A True Girlfriend Experience

Prostitution may be the oldest profession, but the way services are presented and marketed gets a fresh reboot every so often. Through the decades the activities and experiences that clients desire change based on the culture of the sex work industry at the current time. While ten to twenty years ago it may have been just fine and satisfactory to book a quick half hour with a provider, now the male clients in this business want more. They want what is called the GFE – Girlfriend Experience.

But what IS the Girlfriend Experience? Is there one single definition that can be a legitimate representation for both clients and providers? What do clients expect, and what’s the experience that sex workers provide? That’s what I’m going to explore here. Clarification on what a GFE entails is needed in these muddy waters, especially from the perspective of a legal sex worker entertaining out of a Nevada legal brothel, such as the Love Ranch North.

Ruby Rae is a licensed courtesan at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch North near Reno, Nevada
Ruby Rae is a licensed courtesan at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch North near Reno, Nevada

Before the summer of 2014 when the government seized the website domain, there used to be a review and discussion site called Red Book. Hobbyists of the pay for play world would gather here to discuss their opinions and “reviews” on various providers they had seen.  Red Book had a clear-cut definition of what GFE meant, to the client. This became known as the RBGFE (Red Book Girlfriend Experience) standard and it defined GFE by activities. Those activities included deep French kissing, uncovered blowjobs, covered intercourse, multiple orgasms for the client, and cunnilingus.  If a lady did not offer or perform these activities during a session then she was not “true GFE.”

However, from a sex worker’s point of view, we do not usually characterize our GFE sessions by activities, but rather by feeling. The providers in this industry usually describe their GFEs as a way to combine the physical with the emotional for a paid price. It can include affection, empathy, intimacy, and a connection that is formed with the client that would make the experience feel like time being spent with a real girlfriend. Many men seek this experience for a multitude of reasons, whether it be to enhance their bedroom skills on a variety of levels or to experience intimacy when it is lacking in their lives, etc. Is this purely just a way of marketing a girlfriend experience? Is it just semantics? I think not. Since we are in a legal brothel setting, some sex options differ from RBGFE because safety is of utmost importance here, and condoms are mandatory by law for many activities. Providing deep French kissing and cunnilingus can be a very personal decision to some sex workers. If an individual provider chooses not to offer certain services, does that automatically mean she cannot provide a girlfriend experience filled with affection, empathy, intimacy, and form a connection with her client? By RBGFE standards, it looks like no, but many sex workers and our clients would have to disagree with that.


I saw a new client recently who had previously been with six or seven courtesans before me in the past year or so. He claimed all these sex parties were GFE. However, after our party, he said to me, “What you gave me just now was a true GFE party. None of my other parties have been like this.” I was beyond happy to hear this, because it meant that my client and I were on the same page about what a true girlfriend experience is. He was not talking about merely activities; he was talking about the feeling he obtained from the whole experience with me, which in my opinion is better than a checklist.

Graduate student Ruby Rae specializes in legitimate Girlfriend Experiences

What true GFE is to me is simply being genuine with a client and trying to connect with them not only through sex, but also on a mental and emotional level. I value good conversation and I believe it’s important to get to know each other during a GFE. This does not mean surface level conversation, but rather, what are your passions? How is life, truly, going for you right now? What do you aspire for? What really brought you to the brothel? We can have these conversations during pillow talk, or over dinner during an outdate. Getting to know my clients deeply and personally after a few visits is what forms a real connection between the two of us. I also believe that affection and foreplay are extremely important in a GFE, not only for the client, but also for me personally. I enjoy taking it slow, exploring each other’s bodies, and not rushing to get it over with. A GFE party can be just as much about passion as it is about relaxation. I like to excite and soothe.

A Girlfriend Experience will always be about activities to some gentlemen, and that is more than okay. But I do believe it should be seen as more than that, and that’s what I strive to give each of my lovers. I want every person who walks out of my room after a GFE with me to feel accepted and understood, to be satisfied sexually and intimately, and to be walking on cloud nine all the way home.

Ruby Rae

Ruby Rae

Graduate student and luxury companion Ruby Rae is a lovely and sophisticated young woman with a passion for film, yoga, reading, and traveling. Her favorite type of encounter is one that includes dinner, dessert, and time beneath the sheets.

