More than Milk and Cookies for the Holidays

The holiday season is one that draws out the two extremes of human emotion. Some see this as a time for festive cheer, good will, and happiness. Others who suffer from the “Holiday Blues” instead tend to scowl at all the vibrant lights, feeling glum and lonely. Why is there such a huge difference between these reactions? Our attitude regarding the holidays tends to be shaped by our experiences growing up. Did you celebrate the holidays, or did they pass by with little notice? As an adult, do you still put up a tree or light the menorah, or are you instead forced to listen to 40 hours a week of Mariah Carey wailing about what she wants for Christmas? I call the latter option the Bah Humbug Christmas. Instead, why not treat yourself to a Bunny Ranch Holiday Season? We’re serving up more than Milk and Cookies around our holiday tree!

Alice Little from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch legal brothel

The holiday season comes with lots of tradition. This year, we invite you to make some new holiday traditions with our Brothel Family! Trust me, there will be more than kissing underneath our mistletoe. We can help you to reclaim the holiday season with the kinds of memories you’ll want to look back on! Each year, we decorate extensively for the holidays. Lights, stockings, decorations, and of course a Holiday Tree! Because our ladies come from a diversity of spiritual backgrounds it’s important that we honor and acknowledge the various seasonal traditions. Want to light the menorah for Hanukkah? Join us! Honoring the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa? Umoja (unity) is alive and abundant at the ranch. Have alternative beliefs? Please, share them with us! We do not discriminate, and seek instead to create a special holiday experience for everyone.

Tiara Tae (left) and Alice Little from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Reno, Nevada

A holiday meal is an iconic piece of seasonal tradition. The Bunnies would love to have you join us around our table for a special meal, of course to be followed by decadent dessert. Sweet treats, delicious food, good friends, and great memories- a proper way to ring in the festive season! Northern Nevada transforms into a winter wonderland this time of year, with fresh-fallen snow and winter activities galore. Skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiling, and ice skating are just some of the seasonal favorites the Bunnies are eager to share with you! We can share some hot cocoa, warm up by the fire, and of course venture back to my suite for some wintertime cuddles.

However you decide to celebrate, the Bunny Ranch is the best place on earth to do it! With over 80 legal sex workers available, everyone is sure to find the perfect snow bunny of their dreams to enjoy the winter season with. Join us for a holiday weekend getaway- you won’t regret it.

Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie with a super-fit, all-natural body -- but don’t let her small stature deceive you. This friendly firebox is a pocket-sized sexual powerhouse with unparalleled lovemaking skills. A part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, Alice will make you feel right at home at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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Why You Should Have Sex with an Imperfectly Perfect Girl

If you are on the fence about booking a party with a professional companion, allow me to convince you. Whether you’re hesitant because of shyness or your own body image, I can relate. As a plus sized girl, I understand all too well the concerns many of us have regarding the way we’re perceived by others. I also believe that these concerns are mere fabrications of the society we live in. Who is to say we should be ashamed? Who is to say what we should look like? No one. And besides, plus size is more fun. Especially in the bedroom. 

When I started as a companion, I struggled with ideas that society has about body image. I was worried no one would accept me for who I am and that I would never get to share my compassion with anyone. I was so nervous and scared that I would never be accepted. I can relate to anyone else that feels this way. As someone with a little extra to give, I can guarantee that I offer more than my less Rubenesque colleagues. 

My philosophy is that I hold no judgements. And if I did, how contradicting would that be? Instead, I can relate. Presenting your body to anyone can be a scary endeavor, I know. Like showing the whole table your deck of cards and worrying that everyone will judge you. I have learned to embrace the hand I was dealt, and I’ve never been happier. But why should you get naked with me? Once you are over the hurdle of your insecurities and learn to embrace them, what can you expect with a plus size girl?

Brooklyn Beach from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada

My Body is a Wild Ride

My body is like an amusement park. With dips and hills, a big booty and large breasts, the ride is exhilarating. My butt, breasts, hips, and thighs are all areas that, when touched erotically, arouse my sexual energy. And yours too. Unlike plus size girls, skinnier girls can’t use their breasts in sex like I can, if you know what I mean. If you haven’t tried “breast sex,” you can only find it with a plus size girl. With what my body has to offer, our foreplay experience will raise to higher peaks and deeper valleys.  

I Arouse Your Deepest Instincts

I’m a firm believer that men are instinctively attracted to plus size, despite what society thinks. As a man, whether you realize it or not, you are visually stimulated by nature. By mountains, hills, valleys, peaks, crevices, and any other natural structure. Also, the sex appeal of a woman is dependent on her ability to bear healthy children. As a curvy woman with larger breasts, wider hips, and a juicy booty, I will trigger your instinctual attraction and desire to procreate. Let’s use our bodies like nature intended! 

