The women of Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch and the Nevada brothels that comprise America’s Red Light District are capable of fulfilling any and every conceivable erotic fantasy. From all manner of sexual fetishes to intensely romantic Girlfriend Experiences, there is virtually no passionate encounter that cannot be brought about by these acclaimed sex goddesses. But one experience offered by these harlots stands out as being among the most challenging sexual scenarios imaginable — a sex party so extreme that the endurance required to perform it goes far beyond that of the average john. It’s the legendary “reverse gang bang,” and it’s as spectacular as it is exhausting.

A gang bang is traditionally defined as a situation where several zealous men, either all at once or one at a time, engage in sexual activity with one woman. A reverse gang bang flips this in a variety of ways, but it always involves numerous lustful women focusing all of their blazing sexual energy on one fortunate guy.

Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Anita Bianchi, Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, and Chanel Lee from behind

The distinction between a gang bang and other types of group sex is that one subject (the lone male in the case of a reverse gang bang) is the central target of all the other sexual participants. All sex acts are relentlessly performed on one individual.

There are two primary types of reverse gang bangs. The first is a situation where the central figure is the dominant of the sex party (well, sort of…); the second gives dominance to the gang bangers. Both types of reverse gang bangs are incredibly demanding on the client, and we strongly recommend checking with your physician prior to engaging in either version of a reverse gang bang.

Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, Anita Bianchi, Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Felony, & Chanel Lee
Licensed sex workers Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Anita Bianchi, Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, and Chanel Lee

Lucky Guy Takes On Multiple Girls

There’s five, six, ten, maybe even twenty girls in your VIP bungalow, striking babes of every race, color, size and body type, and they’re all anxiously awaiting your cock. They line up for you and assume the position — a cadre of beautiful booties dripping with desire. Go!

One by one you endeavor to please your harem of harpies. A woman’s thighs straddle your neck as your mouth and tongue work her tight moist box, while another of these vixens takes your stern, pumping member between her legs. You can barely maintain your balance as the others grab for any part of you they can get. Fighting for it, women are pulled away from you only to quickly be replaced by another warm wet wonder. Blondes, brunettes, chocolate and porcelain skin, breasts, legs, fingers, feet, tongues, lips — it’s all a blur as the incessant sex marathon continues. You try to hold it in as long as you can, but you’re engulfed in an avalanche of ecstasy. You explode with joy, completely drained! But you’re not done. Your squad of she-devils must still be satiated. Get ready for round two. They’ll wait.

Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, Anita Bianchi, Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Felony, and Chanel Lee
A few of the many licensed sex workers from Dennis Hof’s legal brothels near Reno, Nevada

Girl Gang Gets the Best of Sissy

You’re naked, gagged, and quivering on the floor of your suite. A gang of gorgeous girls circle your defenseless form and stare you down with penetrating eyes.

“Whadaya think ladies? Are we gonna let this sissy off easy or is he gonna get the full treatment?”

You already know you’re not getting off easy…

Aria Arial and Randy Ryder will mess you up
Aria Arial and Randy Ryder will mess you up

The gang members unzip their knapsacks and pull out a variety of naughty knickknacks: gags, flogs, bondage gear, and an array of strap-ons.

“Take him!”

Summer Sebastian and Anita Bianchi are professional Reverse Gang Bangers
Summer Sebastian and Anita Bianchi are professional Reverse Gang Bangers

Two of the ladies grab your arms, another two your legs. They forcibly get you into a very vulnerable position and begin to punishingly whip your bare bottom. Again and again, you’re rhythmically flogged by one dominatrix, then another, and another. The tingling, tantalizing sensation makes your entire body shiver; a delightful jumble of pleasure and pain. One of the gangbangers notices your shaft beginning to throb.

“I think he likes it. Get the lube!”