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The women of Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch and the Nevada brothels that comprise America’s Red Light District are capable of fulfilling any and every conceivable erotic fantasy. From all manner of sexual fetishes to intensely romantic Girlfriend Experiences, there is virtually no passionate encounter that cannot be brought about by these acclaimed sex goddesses. But one experience offered by these harlots stands out as being among the most challenging sexual scenarios imaginable — a sex party so extreme that the endurance required to perform it goes far beyond that of the average john. It’s the legendary “reverse gang bang,” and it’s as spectacular as it is exhausting.

A gang bang is traditionally defined as a situation where several zealous men, either all at once or one at a time, engage in sexual activity with one woman. A reverse gang bang flips this in a variety of ways, but it always involves numerous lustful women focusing all of their blazing sexual energy on one fortunate guy.

Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Anita Bianchi, Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, and Chanel Lee from behind

The distinction between a gang bang and other types of group sex is that one subject (the lone male in the case of a reverse gang bang) is the central target of all the other sexual participants. All sex acts are relentlessly performed on one individual.

There are two primary types of reverse gang bangs. The first is a situation where the central figure is the dominant of the sex party (well, sort of…); the second gives dominance to the gang bangers. Both types of reverse gang bangs are incredibly demanding on the client, and we strongly recommend checking with your physician prior to engaging in either version of a reverse gang bang.

Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, Anita Bianchi, Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Felony, & Chanel Lee
Licensed sex workers Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Anita Bianchi, Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, and Chanel Lee

Lucky Guy Takes On Multiple Girls

There’s five, six, ten, maybe even twenty girls in your VIP bungalow, striking babes of every race, color, size and body type, and they’re all anxiously awaiting your cock. They line up for you and assume the position — a cadre of beautiful booties dripping with desire. Go!

One by one you endeavor to please your harem of harpies. A woman’s thighs straddle your neck as your mouth and tongue work her tight moist box, while another of these vixens takes your stern, pumping member between her legs. You can barely maintain your balance as the others grab for any part of you they can get. Fighting for it, women are pulled away from you only to quickly be replaced by another warm wet wonder. Blondes, brunettes, chocolate and porcelain skin, breasts, legs, fingers, feet, tongues, lips — it’s all a blur as the incessant sex marathon continues. You try to hold it in as long as you can, but you’re engulfed in an avalanche of ecstasy. You explode with joy, completely drained! But you’re not done. Your squad of she-devils must still be satiated. Get ready for round two. They’ll wait.

Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, Anita Bianchi, Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Felony, and Chanel Lee
A few of the many licensed sex workers from Dennis Hof’s legal brothels near Reno, Nevada

Girl Gang Gets the Best of Sissy

You’re naked, gagged, and quivering on the floor of your suite. A gang of gorgeous girls circle your defenseless form and stare you down with penetrating eyes.

“Whadaya think ladies? Are we gonna let this sissy off easy or is he gonna get the full treatment?”

You already know you’re not getting off easy…

Aria Arial and Randy Ryder will mess you up
Aria Arial and Randy Ryder will mess you up

The gang members unzip their knapsacks and pull out a variety of naughty knickknacks: gags, flogs, bondage gear, and an array of strap-ons.

“Take him!”

Summer Sebastian and Anita Bianchi are professional Reverse Gang Bangers
Summer Sebastian and Anita Bianchi are professional Reverse Gang Bangers

Two of the ladies grab your arms, another two your legs. They forcibly get you into a very vulnerable position and begin to punishingly whip your bare bottom. Again and again, you’re rhythmically flogged by one dominatrix, then another, and another. The tingling, tantalizing sensation makes your entire body shiver; a delightful jumble of pleasure and pain. One of the gangbangers notices your shaft beginning to throb.

“I think he likes it. Get the lube!”

Pictured: Randy Ryder, Casey Cross, Anita Bianchi, Summer Sebastian, Aria Arial, Felony, & Chanel Lee 

Jeremy Lemur

Jeremy Lemur

Jeremy is communications rep for Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the world’s greatest brothel -- offering legal, safe, discreet, and thoroughly exquisite erotic experiences with the most beautiful courtesans on the planet. Contact him at jeremy (at) bunnyranch (dot) com

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Decriminalization vs. Legalization of Prostitution

For any of you guys out there that haven’t tuned in to the “Brothel Cast” yet, this week is an excellent time to start.  That’s because I’m this week’s featured guest, discussing the debate over the decriminalization of prostitution versus its’ outright legalization.  Many of you may already know that I am in a doctorate program, and this subject is something that I have long studied in its’ various versions and models all around the world.  What’s the difference between those two philosophies, you ask?  Click here and I’ll explain the whole thing to you!

