Spank Me!

Spanking isn’t a new activity- but it’s making a tantalizing comeback here in America’s Red Light District! Ladies like myself and friends like Anita (pictured) are receiving more inquiries about spanking sessions than ever before. There’s something incredibly energetic and erotic about using your hand or a paddle to spank a lady across her tight and toned behind. The feeling is intoxicating, overwhelming, exhilarating, and incredibly appealing for a wide variety of people. From kinksters who enjoy using paddles and slappers, to over-the-knee bare-handed ass spanking, there’s an incredible variety to this one simple bedroom activity. 

Alice Little from Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch prepares to spank Bunny Ranch babe Anita Bianchi
Alice Little from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch prepares to spank Bunny Ranch babe Anita Bianchi

Spanking can be its own, stand alone sex party, or a part of a bigger GFE or BDSM experience. Spanking isn’t a kink-exclusive activity, and is in fact one of the most pleasurable ways to bring a little bit of space into your sex life! Girls love it, guys enjoy it — it’s about time for you to join in and experience the incredible sensation of spanking! Spanking has such an interesting variety of components: you can use your hand or a sex toy, smack hard or soft, quick or slow, and even change where on the behind you’re slapping! This creates an orchestra of sensations that will seriously enhance any party experience… 


For an example, let’s start off with the most commonly requested party type: GFE, or the Girlfriend Experience. This tends to be a soft, sensual encounter with lots of hands on touching, kissing, and deeply meaningful intimacy. By bringing the action of soft, slow ass spanking into the scene, you’re getting an added element of erotic excitement. You get to wrap your fingers around my curves, squeezing and feeling my flesh beneath your fingertips as it slowly changes in tone from a pale ivory to a blushing pink. It’s incredibly appealing to feel my body shift across yours, while you bend me over your knee, feeling my muscles flex and contract in response to the impact from your hand. 


There is definitely a fetish element to spanking as well! Be it with toys or bare hands, spanking is a major turn on for a variety of reasons. You can pin me down, with your hand pressed firmly between my shoulder blades, my rear exposed and tilted upwards eagerly awaiting the sting of a hard, wooden paddle. You can be firm and authoritative, or even incorporate a role-play element of ‘punishment’ into things. I have been a naughty, naughty girl after all. Won’t you please punish me?


The reverse action is also a possibility- perhaps you’re the one who’s been ill-behaved. Maybe my slap can help give you an attitude adjustment, and remind you of your place. Many of the ladies, like myself, are Switches and are open to both giving and receiving spankings. But what is it about spanking that feels so good? Anatomically speaking, when you cause a vibrational impact across the rear of a female, it’s going to shake her whole body. Her body will clench and muscles will tighten, much like the body does while orgasming. You may feel me get wet while your spanking, because the sensation is really getting me turned on! Don’t take my word for it- come and see the results of a good spanking for yourself. For gentleman, spanking stimulates the prostate, and brings a type of pleasure most never get to experience. It’s a huge turn on, both physically as well as mentally. My spanking clients tell me they most enjoy feeling the reactions — the slight shifts in my body weight, how my breath gets caught in my throat and escapes from my lips as I moan, the way my hips grind against their knees while they tease my pale flesh into a blossom of pink. 


One of the most common questions I receive is how should someone go about spanking correctly to maximize pleasure. The ass is constructed of multiple layers of muscle, fat, and tissue that come together in a way that allows for a good amount of impact and sensation. The topmost section of the rear, where the tailbone is, should never be directly spanked. This can be very uncomfortable and unpleasurable, as you’re essentially spanking the bone. Everyone is different of course, so be sure to discuss such things with your courtesan in advance. The most desirable section for spanking is the round, meaty section of the ass- this is going to feel both firm and muscular, depending on the ladies build. What you won’t feel here is bone- it’s entirely across the rounded section of the rear.


You can spank in a downwards motion to create one sensation, or change things up and spank upwards to tease and tantalize the lady’s sensitive clit. This is an awesome way to create different sensations while spanking. While it is a viable spanking location, the backs of the legs and underneath the ass cheeks can be extremely sensitive. One or two light spanks or slaps to this area of the body can feel good, but in excess you can potentially cause some discomfort. The best ratio is 95% of strikes to the round of the ass, 5% of strikes to the back of the leg, under the ass cheek. Follow this method, and you’re going to have an incredible time!


Spanking is something everyone should consider — it’s easy to do, lots of fun, and you already have everything you need! No extra equipment or toys are required- your hands are the perfect tool and toy for the job! The next time you’re with me, ask about incorporating spanking into our party- I have a feeling you’re going to immensely enjoy the results.

Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie – but don’t let her small stature deceive you. she is a Dom in BDSM, an expert in all things kink, and possesses unparalleled lovemaking skills. Alice is the part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, and will make you feel right at home at the Sagebrush Ranch.

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Sexual Role Playing with a Working Girl

Have you ever thought about role playing? More than dressing up in a costume, or pretending to have an accent — actual situations you might have read about in a men’s magazine or just let your dirty mind wander into. Scenes that you play over and over in your mind, revising and improving each time you touch yourself, as your fantasies ripen to perfection. With me, you can take your erotic script and turn it into a movie starring the two of us. Your fantasy scenarios will become real in an environment where you can reach out, touch and taste your dream girl, and transform your sex life into the passionate adventure you’ve been yearning for. Here are a few suggestions based on some common sex fantasies that really turn me on…

Roxy Gold from Dennis Hofs Sagebrush Ranch
Roxy Gold from Dennis Hofs Sagebrush Ranch

Strangers At a Bar

You were supposed to meet your buddy for some drinks. He’s running late, you’re going to wait a little bit longer, but if he doesn’t show up soon you’re going to head out. The bartender hands you a drink “from the lady.” You look around and spot her smiling at you from the other end of the bar. She approaches you, and after some small talk, she asks, “So, do you want to get out of here? My hotel room isn’t far…”


The Fitting Room

You’re at a department store looking for some new shirts. A beautiful woman blushingly asks you to do her a favor. Her husband is about your size, could you try on some pants? No problem, you don’t mind at all. She needs to come into the dressing room with you to make sure they fit…


Taking Home a Stripper

You’re at the strip club. While you’re checking out the stage and going back for a lap dance or two, you can’t help but notice one of the girls is checking you out. Hard. You don’t think anything of it, until she whisks you to the secluded VIP area and whispers, “don’t worry about the price. I WANT you!” Things get (maybe more than a little) too hot for the club and you’re both kicked out. Luckily, her apartment is not far away and things can get really wild. Maybe her roommate can even make it a threesome…


The Boss’s Wife

The boss’s wife whose skirts are a little too short and whose sweaters are a little too low cut. You’re always afraid you’ll get caught checking her out. One day, after a conference she corners you in the elevator at the hotel. The boss is passed out drunk and she needs a real man tonight…


The Medical “Assistant”

You’re at the doctor’s office for a routine checkup. The nurse whispers something to the receptionist and they share a sly smile. Your name is called, and the nurse takes you into the exam room. It’s going to be a little while until the doctor is in, but she needs you to take your pants off so she can “check your virility and libido.” Before long, everything checks out satisfactorily and the nurse calls the receptionist in for a “second opinion.”

If you’re interested in exploring more of my favorite fantasies, or if you have another scenario in mind, drop me a line and let’s get our creative juices flowing…

Roxy Gold

Roxy Gold

A longtime provider of a sacred space for gentlemen, ladies, and couples looking to escape the confines of day-to-day life and explore their secret desires, Roxy Gold is courtesan-in-residence at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Lake Tahoe and Reno, NV.

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The World’s First Sports Brothel — Let’s Make it Official!

Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof here! I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate Raiders’ owner Mark Davis, the other NFL owners, and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on making a great decision to move the Men in Black to Las Vegas!

As you know, I’m debuting “Pirate’s Booty,” the world’s first sports brothel, inspired by the Raiders, to coincide with the launch of the new football stadium in Sin City. This legal bordello will be a safe haven for athletes and their fans to explore all of their deepest sexual desires in a sex-positive and sports-loving environment. It’s going to be heaven on Earth for football fans — and I guarantee you no establishment will throw a better Super Bowl party.

Working girls from Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch are gearing up for Nevada's new sports brothel
Working girls from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch are gearing up for Nevada’s new sports brothel

Be that as it may, I strongly feel that we have a chance here to accomplish something more meaningful than merely inaugurating our sure-to-be-successful business ventures. I think that we can work together to eradicate the prostitution-related issues faced by the National Football League, and build a scandal-free future for your sex-starved NFL players. Eugene Robinson, Lawrence Taylor, Quentin Groves, and Warren Sapp are just a handful of NFL players that could have benefitted from satisfying their urges with a licensed working girl at a legal brothel instead of breaking the law and taking their chances with illegal prostitutes.

