10 Reasons to Have Morning Sex

Ever wondered how your day would turn out if It had just started better?  Wake up with that amazingly hard erection and nobody to share it with — or you’re just plain cranky because you didn’t sleep great? Let’s change up the same old routine and instead wake up with me!

Hi there!  I’m Harley Lane. I’m a Bunny Babe at Dennis Hof’s World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Let  me tell you a little secret — I’m always horny in the mornings! I wake up with wet panties sometimes because I am so horny, but then I go straight to my morning routine. I wake up, wash my face, brush my teeth, take my vitamins, eat a snack, go to the gym, shower, tan and get ready for appointments. I want to change it up. Don’t you? Wake up every morning, same routine, day in and out? Let’s switch up the pace together! There are all kinds of benefits of sex in the morning. So why not try it out?

21 year old Harley Lane from Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch
21 year old Harley Lane from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Benefits of Sex in the AM

1. It’s a great way to break up your daily routine and start with a positive attitude!

We can take that nap later in the day or put off our chores for just a few minutes! An orgasm is one of the best things in the world. Try it in the morning and you’ll be on cloud nine. Or at least you should be!

2. It can boost your Immune System.

Some studies claim that cumming in the morning can help produce more antibodies to help fight infection.

3. Men are more likely to last longer and have better erections.

Most doctors will tell you that a man’s testosterone levels are highest after a good night’s rest. You’ll be well rested and your T will be at its top so men will be more energetic with an increased libido.

4. Its an excuse to stay in bed just a little extra.

The sheets are warm and invite you to stay, let’s get naked and enjoy the bed a tiny bit longer!

5. You’ll remember it throughout your day.

You will have something amazing and hot to think about all day long while you work or run errands. The image of our bodies together, and how wonderful we made each other feel, will put a smile on your face all day long.


6. We can both pass on the gym.

Doctors and health care professionals will most likely tell you that you’ll burn almost the same amount of calories after a hot session of getting naughty as you might doing a good workout. You might even feel better when we’re through.

7. You don’t have to go looking for someone to help you get laid.

We’re already in bed together! Forget the bar scene and wake up with me, sober and turned on. I want you, wouldn’t you want me too? Please…?

8. It’ll make waking up something to look forward to.

I’m not a big fan of crawling out of bed first thing in the morning, but I can look forward to a good orgasm…or a few!

9. It can increase oxygen and blood flow to your brain.

What a way to kick start your brain activity and functions. We have to wake up some time. This is definitely my favorite way to get my thoughts going.

10. Helps manage stress.

We’re starting our day with something fun, put all your daily tasks to the back of your mind and just relax. I’ll do all the work if you want me to…


We can start our time the night before. Dinner and a movie or a bubble bath and sensual massage before bed time. We don’t have to, but at least spend the night with me to get the full Harley treatment! We can cuddle and watch TV to settle in for the night (after a little fun of course.)  Waking up next to me is the first change. I love getting some in the morning. I just don’t get to do it enough! Help me out a little! I’ll let your imagination figure out the details, positions, where you want to kiss me and… Afterward, you can shower and get ready for the day and I’ll make you a wonderful breakfast. How about some waffles and bacon?  If you are trying to stay a little on the healthy side we can have some tasty fruit!

Now that is what I call starting on the right side of the bed! Come join me?

Harley Lane

Harley Lane

Harley Lane is a petite 5'1" Texas teen with a positive outlook on life and sex. Despite her youth, Harley is uncharacteristically sexually sophisticated, and is eager to show her clients everything she has to offer as a premier companion at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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Epic Handjob

I give Epic Handjobs. As a licensed courtesan at Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch, I love to please a man — and sometimes a new client walks in without any idea of what to expect. Once a customer makes themselves comfortable here in our peaceful and discreet sex paradise, they can begin to explore all of the sex party options I offer. A handjob could easily be one of the most overlooked requests and it deserves a much higher grade because I notice men are surprised when they enjoy it as much as they do. If you want a mind-blowing orgasm, I think mental stimulation, ever-present desire, and a good technique are what make handjobs a highly erotic selection. Whether you’re looking to get off with a quickie before work or want to incorporate some manual dexterity into a more involved sexual scenario, an epic handjob might be just the thing to put you over the edge…

Anita Bianchi from Dennis Hof's World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch
Anita Bianchi from Dennis Hof’s World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch

I like to undress you, lay you back, run my body up and down yours while you watch me from every angle of my mirrored room. My clients are worth a lot of seduction and it can be very hot to take it slow for the first minute or two. A nice touch we do here at the Bunny Ranch is to get you ready to party with a hot towel — the warmth, gentle pressure, and touch can make for a better party experience while also being stimulating. I use my body to kind of drift over yours, to press seductively and softly into you and to let you see my naked body.


I love when a man runs his hands up and down my entire body. You can touch every part of me yet you can’t penetrate me (yet…). Role-plays that have a restriction or a taboo theme can go a long way in a party that offers great handjobs. Desire and restraint can be a major turn-on!

Another great aspect of an epic handjob is that you can see every part of my body as I please you. I can also reach other parts of your body and use my touch to get you hot. The neck is a very erotic area — I like to be able to sigh hotly in your ear and put sexy hot breaths and kisses all down the back of your neck and shoulders. I like when you grab my head and hair in your hands and dirty talk with me… it’s the naughtiest lap dance you’ll ever get.


Aside from lube, I think the most crucial factor in a great handjob is using both hands. I was surprised when one of my first boyfriends showed me how hard to really grip and while I never give too much pressure, a consistent grip and rhythm of the thrust is really important in a totally thrilling experience. A key element is switching it up a bit – but not too much. I like to stay consistently playing in certain positions with my grip and generally I find there are about three different ways that are sure to get you hot and throbbing. I naturally have long slender fingers but large soft palms. When my hand grasps your penis I use my palm to really simulate the softness and tightness of what it would feel like to enter me. I start at the tip and expand my hand with the same pressure as I glide it up and down your shaft. If you are aroused with having your nipples squeezed, pinched or played with I will alternate my other hand between them. I also always use my other hand to run my nails in soft swirling circles over your balls, inner thighs or even lower if you like it.


The underside of your penis is generally the most sensitive and typically this is where my fingers run up and down you. I also think holding the base of your penis and stroking with a perfect rhythm is sexy because it lets you see how big and hard you are. I like sexy eye contact and I love it when you watch me play with you.

Another way that I like to use both hands is by intertwining my fingers together as if I were going to pray and gliding my clasped hands in a tight encapsulated grip while working it up and down. It can be a hot view if I am on my knees and straddling one of your legs. Its even better when I fold my body down over your leg and can slide your penis in and out of my breasts. Its extra hot, extra slippery, and extra erotic. I like to hover with my chest over you and have you squeeze my breasts together while thrusting.


Finally, I think the super move is swirling my palm and fingers steadily over the head of your penis while simultaneously stroking your shaft up and down with my other hand. When you are about to come I like to switch between your shaft and running my nails along your balls while keeping the same motion with the hand on top. Of course, every man is different and it can vary in preferred grip to speed but this is what I have found to lead to a really great experience. Wearing something that gets you intrigued and following with a hot shower and massage are good standards I follow too.

Anita Bianchi

Anita Bianchi

An adventurous soul and sweet personality, gorgeous Anita Bianchi is a new member of the Bunny Ranch family. A healthy, fit, and free-spirited working girl, Anita is the life-affirming companion who will thoroughly fulfill your every sensual desire.

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