I should back up for a minute and tell you that The Brothel Cast is a weekly podcast (available in iTunes, Stitcher or at brothelcast.com ) that takes a behind the scenes look at many of Nevada’s legal brothels.  Each episode features some fun and sexy entertainment (like this week’s segment with Alien Cathouse madam Lydia Faithfull revealing her exciting and uniquely offbeat new hire), but the format also allows for the conversation to take a turn towards a deeper subject than couldn’t be accommodated on a shorter form medium.

So, even though it’s always fun to call in to a whacky morning zoo radio show and talk to a couple of guys about the latest positions that clients have twisted me into, it’s really refreshing to be able to break down a heavier, more important topic like this.

The Brothel Cast’s host Richard Hunter is firmly on the legalization side of the argument, so that made for some lively and thought provoking debate on the topic between him, Lydia and myself.  Give it a listen and post your own thoughts in the comments section below!  I would love to read them, and Richard might even share a few of them on a future Brothel Cast episode.  

Follow The Brothel Cast on Facebook at facebook.com/brothelcast , Twitter at twitter.com/brothelcast & Instagram at instagram.com/thebrothelcast

Christina Parreira

Christina Parreira

Christina Parreira, M.A., is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. In addition to being an instructor and researcher, she is a proud legal Harlot.

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Does size matter?

Hi! I’m Sable Renae and I am a legal courtesan at the Sagebrush Ranch in Carson City, Nevada. I’m also an adult film performer, so I have had my fair share of Mother Nature’s plethora of penis sizes and shapes. I get missives and pictures from all over. On the Bunny Ranch Message board, Twitter, Facebook, ect. Pictures of all sorts of “equipment.” Big ones, little ones, circumcised, un-circumcised, every color, every race, every creed, and all these penises belong to men who all with the same question…”Is it big enough?”

So, in order to put your mind at ease, here are some things you should know. Most males, at some time in their lives, worry about whether they are “big enough.” Many women also wonder whether bigger is better.

Dr. David Buss and his colleague Dr. Cindy Meston wrote a wonderful book called Why Women Have Sex. In it, they discuss penis size and sexual satisfaction. Their results may surprise you.

Sable Renee is a veteran porn star and sex expert at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch
Sable Renee is a veteran porn star and sex expert at Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch
First, some penis facts…

The average penis ranges from 5 to 6 inches in length when erect.The penis averages 3 to 4 inches in length when flaccid, or non-erect. Contrary to popular belief, penis length is not closely related to height. In a study of over three hundred flaccid penises, the largest was 5.5 inches long (about the size of a bratwurst sausage) and belonged to a

5’7-inch tall man. The smallest non-erect penis was 2.25 inches long (about the size of a breakfast sausage) and attached to a stocky 5’1-inch tall man.

Does size really matter to women? More Importantly…does it matter to us working girls?

When people talk about penis size, they are usually referring to penis length. But according to one study, penis width is more important in determining if a potential mate “measures up.”

Psychologist Russell Eisenman and his fellow researchers at the University of Texas in Edinburg asked 50 sexually active university women whether penis length or penis width was more important for their sexual satisfaction. 45 out of 50 women said that width was more important. Only five said length felt better and none said they were unable to tell the difference.

Now that being said. I know for me there is “Everyday Cock”, “Special Occasion Cock”, and “Once in a lifetime Cock.” If you fall into the ranges of the Average Male which is 5 to 6 inches, honey I want to see you everyday! We are going to have a LOT of fun!! If you are 6 and 1/2 to 8 inches well then you are that “Special Occasion” for me… lots of foreplay and lube and ……OH MY that was a grand time that I will cherish on those nights when I haven’t had any and really need that naughty fantasy to take the edge off. Now if you are bigger than 8 inches….you my friend are that ONCE IN A LIFETIME!

A Rollicking good time…BUT I may need some prep work for this one.

LOTS and LOTS of foreplay and toys and LUBE on my the LUBE!! I-am-not-going-to-be-walking-normal-for-a-while LUBE!

Sable Renee has seen her share of penises
Sable Renee has seen her share of penises

“But,” you say, “I’m not any of those things” with a frown. Never fear my sweet. See, while everyone out there is focused on length, they forget girth is also a factor. Studies have shown that a wider penis provides greater clitoral stimulation during sexual intercourse as well as more stimulation of the outer, most sensitive portion of the vagina. So smaller but with more girth is actually more fun. So although you may, and I state may not be John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Peter North, Even Stone, or any of the other male actors out there in the adult industry…if it is wider than a sausage, we are going to have a TERRIFIC TIME!