Roger, NFL owners, I’d like to offer you the opportunity to make my new sports brothel the “Official Brothel of the National Football League” and begin a new era where prostitution no longer tarnishes the impeccable image of the NFL and its unparalleled sportsmen.

By doing this, we can send a message to America about the merits of safe, healthy, and drama-free legalized prostitution, get every state in our nation to legalize sex work, and put a licensed sex den near every sports stadium in the U.S.A.

Say “yes” to my offer, and let’s work together to make the sports world a better place! The reputation of the NFL is at stake…

Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof is the charismatic owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the most famous legal brothel in the history of the world and subject of the smash hit HBO series “Cathouse.” Hof owns a total of seven licensed brothels throughout the state of Nevada including the Love Ranch, the Sagebrush Ranch, the Kit Kat Ranch, and the Alien Cathouse. Hof has lectured at Oxford, Trinity, the Sorbonne and hundreds of other major universities, colleges and public events around the globe and he is the author of the best-selling book, “The Art Of The Pimp: A Love Story” published by Regan Arts.

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Epic Handjob

I give Epic Handjobs. As a licensed courtesan at Dennis Hof’s Bunny Ranch, I love to please a man — and sometimes a new client walks in without any idea of what to expect. Once a customer makes themselves comfortable here in our peaceful and discreet sex paradise, they can begin to explore all of the sex party options I offer. A handjob could easily be one of the most overlooked requests and it deserves a much higher grade because I notice men are surprised when they enjoy it as much as they do. If you want a mind-blowing orgasm, I think mental stimulation, ever-present desire, and a good technique are what make handjobs a highly erotic selection. Whether you’re looking to get off with a quickie before work or want to incorporate some manual dexterity into a more involved sexual scenario, an epic handjob might be just the thing to put you over the edge…

Anita Bianchi from Dennis Hof's World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch
Anita Bianchi from Dennis Hof’s World Famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch

I like to undress you, lay you back, run my body up and down yours while you watch me from every angle of my mirrored room. My clients are worth a lot of seduction and it can be very hot to take it slow for the first minute or two. A nice touch we do here at the Bunny Ranch is to get you ready to party with a hot towel — the warmth, gentle pressure, and touch can make for a better party experience while also being stimulating. I use my body to kind of drift over yours, to press seductively and softly into you and to let you see my naked body.


I love when a man runs his hands up and down my entire body. You can touch every part of me yet you can’t penetrate me (yet…). Role-plays that have a restriction or a taboo theme can go a long way in a party that offers great handjobs. Desire and restraint can be a major turn-on!

Another great aspect of an epic handjob is that you can see every part of my body as I please you. I can also reach other parts of your body and use my touch to get you hot. The neck is a very erotic area — I like to be able to sigh hotly in your ear and put sexy hot breaths and kisses all down the back of your neck and shoulders. I like when you grab my head and hair in your hands and dirty talk with me… it’s the naughtiest lap dance you’ll ever get.


Aside from lube, I think the most crucial factor in a great handjob is using both hands. I was surprised when one of my first boyfriends showed me how hard to really grip and while I never give too much pressure, a consistent grip and rhythm of the thrust is really important in a totally thrilling experience. A key element is switching it up a bit – but not too much. I like to stay consistently playing in certain positions with my grip and generally I find there are about three different ways that are sure to get you hot and throbbing. I naturally have long slender fingers but large soft palms. When my hand grasps your penis I use my palm to really simulate the softness and tightness of what it would feel like to enter me. I start at the tip and expand my hand with the same pressure as I glide it up and down your shaft. If you are aroused with having your nipples squeezed, pinched or played with I will alternate my other hand between them. I also always use my other hand to run my nails in soft swirling circles over your balls, inner thighs or even lower if you like it.


The underside of your penis is generally the most sensitive and typically this is where my fingers run up and down you. I also think holding the base of your penis and stroking with a perfect rhythm is sexy because it lets you see how big and hard you are. I like sexy eye contact and I love it when you watch me play with you.

Another way that I like to use both hands is by intertwining my fingers together as if I were going to pray and gliding my clasped hands in a tight encapsulated grip while working it up and down. It can be a hot view if I am on my knees and straddling one of your legs. Its even better when I fold my body down over your leg and can slide your penis in and out of my breasts. Its extra hot, extra slippery, and extra erotic. I like to hover with my chest over you and have you squeeze my breasts together while thrusting.


Finally, I think the super move is swirling my palm and fingers steadily over the head of your penis while simultaneously stroking your shaft up and down with my other hand. When you are about to come I like to switch between your shaft and running my nails along your balls while keeping the same motion with the hand on top. Of course, every man is different and it can vary in preferred grip to speed but this is what I have found to lead to a really great experience. Wearing something that gets you intrigued and following with a hot shower and massage are good standards I follow too.