Pictured: Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, Anita Bianchi, Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Felony, & Chanel Lee 

Jeremy Lemur

Jeremy Lemur

Jeremy is communications rep for Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the world’s greatest brothel -- offering legal, safe, discreet, and thoroughly exquisite erotic experiences with the most beautiful courtesans on the planet. Contact him at jeremy (at) bunnyranch (dot) com

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The Legal Lolita Experience

Let’s face it: Men are attracted to teenage girls and fantasize about having sex with them. In fact, one of the top porn search terms is “Teen.” There’s an obvious desire for such taboo encounters, and no one provides this particular type of role play experience better than me. I am a tight bodied 4’8” redhead with soft lips and perfect porcelain doll skin — my appearance is that of the quintessential all-American teenage girl. I can, and do, appeal to those with preferences for age-related fantasies. I also happen to currently be the most financially successful licensed courtesan at Dennis Hof’s legal Sagebrush Ranch brothel. Frequently, men contact me specifically looking for what I call the “Legal Lolita Experience.”

Named for the controversial classic by Nabokov, the Legal Lolita Experience encapsulates the hidden desires that many men have within them. This encounter allows us to explore your deepest, most forbidden fantasies — the things you think of when touching yourself alone at night. You may secretly fantasize about trailing your fingertips up the thigh of a budding nymphette, or perhaps your heart pounds when you see a girl dressed in a Catholic School uniform.

I understand that a fantasy is just that. What I offer is a role play in the safe and nonjudgmental environment of Nevada’s legal brothels. Regardless of the nature of your sex fantasy, my Legal Lolita Experience is able to shatter taboos while staying within the realm of the law.

Alice Little from Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada
Alice Little from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada

The Schoolgirl

The iconic look of the schoolgirl: Hair high pigtails, slightly curled at the tip, petite feet clad in shiny black Mary Janes, a white buttoned up shirt, neatly tucked into a tantalizingly short plaid skirt. The perfection of blossoming sexuality and sensuality, in one petite package. Are you my principal, seeking to teach the naughty schoolgirl a lesson with your ruler? Perhaps instead you are my older classmate, wanting to instruct me on how to feel good as I awaken sexually. Let’s take that fantasy you have in your head, and create it together here at the ranch. Dressing up and role playing as a schoolgirl is something that I not only offer, but it’s also a scenario I personally take great pleasure in. Role play is a huge turn on, especially when you give me specific details. Would you like me to wear tall, white knee socks? A red skirt, or a pink one? Soft, white cotton panties — or perhaps I’m naughty, and have black lacy ones instead. Let your fantasy materialize, as both of us are swept away by our pleasure.

Alice Little plays young and innocent
Alice Little plays young and innocent

Incest Fantasy Role Play

The Legal Lolita Experience allows you to explore all manner of fantasy role play, including Incest Fantasy Role Play. It is one of the least discussed, but most frequently requested sessions that I offer. This fantasy can look like any number of erotic role play scenarios. Perhaps you’re my stepbrother lying next to me in bed, and we decide to explore some naughty urges. Maybe you’re washing my back in the shower, and slide your hand around the curve of my hip. With me, you are free to explore and indulge in such experiences, guilt-free. All of the services I provide are perfectly legal, and free from judgement. This is a safe place for you to experience the seemingly illicit and taboo desires you’ve been longing for, with a girl who thoroughly enjoys bringing life to your naughty fantasies.

Alice Little is a 4'8" beauty
Alice Little is a 4’8″ beauty

Dominant Daddy

Another subset of the age-based character role play is that of Dominant Daddy / Little Girl. Teach me something! Discipline me — have I stayed up past my bedtime? Did I act bratty and not listen and failed to follow instructions? You decide. This encounter doesn’t even have to be sexual — it can involve watching a movie together, snuggling in close, or us secretly enjoying my favorite dessert in bed. You get to have the pleasurable company of the perfect baby girl, indulging your wants and desires.

Alice Little offers the finest age-play sex fantasies
Alice Little offers the finest age-play sex fantasies

The Little Princess

Others still have a more specific desire: to spoil their darling and treat me like a Little Princess or a porcelain doll. Together we can go shopping, and you can pick out lacy dresses and frilly baby dolls for me to try on for you. You can surprise me with a new teddy bear for my bed, or a delicious chocolate dipped fruit to delicately eat from your offering fingers. I love to be pampered and made to feel like I’m your special girl. In turn, I’m going to make you feel incredibly special, spoiled, and adored!