“BUT, BUT SABLE,” you say with a blush and a tear, “I don’t have even that!” Never fear sweetheart. I have the knowledge and the desire for “not even that.” See, I know ways to compensate for “not even that,” and I will teach you everything you need to know. You, my dear sweet embarrassed darling, can pleasure yourself and me with positions and techniques you’ve probably never thought of, and I am more than happy to show them to you. As they said in that T.V. show: “We have the tools, We have the Technology” — and because I am a professional, I invest heavily and wholeheartedly in learning about all of the different ways to please YOU. (Which, consequently, pleases me.)

SO…….NO MATTER THE SIZE, the girth, the color, ect…we are going to have a GOOD time. That I promise!

Sable Renae

Sable Renae

Sable is a courtesan of vast experience and incomparable grace. Whether you seek tender intimacy or hardcore discipline, Sable is able to satisfy the deepest desires of your body and mind.

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The Nevada Brothel Sex Bucket List

While the term bucket list came to national notoriety with the Rob Reiner 2007 film of the same name staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, these lists have been around for as long as most can remember.  Many women have a travel list containing places like Paris and the French Riviera. Others an experience list like learning to play an instrument or sitting alone watching the starry night sky.  I am here to tell you men usually have a much different list and it almost always involves SEX.  It’s really no secret why.  Men think about sex all the time.  Larry Miller once said “If women knew what men were thinking they would never stop slapping us”  There is some comfort in knowing that here in the Red Light District, we wont slap you, unless you want us to.  Come see us and we can help you start checking of your Bucket List items.  Below you will find some of the Bucket List items your brethren have come to us with in the past.  Add them to yours, if you like…

River Song from Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch
River Song from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch

1 The Multiple Girl Party

Almost every guy’s list starts with “Threesome,” some increase the integer, but it all come down to many women and one lucky guy.  This may involve many girls showering you with attention, or you watching as they please each other in a mind-blowing show of passion.  Regardless of your preference the multiple girl experience should be on your list.

2 Water Sports

Just like the little green men at Roswell and the great hairy Bigfoot of the pacific northwest, many men have come to believe that “The Squirter” is a fairy tail.  The good news gentlemen is that “The Squirter” exists. She is not as elusive as you may think. You see squirting is an art and the art of the squirt is a skill learned over time.  Patience, practice, and the proper coach are a big factor in mastering this ability.  The best part is a great number of the ladies (including myself) in the red light district have perfected the art and are waiting for you to help us let lose.


3 The Cougar

As my previous blog post The benefits of Sex with an Older Woman details, there are numerous reasons to get with “the Cougar”.  Not every younger gentleman has this on his list.  I can tell you the ones that do not are missing out.  When “The Cougar” is finished with you, you may have trouble walking to the door.  Come see us; we have many MILF-tastic vixens to chose from.

4 The Lolita

And on the other end of the spectrum you have “the Lolita”. When a man reaches a certain age and admires the sensual beauty of a young fit woman he is often reminded of the hot times he enjoyed with youthful, taut women.  Your alive and full of the sexual desire that a beautiful young woman arouses in a man.  Don’t turn away from this desire.  Come to the Red Light District.  We have dozens of young beauties just waiting to fulfill those fantasies.

5 Sub/Dom Play

While not for everyone, the experience of having another human in total control of your sexual pleasure can be intoxicating.  There are many genres in the field of BDSM.  The experience could involve anything from handcuffs, to rope, to leather bindings.  However deep down the rabbit hole you would like to go, we have many experienced ladies waiting to show you the path.


6 The Video Experience

What’s better than having great sex? Having great sex and then watching yourself have it over and over again on video. Okay, that idea can be absolutely terrifying for many men, too, but for those who aren’t camera shy, making a sexy home video is often very high on the list.

7 Ethnic Diversity

Let’s face it.  Most of us have spent the entirety of our adult lives in our own ethnic dating pool.  Where is the fun in that? Don’t they always say “variety is the spice of life”?  Here in the Red Light District we have ample variety.  You can check off as many ethnicities as you like…

8 The “10”

Every man has his own definition of what constitutes a 10.  He has been dreaming of her for years.  He sees her in magazines and on billboards.  He has trouble sleeping at night when he thinks of how he would ravage her perfection yet he feels she is out of reach.  Au contraire, we have so many beautiful women here in The Red Light District.  Surely one of them matches your definition of the “10”.