I Know How To Laugh

A girl like me knows how to laugh, and I must say – I’m pretty good at it! I love to crack jokes and I’m not easily offended – share your dirties joke with me. I’m not a perfectionist and I don’t take life too seriously. I know how to have a great time and live in the moment – because my hair and nails aren’t most important things to me.

Better Foreplay

As a curvy, plus sized girl, I offer more after sex too. I’m a great cuddlier. I have a unique sense of humor, and, like I said before, I will never, ever judge you. If you’re worried about choosing a companion based on your own insecurities, look no further than me. I’ll make you feel more relaxed than anyone else. You can contact me and we can set up an appointment. If you’re ready for a wild ride and an awesome experience with a curvier girl, I’m your woman.   

Brooklyn Beach

Brooklyn Beach

From the heart of the American Midwest, Brooklyn Beach is the embodiment of everyone's Girl Next Door fantasy. She currently offers a superlative "Girlfriend Experience" as a featured courtesan at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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Sugar Dating: Let’s Stop Sugar-Coating Prostitution

Is being a sugar baby on a sugar dating site the same as being a prostitute? The short and most honest answer is absolutely, yes. Some sugar babies might circumvent this fact by saying that they are merely compensated for their time and companionship and not sex. I know this is true because in the past I, too, have confidently argued the same.

I am a sex worker, and now a legal prostitute at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Mound House, Nevada. Formerly, however, I have identified as a “sugar baby,” and I was a highly successful one at that. Through my sugar lifestyle, I could pay for college and further studies, travel the world and experience luxuries. I embodied and reveled in being a spoiled-rotten sugar baby, and thus I do not make my claim from ignorance but rather from several years of experience.

Yes, there are some sugar relationships that are not based upon sex; the same is true for some relationships with legal prostitutes and their clients. As legal prostitutes, all things that we do, or do not do, are declared and negotiated. As a legal prostitute, I have been paid to share in an innocuous bubble bath session with a man, and then take a nap—no sex, just “time and companionship.” We are not always compensated for sex, just like sugar babies are not. Thankfully, my sugar experiences were mostly all positive but that is not a presumption that I am at all smarter, nor necessarily took better precautions, than others with unfortunate experiences; I was just lucky.

Bobbi Besos from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

While I am grateful and privileged to have had many positive sugar experiences, the unfortunate reality is that not all aspiring sugar babies do. Negative sugaring-related scenarios such as the tragic death of murdered Google executive Forrest Hayes seem rare, but only because the disheartening experiences many sugar daddies and sugar babies have had are often not publicized. Few people are as brave as my Bunny Ranch colleague Alex, who revealed her sugar-dating horror story this past September. 

Online platforms such as Seeking Arrangement, which host millions of eager sugar babies and sugar daddies/mommies, are simply pimping schemes that admit no responsibility for their users’ safety. The legal distinctions that separate sugar babies and illegal prostitutes are flimsy, and sugar websites get away with offering what they do by promoting the fantasy that sugaring is so entirely different from prostitution when it is exactly that—prostitution. Further, the way such websites market their quasi-innocence is the same way an illegal escorting service or company works: if the “Daddy” takes the “baby” on a “date” for an “agreed upon” “allowance”, then whatever “adult activities” that occur afterwards in the bedroom between consenting adults is their own business—which is indeed true. My intent is not at all to judge what is normal and natural for us all. EVERYBODY has sex, and someone is always paying for it in some way. I get it; sugaring is an enticing route for young women, particularly students like me, and I have done it. The distinct problem with sugar websites is that they overtly promote a farce and take no responsibility when things go awry, consequently rendering all parties involved infinitely vulnerable.

Bobbi Besos was formerly a sugar baby on sugar dating websites

Perhaps the reason why sugar dating websites are so popular is because people are more comfortable with euphemistic terms such as “sugar” instead of “transaction,” and “sugar baby” instead of “prostitute.” The legal Nevada brothel system, conversely, is designed for everybody’s safety: sex workers are tested weekly for diseases, and must identify as legal prostitutes and obtain a sheriff’s card within their working county. Equally, legal prostitutes work in a safe environment and may choose to turn away absolutely any client they do not wish to entertain. Everything is unequivocally transparent for both legal sex workers and clients. Legal prostitution—besides being legal—is structured, regulated, and the wholly empowering option for young women and their clients, and keeps us all safer.

