Breaking the SEX FANTASY – SEX REALITY Barrier with Alexis Adams!

I’m a sex fantasy. I’m not saying that to be conceited or smart-alecky, I’m saying it because it’s a fact — people from all over the world fantasize about having sex with me. As a highly accomplished nude model and pornographic actress, I’ve managed to garner hundreds of thousands of fans and admirers who subscribe to my sexy content and pleasure themselves as they imagine what it would be like to get it on with, as PornHub describes, “the kind of woman that can make men whimper like hurt puppies just to graze an inch of her body with the tips of their noses.”

Adult Industry Superstar Alexis Adams

I’m not going to lie, I really get off on the fact that people enjoy my work. Knowing that men (and women) get as hot watching my films as I get making them really gives me a rush. I’m so very grateful for the messages and gifts I’ve received over the years from my devotees, and I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve all shown me since I started as a porn star in 2013. You’ve given me the confidence I needed to be the self-respecting woman and sex entrepreneur I am today!

Alexis Adams is a featured VIP entertainer at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch
Alexis Adams is a featured VIP entertainer at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Never one to rest on my laurels, I’ve recently been seeking new and exciting ways that I can expand my personal brand and better connect with the people who’ve made me a sex superstar. After a great deal of consideration and research, I’ve decided to take a huge leap in my adult industry career and finally offer something far greater than any mere fancy — I’m going to break the sex fantasy barrier and offer you a one-on-one sex reality with me, exclusively at Dennis Hof’s Moonlight Bunny Ranch!


That’s right, starting NOW I’m available for a private, discreet relationship where the two of us can get to know each other intimately and begin a fiery romance the likes of which you’ve only dreamed of. Not only will we have the best, most intense, sex of our lives, but we’ll also begin a unique friendship where we can finally connect on a truly personal level. What can be better than a genuine “Girlfriend Experience” with the quintessential girl next door, who just happens to also be the most superb fuck on the planet?

The world famous Bunny Ranch is a 100% legal sex resort where men, women, and couples go to explore every imaginable erotic desire. It’s private, safe, and provides every conceivable amenity we’ll need to embark on our amorous adventure, including VIP accommodations, hot tubs, swimming pool, massage facilities, and much more. We could even arrange an outdate where we can explore the electrifying nightlife of Reno or Las Vegas, or take in the immense beauty of Lake Tahoe. My knees are getting weak just thinking of all the possibilities available to us so that we can sincerely have the time of our lives together!

Sex-wise, here is my personal bucket list for my first tour here at the Ranch. Hopefully you guys will help me accomplish a few of my goals…

Hot-And-Heavy Threesome

I love threesomes! But now that I’m at the Bunny Ranch, I can do more than simply pretend to be the “plus one” for a married couple. Over the years I’ve received a lot of emails from couples mentioning that they enjoy watching my work and would love to invite me into their bed. Well, now I can accept that invitation! Guys, bring your wives and girlfriends to the ranch and let me show you that my girl-on-girl scenes are much more than an act. I’ll make sure that all three of us come hard, like it’s the last day on Earth. Let me be the best wedding anniversary present you’ve ever given to each other… 

Nuru Massage

When I do my nuru massage scenes, I get so turned on I can barely concentrate. There’s just something amazing about how the super-slippery nuru gel feels as we slide our oily bodies together in an erotic frenzy. You’ve seen the video — now you can get oiled up with me and feel what it’s like to have my gorgeous 34C breasts pressed against you. A mind-blowing, wet-and-wild happy ending just for you.

Role Play

Do you want to role play with me? Can I be the cheating wife who seduces the horny boss? As an actress, I love to take on the role of a character, so sex role play comes naturally to me. If you want to reenact any of the scenarios from my films while your with me, I would be totally flattered and down for it!

Sex Tape

Want a memento of our time together? A personal sex tape starring you and yours truly? Nothing is off the table at the Bunny Ranch. Let’s talk…

Alexis Adams

Alexis Adams

Alexis Adams is a celebrated nude model and adult video superstar. Her work appears in magazines such as Hustler, Stare, and Penthouse, and she was the Playboy Coed of the Week for January 19, 2012 (as Jordana Ryan). Alexis performs in explicit hardcore films featured on BangBros, Twistys, Mofos, and She is currently touring Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch as a highly sought after VIP companion.

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Bunny Ranch: Your Summer Sex Getaway

Summer is right around the corner — and that means that many men, women, and couples are deciding how they’re going to enjoy their hard-earned and much-needed time away from the stresses of work and the monotony of everyday life. There’s nothing like a summer vacation to refresh the mind, invigorate the soul, and exhilarate the body, and there are seemingly unlimited opportunities for people looking to “get away from it all.” From the year round ski slopes of Dubai, to the gorgeous turquoise waters of Bora Bora, it appears that any escapist environment a traveller desires can readily be found.

But what if you’re looking for a more saucy sabbatical? What if you’re among the countless sex tourists seeking a destination where you can freely, discreetly, and without judgment, indulge in your every sexual fixation with beautiful strangers just yearning to satisfy your fleshly urges?