9 Role Play

When you get your yearly physical, you may not think of the nurse too much.  But when you see the campy porn video, you go wild with the thought of the sexy nurse in her six inch heals helping you to produce the fluid sample needed for your test.  Regardless of your role play fantasy we have the right girl for you here in The Red Light District.

10 The Porn Star

This is the end all be all of many men’s bucket list fantasies.  That woman who is so experienced, she may just make your mind explode with all the wondrous things she does to your body while at the same time writhing in her own intense pleasure.  I have an interesting fact for you.  Many of the ladies here in The Red Light District, myself included, are in the adult film industry.  So what do you say? Are you ready? Let’s get together and start checking a few items off your sex bucket list!

River Song

River Song

River is a vibrant, thirty-something, southern belle excited to make your acquaintance. This Simply Extraordinary legal courtesan, exclusive to The Sagebrush Ranch, will take you on a sexy trip through space and time.

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The Legal Lolita Experience

Let’s face it: Men are attracted to teenage girls and fantasize about having sex with them. In fact, one of the top porn search terms is “Teen.” There’s an obvious desire for such taboo encounters, and no one provides this particular type of role play experience better than me. I am a tight bodied 4’8” redhead with soft lips and perfect porcelain doll skin — my appearance is that of the quintessential all-American teenage girl. I can, and do, appeal to those with preferences for age-related fantasies. I also happen to currently be the most financially successful licensed courtesan at Dennis Hof’s legal Sagebrush Ranch brothel. Frequently, men contact me specifically looking for what I call the “Legal Lolita Experience.”

Named for the controversial classic by Nabokov, the Legal Lolita Experience encapsulates the hidden desires that many men have within them. This encounter allows us to explore your deepest, most forbidden fantasies — the things you think of when touching yourself alone at night. You may secretly fantasize about trailing your fingertips up the thigh of a budding nymphette, or perhaps your heart pounds when you see a girl dressed in a Catholic School uniform.

I understand that a fantasy is just that. What I offer is a role play in the safe and nonjudgmental environment of Nevada’s legal brothels. Regardless of the nature of your sex fantasy, my Legal Lolita Experience is able to shatter taboos while staying within the realm of the law.

Alice Little from Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada
Alice Little from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada

The Schoolgirl

The iconic look of the schoolgirl: Hair high pigtails, slightly curled at the tip, petite feet clad in shiny black Mary Janes, a white buttoned up shirt, neatly tucked into a tantalizingly short plaid skirt. The perfection of blossoming sexuality and sensuality, in one petite package. Are you my principal, seeking to teach the naughty schoolgirl a lesson with your ruler? Perhaps instead you are my older classmate, wanting to instruct me on how to feel good as I awaken sexually. Let’s take that fantasy you have in your head, and create it together here at the ranch. Dressing up and role playing as a schoolgirl is something that I not only offer, but it’s also a scenario I personally take great pleasure in. Role play is a huge turn on, especially when you give me specific details. Would you like me to wear tall, white knee socks? A red skirt, or a pink one? Soft, white cotton panties — or perhaps I’m naughty, and have black lacy ones instead. Let your fantasy materialize, as both of us are swept away by our pleasure.

Alice Little plays young and innocent
Alice Little plays young and innocent

Incest Fantasy Role Play

The Legal Lolita Experience allows you to explore all manner of fantasy role play, including Incest Fantasy Role Play. It is one of the least discussed, but most frequently requested sessions that I offer. This fantasy can look like any number of erotic role play scenarios. Perhaps you’re my stepbrother lying next to me in bed, and we decide to explore some naughty urges. Maybe you’re washing my back in the shower, and slide your hand around the curve of my hip. With me, you are free to explore and indulge in such experiences, guilt-free. All of the services I provide are perfectly legal, and free from judgement. This is a safe place for you to experience the seemingly illicit and taboo desires you’ve been longing for, with a girl who thoroughly enjoys bringing life to your naughty fantasies.

Alice Little is a 4'8" beauty
Alice Little is a 4’8″ beauty

Dominant Daddy

Another subset of the age-based character role play is that of Dominant Daddy / Little Girl. Teach me something! Discipline me — have I stayed up past my bedtime? Did I act bratty and not listen and failed to follow instructions? You decide. This encounter doesn’t even have to be sexual — it can involve watching a movie together, snuggling in close, or us secretly enjoying my favorite dessert in bed. You get to have the pleasurable company of the perfect baby girl, indulging your wants and desires.