Maybe the phenomenon of sugar dating speaks to a larger issue about society’s lack of acceptance of prostitution, an inevitable social situation that permeates every city in the world and will never go away. Because prostitution is scorned by the status quo, despite being ubiquitous, it allows savvy but morally questionable business persons to take advantage of ways to sugar-coat the unlawful sex industry and shrewdly dodge law enforcement. If people just accepted sex-for-money as a social norm, prostitution would be legal everywhere in the USA and brothels wouldn’t be limited to the rural areas of Nevada — and there would be no need for sugar dating. 

When I realized and accepted the truth of exactly what I was doing, I delighted in my own self-honesty and self-discovery and admitted to myself exactly who I am: an intelligent, well-travelled, and well-educated young woman who happens to work as a prostitute. I decided my safety is paramount. Regarding my work, I chose to proceed in a legal and safe direction to continue to be successful. I am much happier working legally in a Nevada brothel than navigating the grey sugar world. Most importantly, I no longer lie to myself and I take greater pride in everything I do and represent, with a complete understanding of myself, my goals, and the clients I see.

Bobbi Besos

Bobbi Besos

University of Nevada, Reno graduate student Bobbi Besos is a self-described "natural nymphomaniac." A highly coveted VIP companion sought after by men, women, and couples, Bobbi is currently taking bookings as a premier companion at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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Nye County, Who Owns Your Brothels?

This past May, I was accused of violating Nye County brothel laws because authorities believed that medical cards at one of my brothels were not in order. This turned out to merely be a misunderstanding and charges against me were eventually dropped.

While no one appreciates being charged with a violation they did not commit, I understand that law enforcement officials are often times aggressive when it comes to Nye County brothels. Nevada is the only state that allows for legal prostitution and no one wants unscrupulous individuals to slip through the cracks and take advantage of the system. If our law enforcement officials are lax when it comes to brothels, the excellent reputation of our adult entertainment industry could be sullied by dishonest brothel owners, and a well-established industry that supports taxpaying sex workers, courteous clients, and a fine community could be in jeopardy.

As I currently explore selling one or more of my brothel properties, and acquiring others, I was reminded of something that may have been ignored by county officials for quite some time: It appears that several of the individuals who have a vested interest in the Nye County brothels not owned by me may be reaping the benefits of co-ownership without being properly vetted by the county.

This bothers me, especially when you take into consideration that my name was recently all over the papers over accusations that were not only unfounded, but arguably less grave than having veiled investors in brothel businesses. 

You see, the cornerstone of Nye County’s legal prostitution industry is a portion of the law stating that “Every person wishing to engage in the business of conducting a house of prostitution” must undergo a “full investigation” by the Sheriff. This ensures that the business is pure and aboveboard from the top down, and that no businessperson with ill intentions will be even partially involved with an establishment that could, if ill-run, negatively impact the health, safety, and reputation of the sex workers, clients, and local community.

I currently own three of the five brothels in Nye County. This crucial aspect of Nevada brothel law, the vetting of all owners associated with a brothel via a thorough investigation, may not be observed by the Nye County bordellos not owned by me. Through my recent business discussions, I’ve come to understand that there may be several investors in the two non-Hof brothels that have not undergone proper scrutiny from county officials. 

It is true that I am a somewhat polarizing figure in this state, and, yes, some of the residents of Nye County may have beliefs and views that are contradictory to my own. But I strongly feel that you know I am a person who stands firm for what he believes in, and that I will defend my employees, my businesses, and my political views publicly and with a great deal of audacity. The situation with basketball star Lamar Odom’s overdose at one of my brothels two years ago, which was not the fault of my brothel staff, is a good example of my fortitude under intense scrutiny and pressure. The sex workers in my employ know what kind of man they’re partnering with. They trust me to be authentic, transparent, and forthright as a businessman. More importantly, my employees know that they work for a person with a trusted and vetted background.

People of Nye County, you may love me. You may hate me. But you know me. You know me as a Nevada resident of 42 years. You know me as a local businessman. You know me as a nationally publicized media personality. And you know me as person with political aspirations and high hopes for the future of Nye County.

So, in the interest of ensuring that the County is as wonderful a place to live as we strive for it to be, I put these questions to you, the residents of Nye County: Who owns your brothels? Do these clandestine investors live in the state? Do they even live in the USA? Do they have criminal records? 

Do you care? You should — and so should your County officials.

Photo of Chicken Ranch by BrianRedbeard at English Wikipedia [CC BY-SA 3.0 or GFDL], via Wikimedia Commons

Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof

Dennis Hof is the charismatic owner of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch, the most famous legal brothel in the history of the world and subject of the smash hit HBO series “Cathouse.” Hof owns a total of seven licensed brothels throughout the state of Nevada including the Love Ranch, the Sagebrush Ranch, the Kit Kat Ranch, and the Alien Cathouse. Hof has lectured at Oxford, Trinity, the Sorbonne and hundreds of other major universities, colleges and public events around the globe and he is the author of the best-selling book, “The Art Of The Pimp: A Love Story” published by Regan Arts.