There is no need to feel ashamed for having such desires. The legal brothels of Nevada exist for this very reason. No where else can you explore taboo desires, without being shamed or judged for them. Instead, I’m here to openly embrace and give life to such fantasies, and help you experience such scenarios in real life. We all have things we think about at night when we’re alone — interests we may not feel comfortable openly sharing with others for fear of shame or stigma. There’s no need for hesitation or worry. As your Legal Lolita, I’m here to embody the School Girl, Baby Doll, or Princess of your dreams. Let’s get to know each other, and talk about our special date together: What I will wear, How I should act, and what erotic acts we will engage in. I’m eagerly awaiting our scandalous encounter…

Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie – but don’t let her small stature deceive you. she is a Dom in BDSM, an expert in all things kink, and possesses unparalleled lovemaking skills. Alice is the part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, and will make you feel right at home at the Sagebrush Ranch.

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Fulfill Your Foot Fetish Fantasies

So you’ve got a thing for feet, do you? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I have been a foot specialist for many years. I understand feet, and my own are conditioned with flexibility and durability to surpass most women you’ll ever meet.

My interest in feet began during my seven-year massage therapy career when I realized that foot massage was one of the best aspects of my treatment. We often forget about our feet, but they are extremely sensitive. Our soles possess tens of thousands of nerve endings, including specialized fine-touch sensors called Meissner’s corpuscles. These are the same types of nerve endings found in the fingertips and lips. Massaging them feels fantastic; I always end my sessions with an incredible foot massage.

Amelia Heart from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat brothel near Reno, Nevada.

As I began to learn how important feet are to our bodies and how capable they really are, I committed to living a largely barefoot lifestyle (which is challenging, living in Boston!). I built up the tolerance to exposing my feet to all kinds of conditions — including heat, cold, rough terrain, and even running (up to 10K races). It takes a lot of practice to get used to, but my strength and flexibility increased as I started exercising my feet and toes. Now I can walk just about anywhere, and I’m definitely not afraid of getting my feet dirty. (They come clean more easily than shoes!)

Amelia conditions her feet by running 10K races barefoot

Feet deserve our appreciation. I like adorning mine with a nice pedicure and jewelry almost all of the time, and stockings and heels for the right occasions. I love it when I get compliments and adoration of my feet. I also can’t say I mind that wearing heels not only dresses up the feet, but it also changes our body alignment to emphasize stature and curves; as long as we balance this with conditioning our feet and bodies in other ways, it provides an extra sexy and fun boost to our appearance, helping to ignite those primal urges.


Unfortunately, most of our foot problems do derive from wearing shoes too often, so be sure to let them get out and free as often as you can! You’ll get to feel all the interesting textures around you, stimulating the nerves and doing your body a favor. Then, when you put on your best shoes, your feet will be up to the task!

Feet can also be a delightful incorporation in the bedroom in many different ways. Just imagine these nylon-clad beauties gliding up and down your body, tantalizing you with their silky smoothness. Imagine them arching and grasping around your most sensitive parts, the toes curling around them, continuing to rub everywhere until a dramatic climax!


Want to play with my feet yourself? I can see you smelling them — how do you like them best? Freshly washed? Perfumed? A little sweaty? You can run your tongue over them, rub them on your face, suckle on the toes, massage them, dress them up… You are welcome to worship my feet any way you like!

Want me to play with yours? I mentioned that I love massaging giving foot massages. We can also have a tickling party. You just might find yourself helpless, your feet (and the rest of you if necessary) tied down so I can have my way with them. If you’re blindfolded, you might not even know what I’m going to use on your feet! Is it a feather? A vibrator? Me? Let’s play “Guess the Sensation” and you can try to find out.