Chance Monet, one of the dozens of working girls available at Dennis Hof's Bunny Ranch this summer
Chance Monet, one of the dozens of working girls available at Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch this summer

Many people still believe that a hot overnight retreat with prostitutes, legal or otherwise, can only be found in places like the Philippines, Cambodia, Jamaica, Brazil, Thailand and the Dominican Republic. But the more enlightened of international sex tourists know that Nevada hosts the best sex tourism destination on Earth: Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch — and it’s 100% legal, safe, healthy, and trusted.

If you’re looking to slip away from the pressures of your reality this summer, and embark on a sexual adventure with a ravishing enchantress (or two), the ladies of the Bunny Ranch can help you plan a no-holds-barred rendezvous that will rev up your libido and exceed your expectations. Here are a couple of suggestions…


An Indulgent Overnight Experience

When most people think of the stereotypical brothels of old, they think of seedy places where men went to get a quick “wham bam thank you ma’am” in what were essentially sex factories, where women impersonally serviced the physical needs of one horny gent after another. Well, times have changed since Nevada’s mining boom of the 1800’s, as have the needs of sex tourists flocking to Nevada brothels. We live in the era of the “Girlfriend Experience.” Sex tourists are looking for more than merely a physical release — they’re looking for the genuine companionship and intimacy that could only come from a highly proficient and empathetic working girl who knows how to provide absolute satisfaction on every level, sexually and emotionally. An overnight sex party at the Bunny Ranch is an opportunity to have an authentic erotic encounter with a woman who will cater to your every sensual need and embrace your unique desires without judgment.

A VIP Bungalow at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch

The Bunny Ranch estate is a veritable sex resort, designed so that customers and courtesans are provided with the best possible environments to explore and indulge their fantasies. With a swimming pool, stables, jacuzzis, saunas, lavish suites, and newly remodeled VIP bungalows, the Bunny Ranch is second to none when it comes to providing a lush and romantic climate for guests choosing an extended stay with the lady or ladies of his or her choice. Only at the Bunny Ranch can visitors thoroughly immerse themselves in a world of adult fantasy, and bask in incompatible carnal pleasures.

Bathing area in a Bunny Ranch VIP bungalow

A Romantic Excursion

The Moonlite Bunny Ranch is located a few miles outside of Carson City, the capital of Nevada. The bordello is near Reno and Lake Tahoe, providing the perfect opportunity for vacationers to not only slip away from a convention for some naughty fun at the Ranch, but also to enjoy what the area has to offer with a fun-loving travel companion. Lone tourists who want to savor the beauty of the Sierra Nevada Mountains or test their luck in the casinos of “The Biggest Little City in the World” can do so with a charming Bunny Ranch playmate. In fact, you can arrange for your stunning date to accompany you anywhere in the State of Nevada, from exciting Las Vegas to historical Virginia City. A private sightseeing tour with a delightful woman followed by passionate nights with your sexy paramour — a truly unforgettable encounter as only the Bunny Ranch can provide.

Beautiful Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe

America’s Only Legal Red Light District

The Bunny Ranch isn’t the only brothel in Nevada. Actually, it’s adjacent to four other adult entertainment establishments that make up America’s Red Light District, a collection of three legal brothels and a strip club also owned by sex magnate Dennis Hof. For summer tourists desiring a truly balls-out sex-pedition, only the District offers hundreds of sexy working girls to choose from, each with an endless variety of tantalizing talents.

The women of the Bunny Ranch and America’s Red Light District are tested weekly for sexually transmitted diseases in accordance with Nevada law, they practice only safe sex, and, as the most trusted sex workers in the world, they are exceptionally discreet when it comes to maintaining the privacy of their clientele. This summer, if you’re longing for fun that will soothe your stresses and satiate even your raunchiest appetites, maybe it’s time you joined the hundreds of thousands who make their way to the planet’s most well known and respected sex destination every season. Treat yourself to a summer getaway that’ll put a smile on your face that won’t wear off until winter.

For more information, contact any of the ladies from the Bunny Ranch lineup or call us 24 hours a day at (775) 246-9901.

Photo of Emerald Bay by Michael (originally posted to Flickr as Emerald Bay) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Jeremy Lemur

Jeremy Lemur

Jeremy is Communications Director for Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the world’s greatest brothel -- offering legal, safe, discreet, and thoroughly exquisite erotic experiences with the most beautiful courtesans on the planet. Contact him at jeremy (at) bunnyranch (dot) com

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Taboo Sex Role Play

Here at Nevada’s brothels, sex workers like me take pride in our non-judgmental attitude toward the sexual proclivities of our lovers. Trusted adult getaways like the Love Ranch are places where we can be who we truly are or pretend to be whoever we want to be, and where our client’s  most secret fantasies become reality. No encounter is off limits, even the most scandalous taboo role play.

As an adult video actress and model, I’ve participated in several sex scenes that involve portrayals of hot incestuous encounters between stepmothers and stepsons, mother and daughters, or some variation of the assorted aunt/stepmom/cousin/babysitter tropes. In recent years, there has been an enormous rise in the popularity of incest porn, and I’m acutely aware that this popularity extends to the men, women, and couples who visit Nevada brothels to appease their sexual appetites. Because of the success I continue to have playing these roles in porn, I’m regularly inundated with requests for role play sex parties centered around taboo subjects.