Alice Little offers the finest age-play sex fantasies
Alice Little offers the finest age-play sex fantasies

The Little Princess

Others still have a more specific desire: to spoil their darling and treat me like a Little Princess or a porcelain doll. Together we can go shopping, and you can pick out lacy dresses and frilly baby dolls for me to try on for you. You can surprise me with a new teddy bear for my bed, or a delicious chocolate dipped fruit to delicately eat from your offering fingers. I love to be pampered and made to feel like I’m your special girl. In turn, I’m going to make you feel incredibly special, spoiled, and adored!

There is no need to feel ashamed for having such desires. The legal brothels of Nevada exist for this very reason. No where else can you explore taboo desires, without being shamed or judged for them. Instead, I’m here to openly embrace and give life to such fantasies, and help you experience such scenarios in real life. We all have things we think about at night when we’re alone — interests we may not feel comfortable openly sharing with others for fear of shame or stigma. There’s no need for hesitation or worry. As your Legal Lolita, I’m here to embody the School Girl, Baby Doll, or Princess of your dreams. Let’s get to know each other, and talk about our special date together: What I will wear, How I should act, and what erotic acts we will engage in. I’m eagerly awaiting our scandalous encounter…

Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie – but don’t let her small stature deceive you. she is a Dom in BDSM, an expert in all things kink, and possesses unparalleled lovemaking skills. Alice is the part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, and will make you feel right at home at the Sagebrush Ranch.

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Mikki Lynn is this week’s guest on The Brothel Cast!

Hi guys!  I’m the featured guest on this week’s episode of The Brothel Cast, which is a brand new podcast hosted by our own Richard Hunter and co hosted by Alien Cathouse madam Lydia Faithfull.  I get a chance to talk in depth about my transition from porn to legal prostitution, now that I am available for your sexual pleasure at both The Bunny Ranch and Love Ranch Vegas.  

Coming from my native Florida and traveling to Nevada to join the world of legal prostitution has been a whirlwind adventure, and it was really exciting to get a chance to talk to Richard and Lydia about what the experience has been like.  Give it a listen and check me out!

Listen to the episode: 

Also on this episode, Lydia provides an in depth look at the nuances of the GFE (girlfriend experience).  They cover a lot of ground on this show!


The Brothel Cast posts a new episode every week, featuring the ladies from Nevada’s best legal brothels!  Subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher Radio.  All episodes are archived at brothelcast.com and you can follow The Brothel Cast on social media.

Twitter: @brothelcast

Facebook: /brothelcast

Instagram: @thebrothelcast

Mikki Lynn

Mikki Lynn

Blond bombshell Mikki Lynn is a former adult film star and coveted feature entertainer at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel. She provides the finest in Girlfriend Experience, Porn Star Experience, and all manner of VIP companionship services.

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Talk Dirty To Me

Dirty talk is one of the most under-appreciated aspects of a sexual encounter. There’s just something hot about being alone with someone and saying naughty and taboo things that we would never ordinarily say in public. There’s a certain freedom in feeling safe and alone with your lover, so that you can let your sexy side take over and whisper — or scream — nasty utterances to each other. Taking dirty can really intensify a sexual encounter, helping to set the mood and build the excitement so that when our experience reaches a fever pitch, we’re at our raunchy, orgasmic best.

Knowing how to talk dirty to my man is so important because his brain is really his largest and most powerful sex organ… To be able to combine the imagination and anticipation of what I want to do to you with the words that will make you throb is the most powerful tool in my sexual arsenal.

Kendall Fox from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada

When I talk dirty, I whisper in a way that instantly whets your sexual appetite and makes you want to be closer to my lips. As you hear phrases like “I can’t wait to run my juicy lips up and down your neck, while I sit in you lap and tease your cock” you are instantly trying to imagine the way the weight of my soft supple ass feels grinding against your jeans and how silky and warm my lips felt the last time I ran them softly kissing the side of your neck. 

This is just science and human nature. We process information we see and hear, instantly trying to anticipate what the experience will be like. It’s this anticipation that’s so special for me, and I love to use dirty talk as I get you excited…

Sexy Kendall Fox likes to talk dirty to her clients…

So I walk over to you, face you and sit down on your lap, run my hands under his shirt, and start gently kissing your neck all the way up until I reach your ear. Then I lightly run my tongue along the bottom edge to bring the tip of it in between my lips and kiss it gently and ask you, as I slowly start to rock my hips back and forth against you, feeling you start to get hard, “Where else should I let these lips wander to? My mouth is starting to water for you…” I run my hands over your pants and start to undo your belt and run my fingernails softly over the top of your waistline careful to tease but avoid your growing erection.