Looking for something a little more extreme? While not for the faint of heart, feet are a good tool for ball-crushing and foot gagging. Maybe you even like to be trampled on. I only weigh about 120 lbs., so let me walk all over you! Or let my barefoot lifestyle cater to your dirtiest fantasies: let’s book an outdate, and I’ll go barefoot the entire time; you can lick my feet clean when we get back… you naughty fellow, you!

I hope you see now what’s unique about booking a foot party with a real foot specialist. Call today to book the foot fetish party of your dreams, and let my delicious feet take yours around the world and back again!

Amelia Heart

Amelia Heart

A slender, all-natural brunette, Amelia Heart is a confident, compassionate, and open-minded woman seeking to share all the vitality and spirit of life, of which sensuality and sexuality are such important components. She is currently seeing clients at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat brothel near Reno, Nevada.

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Lickable As Ice Cream!

Nothing goes with summer like ice cream! Well, “Summer” is my name and if there’s one thing I love it’s a delicious gooey treat that I can lap up with delight and let the milky sweetness ooze down my throat as my whole body rejoices in ecstasy. Mmmmh! Ice cream is an age-old dessert, perfect for any occasion, that brings out the playful child in all of us. It reminds us of our youth, when the world was new, and all it took was a double scoop of fluffy fun in a sugary cone to produce an ear-to-ear smile on our faces.

Ice cream is a welcome addition to any party, so when I got together with my sexy friends Alice and Harley for a nude photo shoot, I brought us all a yummy frozen snack — and oh boy, it didn’t take long for things to get naughty!


It started off innocently as we each enjoyed our cone while bathing, but maybe I should have known better than to bring a gloppy confection into a tubful of hot-and-horny naked women.


Harley was the first to cool herself down by lathering her gorgeous breasts with the chocolate dessert.


She looked so luscious I just couldn’t help myself but to have a lick…


It wasn’t long before Alice decided to have a taste…


…and we found ourselves immersed in a full-on ice cream inspired threesome!


Harley and Alice go me so turned on!


I had no idea how good ice cream could make me feel when it’s enjoyed with the right company.


I don’t want to go into detail about what happened next, but things got weird in all of the right ways!


Wow! Next time you visit your lady-of-choice at the Bunny Ranch or any of the legal brothels at Dennis Hof’s Red Light District, you might want to bring her some ice cream…


 It just might put a big smile on her face…and yours.

Summer Sebastian

Summer Sebastian

Summer Sebastian is paying for medical school by working as a featured entertainer at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch. She maintains a 4.0 GPA, and holds a perfect sexual record for amply satisfying her clientele.

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To Shave or Not to Shave (Down There)

Its been an ongoing question consistently asked by women to men. Do men want the bush or do they want baby bare skin?

Even though hair removal has become common in the West, there are other countries that consider pubic hair a sign of fertility and sexual health. So, though many think the bush has gone the way of the dinosaurs, there are women around the world who still proudly grow their cushion patch.


The Egyptians removed pubic hair and almost all their hair on the body. They didn’t have the Gillette or Schick products that are offered today, so they used sharp flints, pumice stones and primitive waxing processes. The Greeks didn’t have it much better. They used what we today call “tweezers.” And if that doesn’t sound painful enough, they also went to the extreme of actually burning the hair away. The Middle Ages, however, took a break from hair removal — for the most part. Ladies would get hair removal only for political statement purposes or medical issues during this era. So most parts of the Western World let the bewhiskered bush thrive for a few centuries.


Then the Twentieth Century hit! Such a confusing time. Gillette released the first women’s razor in 1915, primarily for the removal of underarm hair. Skirt hems raised between the 20’s – 40’s. Then the “bikini” was released in 1946. So these milestones started a “clean up” era and threw America back into hair removal again.

Then the 60’s and 70’s rolled around, halted the “clean up” and instead created Free Love that equaled Free Wild Bush. More political statements and women’s rights and hair everywhere.


Alas, with a new generation came new and improved ways to do things and with the 80’s until current day, we women now shave, wax, laser and tweeze.