Helena Price from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada

My own first taboo experience came through some of my earlier sexual encounters as a teen. I was somewhat of a Lolita, seeking out men old enough to be my father. While my attraction to older men seemed innocent enough to me, the guys were titillated by the idea of being intimate with a much younger woman — and I learned to take great delight in breaking society’s sexual rules and playing up the “naughty little girl” persona. I remember one of my “Daddies” would take me to a local bar, order a 7&7 for himself and a Shirley Temple for me. He would sneak me sips of his drink when nobody was looking as part of our sex game. The taboo was a turn on for the both of us, and while the role play was great fun, our actual relationship was filled with genuine care. Scenarios like these provided me with a great foundation of sexual and role play knowledge, which I had no idea would serve my life’s purpose in later years.

In my adulthood the tables have truly turned. As a porn actress playing the role of “mommy,” “auntie,” or “sister,” I am now the one teaching, nurturing, and even lusting after my “children.”

There is no question as to why this subject matter is so popular in the world of adult film: it is a real life turn on for so many of us. While the vast majority of people would never consider a sexual encounter with a relative, many of our first sexual feelings often are attributed to seeing our sister/brother naked or playing a game of “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.” It’s a great deal of fun for adults to role play what might have happened if these innocent instances elevated to a more erotically intense level.


Instead of carrying shame about our role play fantasies, isn’t it better to live out our fantasies safely in an accepting environment? There are as many possible scenarios for fantasy as there are human beings, but I would like to share some of the most popular ones that I have encountered in my adventures in the adult entertainment industry.

The “mother/son” experiences are so fulfilling and exciting! One of my favorite situations is where the “son” has had a rough day or problems with the girls. That’s ok because “mommy” is here to make it all better. I use my nurturing nature to calm and seduce my growing young man (As seen in my latest scene). It doesn’t matter if we do not fit into the roles by looks or age. Just as I could become that teen “daughter” again through role play, either of us can become anyone. There are no limits through the power of imagination. Another of my choice “mother/son” (or even “mother/daughter/son” ) affairs is where I am playing the role of sexual educator. Perhaps I show my “son” how to please a woman or how to explain to the girls how to pleasure him. Even if he gets a bit too excited it’s ok — Practice makes perfect and “mommy” is here to make sure her “son” gets his practice in.

Helena Price and Roxanne Price (no actual relation) participate in a Mother-Daughter role play
Helena Price and Roxanne Price (no actual relation) participate in a Mother-Daughter role play

The Taboo role-play discussion would be incomplete if we didn’t talk about “mommy” joining with “auntie” and maybe even “sister” to show the “son” or “daddy” an amazing time. The more the merrier, says this “family!” Possibly “mommy” catches her “son” and “daughter” messing around. At first she is so upset but part of her feeling upset is that she is having trouble dealing with her arousal at the situation. So, she soon goes from threatening to ground them to demanding to join in on the action. Would you enjoy living one of these fantasies out with me and my “sister,” Roxanne? If the ‘son’ is extra lucky, he will get to enjoy all three: “mommy,” “auntie,” and “sister” as seen in this POV (point of view) scene: Can you imagine being the “son” in the middle of this steamy foursome?


I do taboo role play here at Love Ranch North. Recently, a client wanted a loving, nurturing “mommy” and I was, of course, happy to oblige. We flowed from tender, arousing conversation into my “son” burying his face in ‘mommy’s’ bosom and sucking her sweet tits…just as he did long ago. Once back inside of “mommy” he feels so whole again, buried deep in her cock-hugging pussy. At the peak of ecstasy, enveloped in the light of her unconditional love he releases his hot cum, just for “mommy.” What a hot party that was! Do you have any taboo (or other role play) fantasies of your own? Please come talk to me about it. “Mommy” is waiting!

Helena Price

Helena Price

Helena Price is an adult video actress, fetish model, chef, and highly regarded professional companion. She currently entertains men, women, and couples at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch in Northern Nevada near Reno and Lake Tahoe.

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Pregnant Prostitute Update: It’s A Boy!

Yessssssssss!!!!!  I just got back from my gyno’s office and saw the ultra-sound sonogram and there he was!  Jesse Craine! I got my wish, I am having a boy! Awesome! I was keeping my fingers crossed! And when I went to the doctor’s office the suspense was just killing me! My doctor really wanted me to focus on what he was explaining, so he waited until the very end to discuss gender. First, they checked my blood pressure, and it was fine. Then they drew blood to test for cystic fibrosis and Down Syndrome, which cleared. Next we did the full-anatomy checkup. My prenatal specialist MD is excellent! He very carefully took his time to explain to me what each and every part was and how important development was for functioning properly. And then he broke the great news! A boy! This is the sonogram photo of the penis!