Anita Bianchi

Anita Bianchi

An adventurous soul and sweet personality, gorgeous Anita Bianchi is a new member of the Bunny Ranch family. A healthy, fit, and free-spirited working girl, Anita is the life-affirming companion who will thoroughly fulfill your every sensual desire.

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Doughnuts to Dollars: Why I became a Legal Prostitute

A few months ago, I had a revelation that changed my life. Like many other 21-year-old girls of my generation are inclined to do, I hooked-up with a guy via Tinder, had a few drinks, and went back to my place to have some fun. After we made love, my date was lying next to me speechless for a prolonged period. When I asked him why he was so silent, he replied “That was the best sex I ever had. You’re amazing!”

That wasn’t the first time a man said that to me.

Since graduating high school, I was living in North Carolina and working the counter for a popular coffee and doughnut franchise. Like a lot of millennials, I found myself floundering and often bored. I was caught up in the cycle of existing, as opposed to pursuing any type of dream or life goal, and I was living for the fleeting moments of passion and excitement that temporarily disrupted the tedium of my week. I knew in my heart that I couldn’t endure this lifestyle for much longer, but I couldn’t figure out how to assert myself and really make a change for the better.

But that night, lying in bed with my very satisfied lover, everything clicked. I had a moment of absolute clarity and confidence when I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted. Within a week, I had left my doughnut job and booked a flight to Nevada. I was on my way to Dennis Hof’s Alien Cathouse brothel outside of Las Vegas, and I was about to begin a new life as a legal sex worker. That’s right, a prostitute — People are going to pay me to have sex with them! Here are a few reasons why I decided that this lifestyle was the right choice for me, and why I was right…

21 year old Bianca Ferraz from Dennis Hof’s Alien Cathouse near Las Vegas

I Love Sex (…like, a lot!)

When you’re an adolescent, it’s not that easy to figure out what “average” is. It wasn’t until I was nearly in High School when I learned, through conversations with the other girls, that I was unusually fascinated with sex. I masturbated multiple times a day, flirted profusely with boys my age and older men, and took every possible opportunity to explore my budding sexuality – and, as a young, brown-eyed Latina who was developing quite a voluptuous figure, I had lots of opportunities to explore.

I realized that I was the only girl in my group of friends that wasn’t a virgin, and it became clear to me that I was very different from my peers when it came to sex. For me, sex was not only an exciting and mysterious new part of becoming a young adult, but also a serious interest. While the burgeoning artists and mathematicians in my class were discovering their calling, I was (unknowingly) discovering my zeal for receiving and giving physical pleasure. I loved learning how to make myself feel good when I touched myself a certain way, and I loved getting my growing number of sexual partners off.

Of course, aside from the typical rumors that occasionally circulated though school (“Did you hear about what Bianca did with Ricardo last night after the game?”), I mostly kept to myself when it came to my enthusiasm for sex. The blossoming musicians and scientists had clubs and school groups they could join in order to share their craft with like-minded individuals, but my extracurricular adventures were less “official.”

Bianca Ferraz is a sexually proficient lover
Bianca Ferraz is a sexually proficient lover

I’m (Really) Good at Sex

When you love something, and you do it a lot, you eventually develop a certain amount of expertise at it. Practice makes perfect— and I practiced as often as possible. Blow jobs, fucking, group sex – these are activities that actually became a regular part of my day as a high school student. Car sex on the way to school in the morning with whoever my current boyfriend was (I had lots of boyfriends growing up), taking on a close friend and his older brother before playing video games after school, even slipping away during a sleepover to seduce my girlfriend’s recently divorced father – these innumerable erotic encounters served to build my skills as a professional lover. While it actually never occurred to me at the time to blatantly take money in exchange for sex, I found that my lovers would go out of their way to do things for me. Whether it be fixing my car or buying me something that I may have let slip that I desired, my sex partners seemed to sincerely appreciate how I made them feel when they were with me. I knew that I had something that many people desperately needed in their lives, and when I gave it to them they were exceedingly grateful for it.

Hot young Latina Bianca Ferraz

Sex Work Pays Better than Dunkin’ Donuts

There’s a cliché that people use a lot: “Do what you love and the money will follow.” It sounds corny, but it’s actually kind of true. When I was working at the doughnut shop, I wasn’t loving what I was doing. It was a means to an end and a way to (just barely) pay the bills. I didn’t really have a knack for food service and I had no foreseeable future in the fried dough industry.