However the question still arises whether we need to perform all these procedures. Today, most women continue these practices of beauty for the men in our lives. I personally have come across all types of desires and dislikes concerning genital shaving. Some men don’t want the hair, they say it gets in the way of looking at a lady’s sexy bits. Others have said a bit of hair is very sexy to them and upon giving oral they like the feel. And then you have the guys that don’t care. They just want the fun of just having a woman around them. Hairy or not.


There’s been full bush, half bush, designed bush, runway strip bush, and totally bald. Plus some others I have surely over looked. So I am making my own generational statement and am starting a new display I’m calling “Double Standard.” I have a healthy patch of cushion BUT my lip and anal areas are perfectly shaved clean. Keeping it cleaned up but still providing a bit of fun for those who like cushion — and for those who are too young to remember when hair done there was common.

What do you think of this “hair or no hair” dilemma? It would be great to hear from you men on what you truly want between your ladies legs.

Sindy Sky

Sindy Sky

Sexy Sindy Sky is a featured companion at Dennis Hof's World Famous Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada, offering the finest in erotic experiences.

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Neapolitan – Variety is the Spice of Vice

Nothing makes you feel alive more than sex! Sex is an irresistible driving force of nature and one of the fundamental joys of being human. There are so many ways to celebrate your sexuality, and so many sexual adventures to be had. Yet so few of us make an effort to thoroughly explore every fetish, fantasy, and fun-filled erotic amusement that strikes our fancy.


Well, here in Nevada, at the legal brothels that comprise Dennis Hof’s Red Light District we believe that every single person should have the opportunity to decadently indulge in all things sensual. To delve deep into their soul and unleash the raging sexual hellion that dwells within each and every one of us. Me and my fellow courtesans believe in this mission so strongly that we have literally made it our job to bring your sex fantasies to life. We provide a variety of services to satiate any palate. Are you looking for the sweet, redheaded school girl, or perhaps a feisty and fun loving blonde? Perhaps you fancy a classic brunette — we’ve got it all!


Do you dream of having two girls pleasure you at the same time? How about three? Imagine the intensely arousing sensation of being overwhelmed by all of those fingers, breasts, legs, mouths, and lips. The Neapolitan three-girl experience is just one of endless varietal fantasies we can create here at the Ranches! There’s Strawberry Shortcake combos with two blondes and a red head, Chocolate fantasies with ladies of color- the only limitation is your imagination!


The variety isn’t limited to just hair color — we cater to a wide range of interests, fetishes, and custom encounters. All of the wonderful naughtiness you can delight in is personalized to your individual desires, and pretty much nothing is out of bounds. With hundreds of women to choose from, you will find a lady who is ready and willing to satiate your specific carnal craving.


Variety is the spice of life, and there is no other place on earth that offers the incredible selection that America’s Red Light District does. We invite you to take the next step, and live out your fantasies today! We can guarantee you’ll find your perfect companion…


Pictured: Alice Little, Harley Lane, and Summer Sebastian

Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie – but don’t let her small stature deceive you. she is a Dom in BDSM, an expert in all things kink, and possesses unparalleled lovemaking skills. Alice is the part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, and will make you feel right at home at the Sagebrush Ranch.

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Sploshing — What’s It All About?

Are you ready to learn about the food fetish you never knew existed? It’s all about having fun with food! Yes, actually getting off to food in every weird way you can imagine! Fighting with food, over-eating food, tossing it around—you name it! It’s known as a wet and messy fetish or WAM, and is often called “Sploshing.” This is a very off-beat form of sexual fetishism when someone—male or female—get’s turned-on when tons of food is put on their skin, face, and even their clothing.  It’s even popular enough that there are several websites devoted to WAM.

Extreme Germaphobes and even some bakers might not get it, but to those that are into this type of sex-play, a perfect evening is spent rubbing vanilla-scented cake batter all over their junk. And you should know it’s not just liquid pastry stuff that gets these people hot and bothered—but, food, sludge, mud, slime, motor oil and any other goopy substances that might push the envelope of health code violations, all fall under the big tent of liquid fetishes. Indeed, it’s a purposely vague concept for what can be an unending category of sexual needs and passions.