Honest to GOD I have never been more excited to see a penis in my whole life! Yes! LOL! And I’ve seen a lot of them! So, as of Thursday, May 4th I am 18 weeks/ 4 and 1/2 months along, about half-way done. Every Thursday marks a new week. Here’s some more up-to-the-minute news—I am now able to produce colostrum, which is the beginning stage of breast milk. Everything is totally healthy! And I actually have a very active baby! Jesse Craine is already opening and closing his fists, and moving his little fingers, meaning this is an advanced coordination skill for his gestation “timeline.”


All of the internal organs are in the correct places, and all of his bones are growing according to the chronology of what is normal and healthy. The brain looks beautiful! The heart beats strong! All good news today—thank God again! And little Jesse Craine weighs in at a perfect 8oz. When I broke all this news to my twin girls, they were ecstatic! They cannot wait to meet their new baby brother!  My first wish was for a boy, now my second? To give birth to a healthy, happy little baby! I will update you soon with the scheduled cesarian date. And, as of now all systems are go, and I’m hornier than EVER! Stay tuned for my next update in a couple of weeks! Thanks for reading!

Read what Summer has to say about a Woman’s Right to Choose to be a Pregnant Sex Worker

Summer Sebastian

Summer Sebastian

Summer Sebastian is paying for medical school by working as a featured entertainer at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch. She maintains a 4.0 GPA, and holds a perfect sexual record for amply satisfying her clientele.

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What’s the Fascination with Long Legs?

My long, lean, and lithe legs can wrap around your body and hook together to trap you in my passionate embrace. Whether my legs envelope you as you enter me with your seething shaft or straddle your head as I smother you in my wetness, you are defenseless against their strength. Even if you start at my feet and kiss and caress your way up, the time it takes to travel my mile-long limbs and arrive at my hips feels like an eternity…

Chance Monet from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada

That turned you on, didn’t it? I sure hope it did. I could’ve left out the reference to them being “mile-long” and you probably would have imagined them that way anyway. That’s because men have put us leggy ladies among the ranks of busty or big-bootied women. We’re sex objects. 

For centuries men have taken a strong liking to, and have been fascinated by, certain parts of female anatomy, such as breasts, asses, and of course the pussy itself. But one thing most men admit to looking at first are a woman’s legs. A pair of elongated legs can capture a man’s attention as quickly as a nice rack. That’s because our legs are a primary target for a man’s visual inspection — and most men don’t even know they’re doing it.

As long as I can remember, men have gawked at my seemingly endless legs. I have vivid memories of being with friends at the mall during warmer seasons  and noticing a plethora of older gentlemen staring at me as they walked past. I even spotted the occasional married man who would sneak-a-peek, while the wives realized and would glare angrily at me.


I was just a young teen then, but the staring didn’t stop at elementary school. Thanks to an active lifestyle, a strong interest in sports, and good genes, my legs improved with age. Once I learned what heels were, and after the awkward stage of learning how to walk in them, I noticed the attention amplified whenever I wore them. I never quite comprehended the deep seeded root men had as to why they lust after legs as much as they do other sexualized body parts like breasts or ass.

It was around high school when I finally realized that it didn’t matter what I wore; men were going to stare regardless. I could be in the baggiest pair of sweats I own and it’s almost like the kryptonite embedded in my limbs was just as strong as when I’d wear jeans or shorts. As I started getting taller and older, I understood that there was no stopping the admiration and attention — so I decided to use my legs to my advantage at different jobs I had during high school. While working in retail, I would show up in shorts and saw my personal sales numbers steadily rise; the customers, particularly the male customers, would buy more items from me versus my petite coworkers.


Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always as peachy as it is now. When I would be in the company of a significant other in public, men would still gaze at me. Jealously would often overwhelm my partners despite my explaining that I wasn’t seeking attention. Thankfully my lovers now just take it as an ego boost when I’m on their arm and we get looks.

From these experiences I’ve learned that legs are viewed as one of the more sensual parts of a woman’s body. Men tend to choose the tall, leggy ladies because the appearance of sleek, toned and lengthy legs is seen as more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Since breasts and ass are deemed as more of the “in your face sexy,” men have told me they prefer the seductive, sensual and suggestive aspect that legs exude. Women are viewed as more attractive if their leg length to height ratio is higher. We’re even considered a more likely mate — all because our limbs are longer than average!


However the amazing part of having my own mile-long legs is the tantalizing fact that I can still tease a man regardless if I’m in jeans or stark naked. Leggy ladies are empowered by knowing that the slit skirt that exposes a sneak preview while walking is just as suggestive as those Daisy Dukes. And thanks to stockings, pantyhose, and heels of all heights, we can enhance these powers we’ve unknowingly inherited.

I’m clearly not shy about my body. Being a taut twenty-year-old woman nearly six feet in height, I’m aware that I stand out and that many people find me alluring. I’m very confident that my legs will serve me well as I transition from retail into a line of work that’s perhaps better-suited for a girl that’s got legs…and knows how to use them.