But that crucial night, when I showed yet another person the sexual apex of their life, I saw a professional future for myself. When my date applauded my prowess that evening, as I was at the peak of my frustration with my humdrum life, I decided that I was going to sell my sexual talents and never look back. It was the smartest decision I’ve made to date.

Since arriving at the brothel, in less than three weeks, I’ve made more money than I’ve made in the last two years selling baked goods – and I enjoyed every last second doing what I did in order to make that money. I followed my instincts and stayed true to who I am — and like the cliché goes, the money followed. This is the beginning of something exciting for this naughty girl, and I can’t wait to go to work and discover the amazing lovers I’m going to meet today!

Bianca Ferraz

Bianca Ferraz

21 year old Bianca Ferraz is a sexually charged Latina lover and featured working girl at Dennis Hof's Alien Cathouse near Las Vegas, Nevada.

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A Woman’s Right to Choose to be a Pregnant Sex Worker

When my significant-other and I recently found out I was expecting  (my partner may be 40 years older than me, but he still rocks it!), I knew two things—one was that I needed to continue building financial security for my family, and the second was to continue on my personal path to education. I have less than four years left to accomplish my master’s degree in forensic pathology; in successfully becoming a medical examiner. Anyways, if society already looks down on me for being a working girl (even though legal), you can imagine what they will probably think of a pregnant working girl! Even other working girls sometimes look down on pregnant working girls. But I’ve never been one to let myself be intimidated by what others thought! It actually never occurred to me that I would stop working at the Bunny Ranch while I was pregnant. I loved working here before, with my average sex drive, and I am lovin’ it even more now that I have all of these hormones pumping! And with that, I also knew I wanted to publicly, regularly and most of all proudly blog about my experience as a prego-working girl, from where I am today—14 weeks/three months—in my 2nd trimester, right up to the day I pop!

Sexy Summer Sebastian prior to becoming pregnant
Sexy Summer Sebastian prior to becoming pregnant

I want to make a statement that supports the right of a woman to choose…to work as a prostitute while pregnant! I mean, for so many of you that know me, would you expect anything else? I am after all, 1000% open-minded, completely non-judgmental. And, if I can make it any easier for the next working girl to make the choice to work while expecting, then more power to her! So what’s my story? Well, at first I didn’t even think I was pregnant! I thought my move from Palm Beach Florida to here in Nevada had just really kicked my ass because a deep feeling of fatigue just totally took over. Then, I discovered I was expecting! For me, “keeping the baby“  wasn’t even a question! I love life!  I’m pleased to have the opportunity to expand my already amazing family! I immediately started doing research on having sex while pregnant—I needed to know everything about it!

Summer Sebastian’s ultrasound 14 weeks/three months

I finally decided to follow the advice and guidelines put out by the Mayo Clinic, I figure that’s a reliable enough source of information. According to Mayo, as long as the pregnancy is going along without a problem, I can have sex as much as i like! Yup, that’s what they say! Won’t hurt the baby! Miscarriages? Nope! The baby is shielded by the amniotic fluid in the uterus, and the muscles. “Snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug,” LOL! After that? Well, for all those that support a woman’s right to choose…to be a pregnant working girl, and for working girls who might be considering having a baby—but are afraid to be pregnant while working—here’s some do’s and don’t’s, along with my own experiences so far, added in! So, the best medical advice says…”Do’s”…I can have sex in almost any position I want—just as long as I am “comfortable”! I may have to experiment a little though as I go along and grow, and maybe even get creative if need be!  Already I have gone from my usual 100 lbs to 122 lbs (still 5’ tall though—not growing that way- hee hee!). But adding this creative component to my parties with my clients has just made sex that much more exciting, and interesting!  Oral and anal sex? No problem!  I’ve had no issues at all! And  kissing and caressing—go for it!—I’ve gone from being the QUEEN of GFE  to being the Pregnant Girlfriend Experience!

Summer Sebastian in April 2017
Summer Sebastian in April 2017

I know being with a pregnant girl sexually is a HUGE sex fetish for a lot of people, and I sure hope to accommodate you over the next six months! I still don’t know whether I’m having a boy or a girl—hoping for a little boy though, I really like the name Jesse! I have two weeks until my next appointment and I hope to learn the gender then! I’m so glad I have decided to share this beautiful gift and experience with all of you. Every week I will be adding updated photos and information, as soon as it becomes available to me. For now, take a look at my pictures and my latest sonogram—cool huh?! So stay-tuned as Summer Sebastian, your “sweet, petite treat,” keeps you updated, and  we can count down to the nine-month magical day together! Super excited! Thank you for reading my blog! X0X0

Summer Sebastian

Summer Sebastian

Summer Sebastian is paying for medical school by working as a featured entertainer at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch. She maintains a 4.0 GPA, and holds a perfect sexual record for amply satisfying her clientele.