A lot of people who love WAM fetishes are aroused by the tactile sensations of wet or messy things against their skin. Other individuals actually prefer the sight of others getting messy or wet. Typically a willing person will be pelted by cream pies, eat them whole, or even sit on one!

It’s not only the feeling of slipping over someone’s body with the aid of gunky food or gunge—Sploshing also means being aroused by the sight of this happening. Exhibitionists get to show off their bodies with the added “bonus” of the drooling mess oozing down cleavage, through crevices, between labia lips, and over the face—with the onlookers getting to soak this all in. To them it is a glorious technicolor rainbow of corrupted foods and ruined clothes, and one big ruinous pile of squelchy squirty perverted participants who get a taste—or feel—of just about everything.


Although most Sploshing fetishers would picture the ideal Sploshing scene as heavily laden with oozing edibles and other large amounts of goop or slime covering naked or almost naked bodies (ie, mud or jelly wrestling), I don’t think this always needs to be the case. 

Have you ever tried food sex? I don’t mean having sex with a zucchini or an ice-pop, I mean introducing sex-friendly foods into the bedroom either with your partner or without. Admittedly it’s more enjoyable with another person, because trying to sensually lick yogurt off yourself is quite a challenge. Both to lick the yogurt off yourself, and to find it highly arousing in the process.


Foods which are famous as being sensationally sexy for more adventurous sexplorers tend to be dairy-based (sorry vegans!). They’re semi-solid and would appear perfect for erotically drizzling over a lover’s body and licking up without making too much of a mess on the sheets. Whipped cream, jello, yogurt, custard, ice cream and cake batter… these sweet treats feature in the fantasies of the food-sex uninitiated. Jelly is another favorite, especially if it’s not submerged in, rather than just foreplay on the bed. There’s even entire fetishes devoted to sitting on cakes. Once you’ve tried dairy food sex, had the hot shower and smelled like a dairy farm for a month afterwards, you tend to reevaluate your food sex-choices.

There’s an extra kink component here as well. In dominant/submissive role-play, particularly in Femdom but also seen in other D/s—squishing soft gooey objects under bare feet is incredibly popular to watch. Maybe this partly comes from the decadence of foot-trampling of grapes to make wine, or for others it could just be an off-shoot of trampling or foot fetishism. Whatever the case may be, there are kinky folk out there who just love to see ripe fruit, cake or any soft food trodden under a barefoot until there is nothing left.


Speaking of fruit…

Fruit can feel cold on the skin but doesn’t leave a horrible stench afterwards, so it’s worth the goosebumps. Some fruits are acidic though, so be careful what you drizzle/insert into yourself. Bananas are probably not the best to use unless you’re going for the peel, quick dip, suck-off and eat method. Not the mash-up in a cup and use as a body mask method. Small, fresh berries such as strawberries, grapes, raspberries and blueberries can be sliced or used as whole to insert (vaginally or  orally) then tongue-scooped out by your partner. Or they can be eaten from a lover’s body blindfolded, with your handcuffed partner seeking them out with tongue alone. How about the one wearing the fruit being bound and blindfolded, or neither in bondage and blindfolds—but hey, if the option is there, what the fuck, right?


Sooooo…that’s Sploshing in a nutshell! Is this something you’d ever want to try? Would you “stick” with licking a squirt of something off your partner before sex, or perhaps nibbling a slice of strawberry from off their tummy, or would you go all the way with a tempting vat of custard, string bikinis and a banana dildo? Either which way, this is one sexual experience you need to try at least once… what do you have an appetite for?

Cherry Lane

Cherry Lane

Bubbly, fun-loving, and outgoing, Cherry Lane is a world class courtesan completely dedicated to the art of pleasure-giving. Her beauty, positivity, compassion, open-mindedness, and nonjudgmental nature make Cherry and ideal companion for men, women, and couples seeking the intimate encounter of their dreams.