Chance Monet

Chance Monet

At 5'11," breathtaking 20-year-old knockout Chance Monet is the statuesque stunner you've been fantasizing about. Providing the finest Girlfriend Experience in the Reno / Lake Tahoe area, Chance is currently a featured entertainer at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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My Second Act: Becoming a Legal Prostitute in my 50’s

When people walk into the Love Ranch North and see me in a lineup several things go through their minds: “there is the girl next door”, “oh wow the MILF from my teenage years”, and “what is a nice girl like that doing here?” But what they do not know is how I came to be here and what my life was before. Until now, as I give a quick break down of how I am having the best time of my life, after 50, working as a legal prostitute.

Most people knew me as an accounting manager who worked for over twenty years in the healthcare industry. They might even know me as a mother who has raised her children, shuttling them between music lessons, soccer, and any other activity they wanted to do. Or perhaps the Navy brat, living at bases all around the country. I grew up to be the wife who always put my needs after the needs of my husband and family. Others knew me as a hard-working mom who earned three degrees at night while raising children, keeping house, cooking dinners, and pursuing a full time demanding career.

Catrina Costa started a new chapter at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch in her 50’s

Then at forty-two, children grown and divorced, I decided to do something for myself and started down a new path exploring facets of life that I had been putting off or had set aside.

The path first took me to California where I discovered the Swinging Lifestyle. During my years as a swinger I learned a number of things about myself. I learned I truly enjoyed sex! No really, who knew it would take over forty years to discover how much I enjoyed sex — and to have my first orgasm! After my first gang bang, just weeks after my first threesome, I learned I not only love sex, but I love dick! I also found out I am multi-orgasmic and could even, under the right circumstances, squirt! (They used to joke that it took six guys to make me squirt!) I learned how to pleasure men and women, while thoroughly enjoying the experience myself. For a few years I hosted swinging parties, both couples and gang bang parties. I even developed a distinct blowjob technique… which I was later told was a “Texas Tongue Twirl”.

Swinging led me to BDSM (Bondage-Domination-Submission), where I learned that, while I am a natural submissive, I also thoroughly enjoy being a Domme, making me a “Switch.” I found I can cum, just from being spanked. I found that I really get off on tying someone up and pushing their boundaries. I enjoy having my own boundaries pushed and pushing those of my partner. This was something I had never heard of, in my previous life, but feel very comfortable in and enjoy to the point of reaching euphoria.


During my time as a swinger, I answered an ad for an adult film and was accepted. Before I knew it, they were flying me to Florida for a two-day shoot. My first film was the boy next door’s mother’s best friend. (Poor guy, I continued playing with him when the camera was off and he popped early. He had a hard time performing in the next scene.) The second day, I got to tie up the boy I shot with, before he took me anally on camera. I’ve been published in the Netherlands, in magazine and DVD in the states. If any of you have seen my DVD’s, let me just state, for the record, I am a MILF (“Mother I would Like to Fuck”) not a GILF (“Granny I would Like to Fuck”) as the title of my DVD indicates.

Then, at age 51, I saw that the Love Ranch North, one of Dennis Hof’s famous family of brothels was hiring. On a lark, I applied. None of the other brothels appeared to accept MILF’s my age, they like their girls to be unexperienced 20’somethings. True, that can be fun, but a MILF like me brings so much more to the table! As a result, I never thought I would be accepted. Yet, here I am! Having the time of my life! Best thing about it is I have never felt younger, and I am proof that it is never too late for a new adventure.


As a, previous, Housewife, I learned that marriage does not always ensure sex. And even if it does, it is often unsatisfying. While married, my husband’s idea of sex was to wake me up in the middle of the night, spin me around and enter me… dry, not ready, not even awake. And he was done before I even knew what had happened. I didn’t know any better, I thought that was all there was. Wham, bam, … but not “thank you ma- am”. I learned that sometimes someone outside, someone new, is the only way to satisfy the needs everyone has. I’ve since learned that sometimes one just needs new inspiration, new techniques, that one can take back to their marriage to reignite that special spark. As a courtesan, I’m trained to help in that area.

As a Swinger, I learned many advanced sexual techniques. Learned those from a group that experience more sex, and more variety in sex, than any other group in the population. I learned about different fetishes and different needs – but, more importantly, I learned how to satisfy those needs. I also learned how to have sex with a couple, sex without entanglement, sex that enhances their relationship. I learned that sex is a natural thing, and that everyone needs it, craves it, and desires it. It is also fun and exhilarating.

As a Switch, I learned how a little pain can stimulate, how controlling another and pushing boundaries can enhance sex. How freeing it can be to have another take total control. I learned that giving up control to another is the most empowering thing that anyone can do. Letting go and just giving in to the feelings of a little pain is hypnotic.


As a Porn Star, I learned even more advanced sexual techniques. I learned how to increase… or delay, orgasm. Delaying an orgasm can cause a bigger more intense orgasm when it is finally allowed to happen. Also, learning to orgasm on command was amazing too.