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From Charlie Sheen “Goddess” to a New Life at the Love Ranch Vegas

I’m in a good place right now. I’m a happy, healthy young woman with a bright future in front of me. I’m bursting with boundless energy and I can’t wait to explore all of the amazing possibilities the world has to offer. I just started an exciting new job and I’m thrilled about my life!

Not too long ago, this wasn’t the case. Less than two years ago, I was going through hell because I was associated with a shocking and highly publicized scandal involving one of my clients. As a result, my most cherished relationship was destroyed, my career was in dire jeopardy, I was publicly humiliated, and I was on the verge of suicide. You see, I’m Sara Elizabeth Bentley, and I’m a former companion of actor Charlie Sheen. One of the women that he referred to as his “Goddesses.”

Charlie was an admirer of my career in pornography. Since the age of 19, I had achieved a great deal of success as a pornographic actress, having starred in over 300 films to become one of the most recognizable names in the industry.

Sara Elizabeth Bentley is a celebrated adult entertainer
Sara Elizabeth Bentley is a celebrated adult entertainer and sex symbol

In late 2015, when Charlie revealed that he was HIV positive, the revelation sent shock waves through the adult entertainment community. Since I was publicly known as one of Charlie’s paramours, I was immediately ostracized from the porn world and couldn’t get work as an adult video actress, despite testing negative for HIV time and again. My boyfriend at the time, who I cared for deeply, left me. I was alone and my heart was broken. I couldn’t deal with it. I flipped and came close to ending my own life in a desperate cry for help during a live video webcast. If it wasn’t for the phenomenal support I received from the online community at that suicidal moment, I might not be here today.

I thought there was no coming back from such overwhelming despair. I was in the midst of a nervous breakdown and all I could think about was killing myself. A close friend introduced me to painting during this tumultuous time and I discovered a form of expression that took my mind away from the situation involving Charlie.

Elizabeth Bentley with one of her paintings
Elizabeth Bentley with one of her paintings

I painted prolifically during this period and displayed my artwork online. The same people that saved my life, the online world of invisible admirers and supporters, began to purchase my artwork. Now, a year after beginning my love affair with art, my paintings can be found all over the world, from Perth to Vancouver.

Through my art work I was able to pay my bills and draw myself out of my depression. But my true passion is adult entertainment, and I’ve decided to dive head on back into the industry. I refuse to let the media label me as an irresponsible, ditzy Jezebel. The truth is that I’m one of the world’s greatest lovers and I’m constantly inundated with requests for my unmatched companionship.

Elizabeth Bentley

In fact, a fan paid for my flight to Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch so that he could see me in the setting of a legal bordello. At the brothel I discovered an environment where I can let my sensual companionship skills flourish, bring joy to my fans and supporters around the world, and build a stable financial future.

Charlie Sheen searched far and wide to find me. The next embattled sitcom star who seeks my counsel won’t have nearly as difficult of a time discovering my whereabouts…I’ll be right here at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch Vegas.

Elizabeth Bentley

Elizabeth Bentley

Elizabeth Bentley is an adult video actress, acclaimed artist, and a featured working girl at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch Vegas, offering the finest sexual services and intimate experiences for her distinguished clientele.

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A True Girlfriend Experience

Prostitution may be the oldest profession, but the way services are presented and marketed gets a fresh reboot every so often. Through the decades the activities and experiences that clients desire change based on the culture of the sex work industry at the current time. While ten to twenty years ago it may have been just fine and satisfactory to book a quick half hour with a provider, now the male clients in this business want more. They want what is called the GFE – Girlfriend Experience.

But what IS the Girlfriend Experience? Is there one single definition that can be a legitimate representation for both clients and providers? What do clients expect, and what’s the experience that sex workers provide? That’s what I’m going to explore here. Clarification on what a GFE entails is needed in these muddy waters, especially from the perspective of a legal sex worker entertaining out of a Nevada legal brothel, such as the Love Ranch North.