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More Than a Handful: Getting Off with Big-Breasted Girls

Enhanced or natural, it’s no secret that breasts are a turn on for many members of all genders. Humans are unique in our physical build for having breasts; indeed they are not necessary for lactation and other mammals just have nipples with breast tissue that engorges when nursing and are flat the rest of the time. Some evolutionary experts suggest that we developed breasts through sexual selection (like natural selection, but when individuals mate for sexual preferences.) A preference for large breasts may have developed as humans learned to walk bipedally, as a kind of substitute for the biological aptitude indicated by a large, rounded butt for mammals that walk on all fours.

Regardless of why, it’s no lie that breasts of all sizes are awesome! As a card carrying member of the “big boobs committee,” I have a number of fun ways I like to use my breasts during parties to enhance, entice, and indulge my lovers in a busty lady experience.

1. Breast massage

While giving a traditional massage, I like to get some of the massage oil all over my breasts and rub them against my lover as well. Imagine slick breasts gliding up your back behind my hands, or across your chest while your pecs are gently massaged. It feels really nice for me too, I love oiled skin on skin sensations!


2. “Titty Fucking”

While some people call this Russian Style, I like just calling it for what it is. Titty fucking is when you’re on top of me, with your cock nestled between my breasts, while I push them together and you thrust. This is GREAT with oil or lube, and is super sexy for me, I love the sensation of it. Even guys who have tried this and aren’t sure how they feel about it have had fun trying it with me- I think when you have large breasts and a really excitable attitude, it makes a huge difference!


3. Motorboat/Smothering

One sensation many of my lovers seem to enjoy is completely losing themselves in my ample bust. Like a motorboat, but even more intense, smothering is nestling your face between a fabulous pair of breasts, so all you can see, feel, and experience is nothing but breasts. Imagine being lost in the smell of your lover, surrounded by her soft breasts… It’s really fabulous!


4. Lady Pillows

Big boobs make really excellent pillows! Perfect for resting your head on after a rigorous sex party, you may just doze off with a perfect “lady pillow” under your head. I know I am fond of napping on boobs! It’s the best way to wake up, in the arms of your lover, face to face with glorious tits!

Ondine Desire

Ondine Desire

A featured courtesan at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch, Ondine Desire is the wicked woman of your dreams. Full of sexy surprises, Ondine looks forward to discovering all of your hidden passions and salacious secrets.

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There’s Just Something About Redheads

The ladies here at America’s Red Light District encounter a lot of different men with a variety of fantasies on a regular basis. I’ve met men who prefer my petite frame or some who like that I’m all-natural. I always make sure to ask each new lover, “What was it about me specifically that made you choose me?” The responses range from, “I like your personality on the message board” to “Your outstanding range of reviews.” But overwhelmingly, most men tack on the extra reason of, “I love your red hair” or “You’re one of the best-looking redheads I have ever seen.”

I’m a natural redhead, meaning I have many freckles, porcelain skin, and the pinkest of parts. Men, who love redheads, REALLY love redheads for these characteristics I just listed. But why is this? What is it about redheads beyond just the surface level of having the red locks? Is there more to it than just being aesthetically pleasing? I’ve thought about this at length and have come up with a few different reasons.

Ruby Rae from Dennis Hof's Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada
Ruby Rae from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Redheads are a rarity

Natural redheads only make up 1% to 2% of the human population. While some redheads feel their hair makes them an outcast, it can actually be the reason that men flock to them. Genetic diversity is an attractive quality, and redheads have won the genetic lottery with their hair color. With their bright red hair, redheads can also engage in a form “peacocking.”  Just like male peacocks use their beautiful feathers to attract a mate, redheads subtly use their fiery manes to draw visual attention to themselves from prospective lovers.

Bonus: red hair and blue eyes is one of the rarest combinations in the world, as most natural redheads have brown or green eyes. I have blue eyes to go along with my red hair, so if you’re looking for the ultimate rarity, you have found her!