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Pinup Fantasy: I Help To Keep Our Boys HARD At Work

It’s been said that every pinup has a bit of a bad girl inside for men to savor, and I, Amber Adams, ah hem, embody that wickedness. As a pinup girl, I want you to dream about me as your womanly ideal at night and during the day. What man doesn’t want to stop and let his mind drift off for awhile, with me as his fantasy, as his cock grows stiff in his pants?

Pinups of beautiful girls date back to at least the 1890s, and the spirits of soldiers, sailors, and airmen during the First and Second World Wars were kept UP by pinups of their favorite models, like Miss Fernande during 1914-18 (one of the first busty, fully nude models) to actress Betty Grable during 1941-45, whose swimsuit poster was pinned up in millions of GI lockers. And who could forget the bomber and fighter nose art of World War II and beyond featuring beautiful nudes with names like Pink Lady, China Doll, Dream Girl, Butterfly baby, and Black Widow? Brave and handsome young men flew these sexy images over enemy territory from Europe to Asia.

Amber Adams from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada

And speaking of sexy images, here’s one: Close your eyes and imagine yourself in a private room having a date with me. I am a pinup poster girl come to life and holding your dick gently in my hand while my smiling, naughty face looks up to yours. A couple of squeezes and your beanstalk is lengthening and becoming hard. It looks yummy, and my pink tongue pokes out to lick at it—a few flicks at the head, then a full-length slow lick from the balls to the tip. You’re now rock-hard (who wouldn’t be?) and my juicy red lipsticked lips form an O and slip over your shaft. For few precious minutes, your manhood is my lollipop, and I slowly suck at it to get all of its sweetness.

Got your imagination stirred up now, soldier boy? Let’s continue: My soft mouth continues loving your cock until my lipstick is gone and your Johnson is decorated in red. I’m wearing a short, flouncy skirt with nothing under it but a soaking wet pussy. I apply a condom to your dick (safety first!) and hop up on the bed to assume the doggy position. “Your target for today is… My hole!” I say, as you climb aboard the bed, aim, and stick it deep in me. My body shivers from the urgency of your first thrust (one of my favorite moments of an encounter; sometimes a guy hits clit on the first go, and I get a sudden climax).

Then we settle into an easy rocking back-and-forth, push-and-pull motion that’s like dancing, but much better. As we fuck, I tell you, “Look at my pinup on the wall—you’re screwing that girl! Screw me, baby! Ride me!” We do that for a few minutes, then stop to reposition.

Amber Adams

Now I’m on my back, with my legs up in the air, my pussy all red and well-fucked, but ready for more. “V for Victory, honey!” I shout. “Do your duty for your country!” (Don’t worry if your willie droops a bit by this point from exhaustion; I’ll suck him back into action fast.) You slip it back into me and my eyes roll with pleasure. We hug each other and rock affectionately, my cunt and your cock locked. Do you feel how warm my pussy is? I’m so wet now Ms. Puss is making soft sucking sounds. That’s the music of a happy pussy.

As we rock and roll, I can sense your thrusts getting stronger as you edge towards cumming. Your facial expressions are also showing those crazy looks when a man is about to release. As you pump away madly, I let my hands slide from your shoulders down to your ass, where they each grip a buttock to draw you in closer. Even though my eyes are shut tight as my body roars towards orgasm, my hands spread open your butt cheeks, and then, at the moment before release, I use an old but wonderful trick we courtesans employ to please our men: I suddenly stick a finger up your butthole. You gasp in surprise and delight, thrust your cock as deep in me as you can, and your cock pours out cream that fills the condom.

As you pull out of me, I can swear I see steam rising, but it’s probably my imagination. Don’t forget to take my pinup with you as a memory that will live with you, and bring you back to me again. God Bless America!

Amber Adams

Amber Adams

A curvy redheaded seductress, Amber Adams is the girl next door you just can't get enough of. This sexy Seattle native is currently entertaining clients at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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The Joy of being Sex-Positive!

I consider myself an overall positive person, always seeing the brightest side of even the most frustrating situations. For example, when I was in a traffic jam yesterday, instead of honking my horn and letting the stress of being late for my dentist appointment get the better of me, I took the opportunity to call family members that I hadn’t spoken with in a while. They were delighted that I used the extra time I had to reconnect, and I felt wonderful knowing that I brightened their day. I turned an exasperating traffic jam into a heart-warming family conversation.