Ruby Rae is a licensed courtesan at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch North near Reno, Nevada
Ruby Rae is a licensed courtesan at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North near Reno, Nevada

Before the summer of 2014 when the government seized the website domain, there used to be a review and discussion site called Red Book. Hobbyists of the pay for play world would gather here to discuss their opinions and “reviews” on various providers they had seen.  Red Book had a clear-cut definition of what GFE meant, to the client. This became known as the RBGFE (Red Book Girlfriend Experience) standard and it defined GFE by activities. Those activities included deep French kissing, uncovered blowjobs, covered intercourse, multiple orgasms for the client, and cunnilingus.  If a lady did not offer or perform these activities during a session then she was not “true GFE.”

However, from a sex worker’s point of view, we do not usually characterize our GFE sessions by activities, but rather by feeling. The providers in this industry usually describe their GFEs as a way to combine the physical with the emotional for a paid price. It can include affection, empathy, intimacy, and a connection that is formed with the client that would make the experience feel like time being spent with a real girlfriend. Many men seek this experience for a multitude of reasons, whether it be to enhance their bedroom skills on a variety of levels or to experience intimacy when it is lacking in their lives, etc. Is this purely just a way of marketing a girlfriend experience? Is it just semantics? I think not. Since we are in a legal brothel setting, some sex options differ from RBGFE because safety is of utmost importance here, and condoms are mandatory by law for many activities. Providing deep French kissing and cunnilingus can be a very personal decision to some sex workers. If an individual provider chooses not to offer certain services, does that automatically mean she cannot provide a girlfriend experience filled with affection, empathy, intimacy, and form a connection with her client? By RBGFE standards, it looks like no, but many sex workers and our clients would have to disagree with that.


I saw a new client recently who had previously been with six or seven courtesans before me in the past year or so. He claimed all these sex parties were GFE. However, after our party, he said to me, “What you gave me just now was a true GFE party. None of my other parties have been like this.” I was beyond happy to hear this, because it meant that my client and I were on the same page about what a true girlfriend experience is. He was not talking about merely activities; he was talking about the feeling he obtained from the whole experience with me, which in my opinion is better than a checklist.

Graduate student Ruby Rae specializes in legitimate Girlfriend Experiences

What true GFE is to me is simply being genuine with a client and trying to connect with them not only through sex, but also on a mental and emotional level. I value good conversation and I believe it’s important to get to know each other during a GFE. This does not mean surface level conversation, but rather, what are your passions? How is life, truly, going for you right now? What do you aspire for? What really brought you to the brothel? We can have these conversations during pillow talk, or over dinner during an outdate. Getting to know my clients deeply and personally after a few visits is what forms a real connection between the two of us. I also believe that affection and foreplay are extremely important in a GFE, not only for the client, but also for me personally. I enjoy taking it slow, exploring each other’s bodies, and not rushing to get it over with. A GFE party can be just as much about passion as it is about relaxation. I like to excite and soothe.

A Girlfriend Experience will always be about activities to some gentlemen, and that is more than okay. But I do believe it should be seen as more than that, and that’s what I strive to give each of my lovers. I want every person who walks out of my room after a GFE with me to feel accepted and understood, to be satisfied sexually and intimately, and to be walking on cloud nine all the way home.

Ruby Rae

Ruby Rae

Graduate student and luxury companion Ruby Rae is a lovely and sophisticated young woman with a passion for film, yoga, reading, and traveling. Her favorite type of encounter is one that includes dinner, dessert, and time beneath the sheets.

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The women of Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch and the Nevada brothels that comprise America’s Red Light District are capable of fulfilling any and every conceivable erotic fantasy. From all manner of sexual fetishes to intensely romantic Girlfriend Experiences, there is virtually no passionate encounter that cannot be brought about by these acclaimed sex goddesses. But one experience offered by these harlots stands out as being among the most challenging sexual scenarios imaginable — a sex party so extreme that the endurance required to perform it goes far beyond that of the average john. It’s the legendary “reverse gang bang,” and it’s as spectacular as it is exhausting.

A gang bang is traditionally defined as a situation where several zealous men, either all at once or one at a time, engage in sexual activity with one woman. A reverse gang bang flips this in a variety of ways, but it always involves numerous lustful women focusing all of their blazing sexual energy on one fortunate guy.

Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Anita Bianchi, Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, and Chanel Lee from behind

The distinction between a gang bang and other types of group sex is that one subject (the lone male in the case of a reverse gang bang) is the central target of all the other sexual participants. All sex acts are relentlessly performed on one individual.