As a Courtesan, I’ve learned how to concentrate on the needs of my sexual partner. How to really focus on what they want and need. I have learned that sometimes those needs are not physical but simply emotional and just the need to have someone to listen to them. Someone to have a conversation with. Because I am a MILF I have the ability to have a conversation that includes life-long learning and experience. I have learned to instruct both men and women on how to please their partners even if it is a “wham, bam, thank you ma-am” because time is short. But I have also learned so many new techniques on giving long lasting pleasure to my partner, the things I learned in the past have been improved upon through my experience here as a courtesan. My primary focus is on making sure my clients thoroughly enjoy their time with me, that they leave fulfilled. I know what it feels like to be “of a certain age” and sexually unfulfilled — So, I pull out all of the stops and give 150% of myself to make sure that every single adventure is the best. As a Housewife, I was just there. As a Swinger, my pleasure was as much, if not more so, important as theirs. As a Porn Star, the camera ruled – its needs outweighed any others. As a Courtesan, your needs are my primary concern. However, as a Courtesan, I am having the best sex of my life. The connections with my clients are exciting and are driving my pleasure to new heights. Want to know a secret? I have more fulfilling sex as a Courtesan than I have ever had in my life. So, if I am having the best most fulfilling sex ever, don’t you think you should be too?

Yes, I am having the best time of my life, after 50, as a legal prostitute.

Catrina Costa

Catrina Costa

A premier courtesan at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch, Catrina Costa is a porn star and MILF extraordinaire who is well known for her sophisticated yet naughty companionship.

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Recipe for a Romantic Girlfriend Experience

Cooking has always been an important part of my life. Growing up an Italian American, every holiday and family event was surrounded with all types of mouth watering foods, from succulent appetizers and entrees like braciole and chicken piccata, to delightful desserts like biscotti and pizzelle. My family would gather from around the world and across the country, and the kitchen would instantly be full of hungry and happy faces enjoying each other’s company after a long time apart. The best part about cooking is that it can bring together perfect strangers or relatives that haven’t seen each other in awhile.The dinner table can act as a unifier, a place of community.

Sexy Charlie Daze from Dennis Hof's Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada
Sexy Charlie Daze from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Sitting down to a meal is a basic social activity, and the primary situation in which we come together and share our lives with our friends, family, and lovers. Most first dates occur over a dining experience — and by the end of those sometimes stressful dinner dates, the participants usually know whether or not they’ve found someone they’d like to see again. Because sharing a meal leads to shared conversations, beliefs, familiarities, and connections, it is one of the most meaningful and revealing activities we can take part in with one another.

As a licensed companion at Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Brothel, I’m often compensated to be a suitor’s “girlfriend for the evening.” Well, my evenings involve cooking, so any client that books me better bring his (or her) appetite! 


One reason I came into this business was to connect with people and make new and long lasting friendships. I believe enjoying a home cooked meal together can accomplish that and much more. A cooking session with me not only allows my lovers to enjoy a great meal, but also make some lasting memories together. One meal can give us enough time to discuss our fantasies, wants, and needs —and allow us to get comfortable enough with each other so that we’re both absolutely willing to explore all of the sensuous possibilities during our time together!

The Girlfriend Experience is the most sought after encounter offered by sex workers at Nevada’s legal brothels. What could be more intimate, worthwhile, and romantic than sharing a home cooked dinner together. Instead of heading to that fancy restaurant you had in mind, lets head to the store! Together we’ll create a meal that will satisfy our cravings. I’ll cook for you. We’ll dine, laugh and get to know each other — and the best part of your homemade dinner is that you get to have me for dessert…

Here are a selection of family recipes that I enjoy cooking for my clients. If these dishes arouse your appetite, let me know if you’d like me to set a table for two…



Ingredients: Plump fresh chicken breasts. Stuff chicken breasts with fresh spinach, sun dried tomatoes, shredded parmesan cheese, season with salt and pepper to taste

Piccata Sauce

1 tablespoon Minced garlic

4 Lemons

4 tablespoons butter

1 jar capers

Salt and pepper to taste

Add all ingredients, squeeze lemon juice into small sauce pan, grate 1 lemon skin into the sauce (lemon zest) and simmer.

Put stuffed chicken in baking dish, top with piccata sauce and grated Parmesan cheese. I also like to top it with sliced lemon and fresh basil.

Cover and Bake at 350° for 45 minutes.



Ingredients: Sliced pork, spinach, pesto, parmesan, cheese, red onion, Italian salami, balsamic honey glaze, salt, pepper, garlic, and basil.

Slice pork in thin layers. Seasoned in salt, pepper, and garlic, and basil. 

On top of the pork I layer spinach, pesto, freshly grated parmesan cheese, sliced red onions, and italian salami. Then I roll it up and use a toothpicks to keep it together. I back it at 350° for 45 minutes. When its ready I drizzle a balsamic honey glaze over meal.  



Ingredients: Fresh Filet Mignon, Bacon, portobello mushrooms, squash, garlic, salt, pepper, butter, minced onions, red wine, flour.

Cut squash in half, scoop out the seeds, then bake the squash in a deep baking dish with water for 45 minutes.. Once squash is about 10 minutes from being ready. I start to Saute the portobello mushrooms in 2 tbsp of butter and minced garlic and onions than add red wine and flour to thicken. (Medium heat 5-10 min) Wrap filet in bacon and grill on each side for 5min on each side. Take Filet off of grill, add the squash to the plate and then drizzle the red wine mushroom sauce over bacon wrapped filet.