Licensed working girl Kendall Fox
Licensed working girl Kendall Fox

Then I lean back so you can get a good look at me and so that I can position myself right against you and feel just how hard you are before taking off my top, grabbing your hands, and running them from the top of my juicy thighs up to grip my round ass. All the way up over my luscious breasts to feel my hard nipples, and then I pull you closer and kiss you deeply. Lightly lifting my hips and sitting them back down on your lap to entice you to take me into the bedroom…and once you do, we can talk about all of the filthy things we’re going to do to each other as we proceed to have the time of our lives.

Kendall Fox

Kendall Fox

A lady in the streets and a freak between the sheets, licensed courtesan Kendall Fox is the professional companion you've been thirsting for. A featured working girl at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat Brothel near Reno, Nevada, Kendall is currently accepting appointments for Girlfriend Experience encounters, fetish parties, and a wide array of other sexual adventures.

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Why I Prefer Prostitution Over Porn

Those of you who have been seeing me professionally for a while know that I began my career in the sex industry as an adult film actress. I’ve always been exceedingly interested in sex, nearly to the point of obsession. When I was younger I had many opportunities to fuck and to get fucked — and I delightfully indulged in those fervid encounters, developing considerable prowess to the point where I was able to enter the sex world as a professional lover. I saw porn as a natural step for someone of my disposition and desire, so I started having sex on camera and was able to pay my bills by being one of the many porn stars that people, maybe even a few people reading this post, spank it to on a regular basis.

At first, it was exciting. Getting calls for shoots and having filmmakers interested in working with me and flattering me made me feel good. But something was missing. I got into the business because I loved sex, but the sex I was having for the videos was mechanical, contrived, repetitive, and, worst of all, usually emotionless. It didn’t take me long to realize that watching porn is a hell of a lot more fun that shooting it.

I longed for a profession where I could have hot and impassioned love affairs that were truly satisfying, but since I thought prostitution was illegal throughout the USA, it looked like the only sexy job for me was to continue making monotonous masturbation material. Then, one day on set, a coworker informed me of the Bunny Ranch, a place where it’s entirely legal to get paid for having sex — real sex — private, one-on-one encounters with horny people looking for steamy rendezvous. I got on a plane a few days later and have been loving my job at the ranch ever since! Here are just a few reasons why I prefer legal prostitution over having porn star sex.

22 year old Aria Arial provides the Girlfriend Experience at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

It’s REAL Sex

Porn stars are actors. When we perform in an adult video, we’re less concerned with making our sex partners feel good and more concerned with what we look like while we’re doing it. The positions are designed less for pleasure and more for what looks good on camera. Orgasms are faked most of the time and there’s a lot of stopping, repositioning, and starting again. Not to mention that having a crew of one or more people hovering around you kind of kills the mood.

The sex I have at the Bunny Ranch, on the other hand, is part of an actual date. I specialize in the Girlfriend Experience, so my sessions and outdates involve a lot of intimate conversation between me and my client, thus we can get to know each other and develop a legitimate and meaningful bond. When I have sex with my clients at the brothel, it’s sumptuous and euphoric, and thoroughly genuine for the both of us. This is real sex, real passion — and yes often real orgasms — between two real people, not actors merely penetrating each other for the benefit of a camera.

Sexy and sensuous Aria Arial

I Feel Wanted

When you act in a porn movie, you don’t get to see the people that really enjoy your work. Those people are the viewers who will watch the video days, weeks, or months after it is shot, edited, and posted online or distributed as a DVD. When I do porn, I never get to meet the people who really want to be with me and fantasize about having sex with me. This is a tragedy!

As a licensed prostitute, the people who visit me truly want to get together with me and crave my attention and my touch. There’s no better feeling than knowing I’m wanted by the men (and women) who visit me at the brothel — there’s nothing that turns me on more and makes me want to show my clients an experience that will make them come like they never thought possible. I feel needed at the Bunny Ranch, and I take great pride and pleasure in satisfying the needs of my clients in return.