Hollywood’s recent love affair with redheads

Whether we love it or hate it, Hollywood and the media dictate our standards of beauty and to some level, what we find attractive. Right now in Hollywood there seems to be a surge in redheads within movies and television. The classic redheaded beauties such as Amy Adams and Julianne Moore have been around for a bit, but fresh-faced gingers have been showing up in the past couple of years, such as Bryce Dallas Howard, Emma Stone, and Jessica Chastain. And let’s not forget Game of Thrones! One of the most popular shows in television history LOVES their gingers! From the gorgeous Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner) to the wildling Ygritte (Rose Leslie) to the Red Priestess, Melisandre (Carice van Houten), the redhead power is real within this show.

I do believe that the redheads within Hollywood may have something to do with men discovering or taking advantage of their love of red hair by coming to the ranches and picking a lady with ginger locks.

Luxury companion Ruby Rae
Luxury companion Ruby Rae

All those redhead stereotypes

I’m sure we’ve all heard the stereotypes that accompany redheads. “Redheads are crazy in bed!” or “Redheads are the most passionate lovers!” Humans are naturally curious creatures, so it’s only normal and expected for men to see for themselves if the rumors are true. While every hair color can be good between the sheets, redheads have a reputation of being particularly skilled and leaving a lasting impression on their lovers. While not usually a fan of stereotypes, I am content with letting these influence other’s perception of me…

Want to find out more about this redhead? Let’s connect and get better acquainted…

Ruby Rae

Ruby Rae

Graduate student and luxury companion Ruby Rae is a lovely and sophisticated young woman with a passion for film, yoga, reading, and traveling. Her favorite type of encounter is one that includes dinner, dessert, and time beneath the sheets.

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Hot Car Sex with a Prostitute

When people think of visiting a Nevada brothel, they think of having sex in a girl’s room, a VIP suite, or in some sort of stationary structure. Little do they know, you can also have sex in a car with a legal prostitute. The Love Ranch North, the brothel that I work out of, provides limo service and we also offer the option to go out on a date with the lady of your choice. This means that the opportunity for steamy car sex is always on the table. Car sex provides an entirely different level of excitement and arousal, and is very popular with several of my clients.

Many of us have had car sex at one time or another, and a lot of people have actually lost their virginity in a car. Think about the good old high school days when the only place to have sex was in a hiding place like the back seat of a car. The places to actually have some privacy were limited. Remember finding the perfect spot to park and making out. It is fun to feel young again isn’t it!

Car Sex
Shelby Star from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North

Half of the excitement during car sex is the fear of getting caught or being watched. This is a form of exhibitionism and a huge turn on for many. What if people driving by the limo can see us? It is a child-like feeling of being free and naughty. You can go anywhere and have wild sex in public.

Having sex in a limo or a car can be challenging. It pushes us to use our imaginations with sexual positions and contorting our bodies to do so. I have a few great potions to make car sex enjoyable and memorable.


  • Blow jobs are very good in the front seat. You can even use your seats belts as  bondage to secure not going anywhere!
  • Cowgirl position. The guy can sit in the backseat and the lady can sit on top of him and rock back and forth, up and down, around and round. She can also use the front two seats for leverage to rock back and forth.
  • Side spoon position is good for the back seat as well. Have the guy lay down with bent legs and the girl lay next to him with bent legs and they can spoon one another.
  • If the car has a bench seat, missionary style will work too. Have the girl lay down and the guy gets on top of her. The guy will probably not be able to straighten his legs, nor hers!
  • The guy can lay down on a bench seat and have the girl on top and cowgirl as well.

image1American men in particular tend to love their cars, and having a hot woman to share the freedom and love of the road with is appealing and sexy to them. Think of limos, hot rods, junkers, rugged trucks, and classics. There is a sexual adventure to be had in every type of vehicle.

So the next time you go riding in a car think of the amazing sex you could be having right now. It can become a reality with the company of a legal sex worker. We can go anywhere in the state of Nevada, whether it be a long sexy joyride through the desert or a drive to a restaurant with lots of foreplay. Let’s take each other for a ride!

Shelby Star

Shelby Star

Shelby Star is the quintessential girl next door. A Texas native with a heart as big as The Lone Star State, her infectious personality and charming demeanor will instantly enchant you.

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