Charlie Daze

Charlie Daze

A fearlessly seductive Italian knockout, Charlie Daze will bedazzle you with her sensual savoir-faire. She is available for booking at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat brothel near Reno, Nevada.

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Spank Me!

Spanking isn’t a new activity- but it’s making a tantalizing comeback here in America’s Red Light District! Ladies like myself and friends like Anita (pictured) are receiving more inquiries about spanking sessions than ever before. There’s something incredibly energetic and erotic about using your hand or a paddle to spank a lady across her tight and toned behind. The feeling is intoxicating, overwhelming, exhilarating, and incredibly appealing for a wide variety of people. From kinksters who enjoy using paddles and slappers, to over-the-knee bare-handed ass spanking, there’s an incredible variety to this one simple bedroom activity. 

Alice Little from Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch prepares to spank Bunny Ranch babe Anita Bianchi
Alice Little from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch prepares to spank Bunny Ranch babe Anita Bianchi

Spanking can be its own, stand alone sex party, or a part of a bigger GFE or BDSM experience. Spanking isn’t a kink-exclusive activity, and is in fact one of the most pleasurable ways to bring a little bit of space into your sex life! Girls love it, guys enjoy it — it’s about time for you to join in and experience the incredible sensation of spanking! Spanking has such an interesting variety of components: you can use your hand or a sex toy, smack hard or soft, quick or slow, and even change where on the behind you’re slapping! This creates an orchestra of sensations that will seriously enhance any party experience… 


For an example, let’s start off with the most commonly requested party type: GFE, or the Girlfriend Experience. This tends to be a soft, sensual encounter with lots of hands on touching, kissing, and deeply meaningful intimacy. By bringing the action of soft, slow ass spanking into the scene, you’re getting an added element of erotic excitement. You get to wrap your fingers around my curves, squeezing and feeling my flesh beneath your fingertips as it slowly changes in tone from a pale ivory to a blushing pink. It’s incredibly appealing to feel my body shift across yours, while you bend me over your knee, feeling my muscles flex and contract in response to the impact from your hand. 


There is definitely a fetish element to spanking as well! Be it with toys or bare hands, spanking is a major turn on for a variety of reasons. You can pin me down, with your hand pressed firmly between my shoulder blades, my rear exposed and tilted upwards eagerly awaiting the sting of a hard, wooden paddle. You can be firm and authoritative, or even incorporate a role-play element of ‘punishment’ into things. I have been a naughty, naughty girl after all. Won’t you please punish me?


The reverse action is also a possibility- perhaps you’re the one who’s been ill-behaved. Maybe my slap can help give you an attitude adjustment, and remind you of your place. Many of the ladies, like myself, are Switches and are open to both giving and receiving spankings. But what is it about spanking that feels so good? Anatomically speaking, when you cause a vibrational impact across the rear of a female, it’s going to shake her whole body. Her body will clench and muscles will tighten, much like the body does while orgasming. You may feel me get wet while your spanking, because the sensation is really getting me turned on! Don’t take my word for it- come and see the results of a good spanking for yourself. For gentleman, spanking stimulates the prostate, and brings a type of pleasure most never get to experience. It’s a huge turn on, both physically as well as mentally. My spanking clients tell me they most enjoy feeling the reactions — the slight shifts in my body weight, how my breath gets caught in my throat and escapes from my lips as I moan, the way my hips grind against their knees while they tease my pale flesh into a blossom of pink. 


One of the most common questions I receive is how should someone go about spanking correctly to maximize pleasure. The ass is constructed of multiple layers of muscle, fat, and tissue that come together in a way that allows for a good amount of impact and sensation. The topmost section of the rear, where the tailbone is, should never be directly spanked. This can be very uncomfortable and unpleasurable, as you’re essentially spanking the bone. Everyone is different of course, so be sure to discuss such things with your courtesan in advance. The most desirable section for spanking is the round, meaty section of the ass- this is going to feel both firm and muscular, depending on the ladies build. What you won’t feel here is bone- it’s entirely across the rounded section of the rear.


You can spank in a downwards motion to create one sensation, or change things up and spank upwards to tease and tantalize the lady’s sensitive clit. This is an awesome way to create different sensations while spanking. While it is a viable spanking location, the backs of the legs and underneath the ass cheeks can be extremely sensitive. One or two light spanks or slaps to this area of the body can feel good, but in excess you can potentially cause some discomfort. The best ratio is 95% of strikes to the round of the ass, 5% of strikes to the back of the leg, under the ass cheek. Follow this method, and you’re going to have an incredible time!

Spanking is something everyone should consider — it’s easy to do, lots of fun, and you already have everything you need! No extra equipment or toys are required- your hands are the perfect tool and toy for the job! The next time you’re with me, ask about incorporating spanking into our party- I have a feeling you’re going to immensely enjoy the results.

Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie – but don’t let her small stature deceive you. she is a Dom in BDSM, an expert in all things kink, and possesses unparalleled lovemaking skills. Alice is the part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, and will make you feel right at home at the Sagebrush Ranch.