There are two primary types of reverse gang bangs. The first is a situation where the central figure is the dominant of the sex party (well, sort of…); the second gives dominance to the gang bangers. Both types of reverse gang bangs are incredibly demanding on the client, and we strongly recommend checking with your physician prior to engaging in either version of a reverse gang bang.

Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, Anita Bianchi, Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Felony, & Chanel Lee
Licensed sex workers Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Anita Bianchi, Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, and Chanel Lee

Lucky Guy Takes On Multiple Girls

There’s five, six, ten, maybe even twenty girls in your VIP bungalow, striking babes of every race, color, size and body type, and they’re all anxiously awaiting your cock. They line up for you and assume the position — a cadre of beautiful booties dripping with desire. Go!

One by one you endeavor to please your harem of harpies. A woman’s thighs straddle your neck as your mouth and tongue work her tight moist box, while another of these vixens takes your stern, pumping member between her legs. You can barely maintain your balance as the others grab for any part of you they can get. Fighting for it, women are pulled away from you only to quickly be replaced by another warm wet wonder. Blondes, brunettes, chocolate and porcelain skin, breasts, legs, fingers, feet, tongues, lips — it’s all a blur as the incessant sex marathon continues. You try to hold it in as long as you can, but you’re engulfed in an avalanche of ecstasy. You explode with joy, completely drained! But you’re not done. Your squad of she-devils must still be satiated. Get ready for round two. They’ll wait.

Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, Anita Bianchi, Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Felony, and Chanel Lee
A few of the many licensed sex workers from Dennis Hof’s legal brothels near Reno, Nevada

Girl Gang Gets the Best of Sissy

You’re naked, gagged, and quivering on the floor of your suite. A gang of gorgeous girls circle your defenseless form and stare you down with penetrating eyes.

“Whadaya think ladies? Are we gonna let this sissy off easy or is he gonna get the full treatment?”

You already know you’re not getting off easy…

Aria Arial and Randy Ryder will mess you up
Aria Arial and Randy Ryder will mess you up

The gang members unzip their knapsacks and pull out a variety of naughty knickknacks: gags, flogs, bondage gear, and an array of strap-ons.

“Take him!”

Summer Sebastian and Anita Bianchi are professional Reverse Gang Bangers
Summer Sebastian and Anita Bianchi are professional Reverse Gang Bangers

Two of the ladies grab your arms, another two your legs. They forcibly get you into a very vulnerable position and begin to punishingly whip your bare bottom. Again and again, you’re rhythmically flogged by one dominatrix, then another, and another. The tingling, tantalizing sensation makes your entire body shiver; a delightful jumble of pleasure and pain. One of the gangbangers notices your shaft beginning to throb.

“I think he likes it. Get the lube!”

Pictured: Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, Anita Bianchi, Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Felony, & Chanel Lee 

Jeremy Lemur

Jeremy Lemur

Jeremy is Communications Director for Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the world’s greatest brothel -- offering legal, safe, discreet, and thoroughly exquisite erotic experiences with the most beautiful courtesans on the planet. Contact him at jeremy (at) bunnyranch (dot) com

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Decriminalization vs. Legalization of Prostitution

For any of you guys out there that haven’t tuned in to the “Brothel Cast” yet, this week is an excellent time to start.  That’s because I’m this week’s featured guest, discussing the debate over the decriminalization of prostitution versus its’ outright legalization.  Many of you may already know that I am in a doctorate program, and this subject is something that I have long studied in its’ various versions and models all around the world.  What’s the difference between those two philosophies, you ask?  Click here and I’ll explain the whole thing to you!

I should back up for a minute and tell you that The Brothel Cast is a weekly podcast (available in iTunes, Stitcher or at ) that takes a behind the scenes look at many of Nevada’s legal brothels.  Each episode features some fun and sexy entertainment (like this week’s segment with Alien Cathouse madam Lydia Faithfull revealing her exciting and uniquely offbeat new hire), but the format also allows for the conversation to take a turn towards a deeper subject than couldn’t be accommodated on a shorter form medium.

So, even though it’s always fun to call in to a whacky morning zoo radio show and talk to a couple of guys about the latest positions that clients have twisted me into, it’s really refreshing to be able to break down a heavier, more important topic like this.

The Brothel Cast’s host Richard Hunter is firmly on the legalization side of the argument, so that made for some lively and thought provoking debate on the topic between him, Lydia and myself.  Give it a listen and post your own thoughts in the comments section below!  I would love to read them, and Richard might even share a few of them on a future Brothel Cast episode.  

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Christina Parreira

Christina Parreira

Christina Parreira, M.A., is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In addition to being an instructor and researcher, she is a proud legal Harlot.

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