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Air Force Amy

Watch my video!

Hi There!

Thank you for visiting my page! My goal is to be with you and show you why I am still your number one choice and why I remain the best in the biz by my providing you my ever expanding and unparalleled entertainment, companionship, professional and personalized services ever to be offered in my industry.

Please visit my 100% free website http://www.airforceamy.com for my full bio, history, testimonials, services, awards, credits, certifications, videos, blog, twitter feed, brand new galleries, all that I have to offer you and more! (Keep scrolling down.)


All my photos to the right of here are brand new! These new photos were taken mid November 2014 and the full galleries can be seen at my official website.

I am always raising the bar, thus remaining ahead of the curve and in front of my peers by my own continual self-improvement resulting in the best intimate experiences you will ever find.

What sets me apart this year on top of my beauty, charm, experience and phenomenal talent is that I am a Certified Master Sex Coach. I have an Associates Degree in Sex Education and I am slated to complete my Master of Human Sexuality degree this year.

I am studying many more areas of human relations and sexuality leading to my Doctorate Degree in Human Sexuality, which greatly enhances my services to you.

So, in addition to my award winning services encompassing everything from companionship to very unique sexual and even many nonsexual requests, I am officially schooled and certified to help you in many areas of sexual relations and sex education.

I specialize in virgins and those a bit rusty or looking for something new to enhance their sex lives.

I am also the number one choice for couples in many capacities and especially because women feel so comfortable with me.

I am always available for friendship, companionship, encouragement and I specialize in extended dates and travel.

Please read my testimonials at http://www.airforceamy.com to see that I am your number one choice and to also get a very good idea of the scope of activities and experiences that I offer you.

I specialize in Erectile Dysfunction. I also help those wanting to experience a first orgasm and those wanting to enhance their orgasms and or prolong intercourse. I also specialize in helping females to ejaculate.

I offer prostrate massage.

I am the best sex and the best girlfriend experience you will ever have.

I am still the most down to earth, kind and considerate person you will ever meet and you will feel like the most important person/s on earth when you are with me.

I am charming, funny, fun loving and very easy going. I never judge and I am an honest, helpful, hard working and a very generous person.

I am always told that I have a heart of gold and that I look much better in person than in my photos or on TV.

I am genuinely interested in you. I have made a lifetime career as a legal prostitute in Nevada. I am not a fly by night or a flash in the pan with much less experience than me that may not be so concerned in the quality of services they provide you or your level of satisfaction with them because they don’t plan on being here for very long.

I am very much concerned about your satisfaction and I always give you more than what you could ever expect or imagine. I care very much about you. I very much want you to feel good and feel good about yourself because of seeing me.

I am consistently number one in customer satisfaction, repeat clients and I cater to all budgets. I do not charge more than the other ladies.

All my extra experience and talents are just added freebies to get you the best service and companionship available in any legal brothel in Nevada or from any other sex worker on the planet.

Please be sure to email me for my availability, as I do not have a set schedule.

Last minute appointments (within an hour or the day) are usually very much available as I live a short ten minutes from the Bunnyranch.

Please note that I do not make phone calls upon initial contact here. Disregard that choice on the appointment form. Too many pranksters have ruined that option for you.

Please EMAIL ME to get your immediate and personal response from me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and please visit my free website here

I hope to see you soon and change your life for the better!

All my Love Always,

Air Force Amy
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