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Sexual Role Playing with a Working Girl

Have you ever thought about role playing? More than dressing up in a costume, or pretending to have an accent — actual situations you might have read about in a men’s magazine or just let your dirty mind wander into. Scenes that you play over and over in your mind, revising and improving each time you touch yourself, as your fantasies ripen to perfection. With me, you can take your erotic script and turn it into a movie starring the two of us. Your fantasy scenarios will become real in an environment where you can reach out, touch and taste your dream girl, and transform your sex life into the passionate adventure you’ve been yearning for. Here are a few suggestions based on some common sex fantasies that really turn me on…

Roxy Gold from Dennis Hofs Sagebrush Ranch
Roxy Gold from Dennis Hofs Sagebrush Ranch

Strangers At a Bar

You were supposed to meet your buddy for some drinks. He’s running late, you’re going to wait a little bit longer, but if he doesn’t show up soon you’re going to head out. The bartender hands you a drink “from the lady.” You look around and spot her smiling at you from the other end of the bar. She approaches you, and after some small talk, she asks, “So, do you want to get out of here? My hotel room isn’t far…”


The Fitting Room

You’re at a department store looking for some new shirts. A beautiful woman blushingly asks you to do her a favor. Her husband is about your size, could you try on some pants? No problem, you don’t mind at all. She needs to come into the dressing room with you to make sure they fit…


Taking Home a Stripper

You’re at the strip club. While you’re checking out the stage and going back for a lap dance or two, you can’t help but notice one of the girls is checking you out. Hard. You don’t think anything of it, until she whisks you to the secluded VIP area and whispers, “don’t worry about the price. I WANT you!” Things get (maybe more than a little) too hot for the club and you’re both kicked out. Luckily, her apartment is not far away and things can get really wild. Maybe her roommate can even make it a threesome…


The Boss’s Wife

The boss’s wife whose skirts are a little too short and whose sweaters are a little too low cut. You’re always afraid you’ll get caught checking her out. One day, after a conference she corners you in the elevator at the hotel. The boss is passed out drunk and she needs a real man tonight…


The Medical “Assistant”

You’re at the doctor’s office for a routine checkup. The nurse whispers something to the receptionist and they share a sly smile. Your name is called, and the nurse takes you into the exam room. It’s going to be a little while until the doctor is in, but she needs you to take your pants off so she can “check your virility and libido.” Before long, everything checks out satisfactorily and the nurse calls the receptionist in for a “second opinion.”

If you’re interested in exploring more of my favorite fantasies, or if you have another scenario in mind, drop me a line and let’s get our creative juices flowing…

Roxy Gold

Roxy Gold

A longtime provider of a sacred space for gentlemen, ladies, and couples looking to escape the confines of day-to-day life and explore their secret desires, Roxy Gold is courtesan-in-residence at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV.

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The World’s First Sports Brothel — Let’s Make it Official!

Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof here! I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate Raiders’ owner Mark Davis, the other NFL owners, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on making a great decision to move the Men in Black to Las Vegas!

As you know, I’m debuting “Pirate’s Booty,” the world’s first sports brothel, inspired by the Raiders, to coincide with the launch of the new football stadium in Sin City. This legal bordello will be a safe haven for athletes and their fans to explore all of their deepest sexual desires in a sex-positive and sports-loving environment. It’s going to be heaven on Earth for football fans — and I guarantee you no establishment will throw a better Super Bowl party.

Working girls from Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch are gearing up for Nevada's new sports brothel
Working girls from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch are gearing up for Nevada’s new sports brothel

Be that as it may, I strongly feel that we have a chance here to accomplish something more meaningful than merely inaugurating our sure-to-be-successful business ventures. I think that we can work together to eradicate the prostitution-related issues faced by the National Football League, and build a scandal-free future for your sex-starved NFL players. Eugene Robinson, Lawrence Taylor, Quentin Groves, and Warren Sapp are just a handful of NFL players that could have benefitted from satisfying their urges with a licensed working girl at a legal brothel instead of breaking the law and taking their chances with illegal prostitutes.

Roger, NFL owners, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to make my new sports brothel the “Official Brothel of the National Football League” and begin a new era where prostitution no longer tarnishes the impeccable image of the NFL and its unparalleled sportsmen.

By doing this, we can send a message to America about the merits of safe, healthy, and drama-free legalized prostitution, get every state in our nation to legalize sex work, and put a licensed sex den near every sports stadium in the U.S.A.

Say “yes” to my offer, and let’s work together to make the sports world a better place! The reputation of the NFL is at stake…

Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof is the charismatic owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the most famous legal brothel in the history of the world and subject of the smash hit HBO series “Cathouse.” Hof owns a total of seven licensed brothels throughout the state of Nevada including the Love Ranch, the Sagebrush Ranch, the Kit Kat Ranch, and the Alien Cathouse. Hof has lectured at Oxford, Trinity, the Sorbonne and hundreds of other major universities, colleges and public events around the globe and he is the author of the best-selling book, “The Art Of The Pimp: A Love Story” published by Regan Arts.

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