Aria Arial is a former adult film actress

It Pays Better (and not just in money)

When you’re good at what you do, and you love your work, you’re usually very successful at it. This has definitely been the case for me. Since I started working as a legal companion at the Bunny Ranch, I’ve managed to get to a point financially where I’m no longer “living month-to-month” and I’m able to fully concentrate on the welfare of my new and repeat customers. Moreover, since I started on this path, so many wonderful people have become a part of my life and have deeply enriched my world. I’m not only having the best sex of my life, but also meeting people who care about me and my well-being, and who have become true friends. For this sexually audacious girl, I’ve discovered what I was yearning for in my work: a real connection.

Aria Arial

Aria Arial

Your naughty little secret and most coveted sensual fantasy, Aria Arial offers an unforgettable Girlfriend Experience as a VIP courtesan at Dennis Hof's world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel.

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Tinder Vs. Legal Brothels — Why Tinder is Boosting Nevada Brothel Visits

Today, while being interviewed for a morning radio program, I was asked about how the ridiculously popular dating app Tinder is affecting my legal brothel businesses. I’ve never spoken about this subject before, but the conversation I had this morning has me thinking about how Tinder positively impacted Nevada’s legal prostitution industry — and why Nevada-style sex-for-pay is a better option for sexually active people looking for a hot hookup.

With over 100 million downloads and well over 10 million daily users, Tinder is pretty much the top dating application out there, and, let’s be honest, it’s primarily utilized by men and women looking for a quick lay. Tinder is like a worldwide singles bar that you can enter at any time — a meat-market that fits in your pocket — and it’s a platform that strongly encourages and helps facilitate casual sex encounters. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? At first glance Tinder may seem like a magic wand that can miraculously conjure up nookie whenever its users get the urge, but Tinder is no Bunny Ranch. The dating app is doing sex-seekers more harm than good, and I believe Tinder is one of the reasons why my prostitution business is on the upswing. Here are a couple of reasons why…

Tinder Increases the Rate of STD’s — My Brothels are Disease-Free

Tinder-inspired hookup culture is encouraging casual sex but not encouraging safe sex. I own two legal brothels in the Las Vegas area, the Love Ranch and Alien Cathouse. Over the past two years, business at these cathouses has been booming. One reason why so many Las Vegas tourists are frequenting my legal brothels is because Vegas reported a significant increase in sexually transmitted diseases from 2015 to 2016.

When this STD outbreak was first reported, I was baffled as to why it was happening. When one of my working girls explained to me how Tinder was reinventing the casual encounter, it rapidly became clear to me why dating apps are actually boosting the brothel business. The sexual stupidity Tinder encourages is not only causing an unprecedented and unnecessary STD epidemic in Sin City, but also frightening Vegas tourists. It’s easier than ever for Las Vegas vacationers to make the decision to visit my STD-free sex dens. Tinder has turned Vegas into a playground of disease and paranoia, so my medically-tested prostitutes are more in-demand than ever.

Tinder Reduces Self-Esteem — My Girls Boost Self-Esteem

Tinder allows users to quickly review dozens of profiles with one finger by simply “swiping.” A swipe to the right indicates interest, a swipe to the left is means rejection.

According to a 2016 study presented at the annual conference of the American Psychological Association, Tinder users have lower self-esteem than non-users. Because Tinder functions to encourage rapid rejection of people that users consider unattractive, the study found that “male and female users reported less satisfaction with their bodies and looks.”

This is horrible! Isn’t hooking up and having great sex supposed to make people feel good about themselves? No wonder men and women are flocking to my working girls. People are desperately seeking passionate lovers who will treat them with the respect they deserve as human beings. Tinder users want to be with sex partners who will boost their self-esteem, not destroy it. The beautiful women who work in my brothels are experts at treating their customers like they want, need, and deserve to be treated. When a customer leaves one of my establishments, he or she will have a spring in their step and will have the confidence to take on the world.

Tinder is at best an ineffective tool that harms the very people it’s designed to assist, and at worst a plague on mankind. I believe that we have yet to see the long-term negative psychological effects of Tinder on society. I’m just glad that I can provide a valuable service to the thousands of lost and dissatisfied Tinder users who visit my brothels every day. Maybe it’s time for me to finally launch my Bunny Ranch hookup app…

Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof is the charismatic owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the most famous legal brothel in the history of the world and subject of the smash hit HBO series “Cathouse.” Hof owns a total of seven licensed brothels throughout the state of Nevada including the Love Ranch, the Sagebrush Ranch, the Kit Kat Ranch, and the Alien Cathouse. Hof has lectured at Oxford, Trinity, the Sorbonne and hundreds of other major universities, colleges and public events around the globe and he is the author of the best-selling book, “The Art Of The Pimp: A Love Story” published by Regan Arts.

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