out of the bedroom and by my own never wanting to become bored, disenchanted or stale. Plus, my sexual drive and desire to do something good for others seems to increase every day.

    I have the most repeat clients because I give the best parties with the most time, activities and attention for your dollar. I really care about you and what you want. You’ll never feel rushed by me. I’m very in tuned to your needs and will do all I can to accommodate you without ever embarrassing you in any way. I love to make you feel like you’re the most important person on earth and I love to laugh and have fun!

    Despite my fame and notoriety, I am very down to earth, approachable and affordable. I love to meet new people and you’ll instantly feel real comfortable with me. I’m especially good with first timers, old timers, couples and those looking for a challenge too. I really like the extended time- girl friend like experiences, and it’s the most popular party of my repeat clients, so be sure and ask me about that option. I’ve also mastered all the fetishes imaginable and am very orgasmic and plain and simple the best sex you’ll ever have.

    My goal is to be of complete service to you. I’ll do everything I can to make your time with me more special than you could ever imagine.

    My favorite way to entertain you is with a combination of a girl friend – porn star experience- over nighters! Be sure and ask me about it!

    More about me:

    • I’m a sought after model, cover girl, centerfold, industry icon, media queen, and master of adult entertainment.

    • I’m mega fun, stunning beauty, knock out body, very caring, and have the most amazing skills you will ever encounter. I’m truly the best!

    • Famous by reputation among clients alone, I’m known for providing absolutely unequaled service with a heart of gold.

    • I love people, I love life, I love what I do, and it shows!!

    • I’m especially in tuned to, love and excel at couples parties. Be sure to email me for the full details.

    • The same holds true for my compassionate adeptness with de-virginizations. I actually give lovers deflowered by me a certificate of authenticity stating that you were officially schooled in the bedroom by Air Force Amy at the Bunnyranch!

    • My two girl parties are raved about worldwide.

    • Whether you’re looking for a -once in a lifetime, -once in awhile, or -as often as you can experience, I’m your girl.

    • I have an enormous sense of humor, fantastic smile and I am 100% concerned about you.

    • My ability to relate at all levels and my willingness to explore, learn and teach has given me my own class of service that encompasses just about anything you can think of.

    • I’m very flexible, down to earth; open for discussion and totally worth your while.

    • I’m 5’3”, 120 lbs athletic, 38DDD-26-36.

    • I am your best and number one choice for all your needs, desires, fantasies, hopes and wishes. I am here to make your dreams and fantasies come true.

    • I realize you conjure a certain ideal of the “perfect” evening or the perfect “first time’, the perfect vacation, the perfect tryst and even a perfect new romantic relationship. I make sure your time with me is as special as you imagine and because of all my experience I add all the details that make our time together an absolute experience of a lifetime. I love being able to make all your wishes come true. I love being able to bring you happiness.

    • I am kind, considerate, caring, loving, friendly, honest, playful, punctual, intelligent, witty, genuine, educated, inquisitive, respectful, helpful, thorough, generous, patient, single, athletic, sexy, orgasmic, humble, loyal, understanding, forgiving, well dressed, well heeled, charming, blessed, creative, grateful and passionate plus plus plus!

    • I am a true courtesan, a purveyor of politeness, intimate adult companion, lady of the evening and of the world, the epitome of entertainment, a bevy of beauty, barrel of laughs, an endless amount of energy and your ultimate authority on sex.

    • I am truly unique and blessed with enormous talents. I am the Michael Jordan of my trade. I take pride in every detail I offer and in every request I honor. I go the extra mile to make you feel like you are the most important person on earth and that your time is more valuable than mine.

    • I consistently set, raise and exceed the standard of service in our industry.

    • I’ve enjoyed over a decade of decadence at the World Famous Bunnyranch. (Made world famous greatly in part because of my contributions of my agreeing and making myself available to each and every form of media despite some of the inherent obstacles and inconveniences.)

    • My track record, my return client rate, my numbers, my accolades, my diligence, my trustworthiness, my honesty, my work ethic, my generosity, my loyalty, my desire, my passion, my humility, my contributions, my helpfulness, my cleanliness, my class, my style, my education, my compassion, my pride, my levity, my libido, my sense of humor, my rocking hot body, my insatiable desire to please and to be the the best all have rewarded me with both freedoms and responsibilities that allow me to provide a level of service that is beyond compare and to this date, untouchable.

    • That’s right, as the industry icon, the living legend and the most celebrated working girl on the planet I’ve taken my profession and our industry from guilt and shame to glamour and fame and to a level commiserate to above and beyond royalty.

    • Although I enjoy and go out of my way and feel it my responsibility to pass on my ethics and talents to my peers I have entirely too much experience that cannot be equaled as of yet.

    • You and I get to reap the rewards of my labor by way of you and I calling all the shots, absolutely no rules and no restrictions except safe sex in all my parties. We decide what we want to do and we do it and this is good because I am the most open minded, down to earth, friendly, fun seeking, inquisitive, playful, thoughtful, warm, down to earth, cuddly, adventurous vixen, siren and sex kitten all rolled up into one.

    I enjoy being a chameleon and I enjoy taking advantage of all our options not available to just anyone within the Bunnyranch Empire. i.e free limo rides, free souvenirs, free time, ability to travel with you, free stays, VIP treatment and more!

    I think that’s enough for now. Thank you so much for taking the time to read all my run on sentences. If you have any questions, I personally and promptly answer all your emails, pm’s and replies on the message board. I am authentic, genuine and dedicated. I hope to hear from you. Thank you!
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