I’m also a very sexual person, having always been very open about my sensual desires and eager to explore my personal sexual curiosities. Sex for me is more than merely an interest, it’s a passion. My love for all things erotic recently compelled me to explore a position as a legal sex worker at a popular Nevada brothel, and I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the bordello was also the ideal environment for my positivity. The supportive and life-affirming atmosphere of Nevada brothels are a perfect fit for this tiny beam of sexual sunshine, and I’m going to explain what I love about being a sex-positive girl in a sex-positive place.

Lola Love from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Sex-positivity means being nonjudgmental

The first step in being a sex-positive person is to not judge another person’s sexual proclivities. Many people visit Nevada brothels because they fear that their sexual desires, should they be discovered, will result in scorn or ridicule from people in their personal life. A gentleman with a foot fetish, for example, might be embarrassed to reveal his penchant for feet to his wife, but he could extensively explore his fetishistic appetites in the nonjudgmental environment of a legal brothel with an open and loving partner like me.

There are a wide variety people in this world with an equally wide range of sexual inclinations. There are people that enjoy mixing a little pain with their pleasure, and consequently take part in the BDSM subculture. There are people who love role-play, sometimes to the extent that they get off on dressing up in anthropomorphic animal costumes. There are people who long to participate in threesomes, orgies, gang bangs, and all manner of naughty activities — and that’s all absolutely fine. Who is anyone to say that someone’s unique desires are wrong? As long as it is legal, their sexual interests can be explored in a licensed brothel with sex-positive lovers that will never judge anyone’s sexual needs.    

Sex-positive Lola Love

Sexual exploration leads to self-discovery

With a non-judgmental, sex-positive partner like me, my lovers are free to explore every sexual aspiration or fascination they’ve ever had. When everything’s on the table, my bedroom becomes a place where inhibitions are consigned to oblivion and erotic fantasies are allowed to become gloriously real. In such an atmosphere, where people are allowed to ask for what they really want — and allow themselves to experience what they genuinely yearn for, a situation of sexual self-discovery flourishes. The only way to truly know oneself is to become vulnerable, preferably in a safe place with a loving companion, and give in to the thoughts, needs, and sensuous cravings that have been repressed for too long. In that sex-positive situation, the real person is free to finally emerge from the constraining shell they’ve been living in.   

Lola Love from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada

A positive sex life leads to a positive life overall

I have known many people that are too guarded or withdrawn when it comes to sex. They live their lives with their true longings bottled up, hidden from their family and friends. Over time, they become malfunctional, silently broken individuals. No matter what they achieve in life or what they attain in their work, there is an emptiness. Their sex-negative mindset prevents them from wholly appreciating the essential human need that is sex.

If we don’t explore the full spectrum of our desires, how can we truly be happy in life? If we are sexually passionless, with sex being such an important fundamental need, how do we maintain a lust for all that life has to offer? It’s important to invite sex-positive people into our world to ensure that we all lead rich, gratifying, and fulfilling lives. I’m pleased to know that there are at least a few places in Nevada where sex-positive people can readily be found, so that everyone has the opportunity to live complete, passion-filled lives.

Lola Love

Lola Love

A 4'11" Polynesian knockout, Lola Love is a sexy cutie that will charm the pants, shirt, shoes, and socks off of you. Lola currently offers the Girlfriend Experience and other erotic diversions as a featured companion at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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The Perfect Atmosphere For A Sexy Experience

When you choose to seek intimate services in the legal brothels of Nevada, you can expect more than simply knowing you won’t face criminal charges or penalties for doing so; more than knowing we are medically verified to be disease-free and you won’t be taking anything unintended home with you; more than the assurance of safety and security that you won’t be robbed, beaten up, or have your credit cards fraudulently charged by unsavory characters.

Beyond these basic (though crucial) guarantees, because of our ability to operate freely instead of underground and to attract intelligent, skilled courtesans, we offer many luxurious amenities to provide you not just safety, but a world-class experience. When you make the decision to visit me here, you can look forward to memories that will last a lifetime and building a courtesan relationship that could go on for years. Knowing this, I don’t take for granted the little touches that will make your visit with me special and memorable.

Amelia Heart in her private bedroom at the Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada

My own dedicated approach to luxury companionship and my attention to detail comes from a history of academic and professional experience. Prior to becoming a courtesan, I acquired multiple academic degrees and worked in museums before spending seven years offering professional massage therapy services. From all of these experiences, I learned to be meticulous in caring for my charges, whether they be ancient inanimate artifacts or my devoted clients.

From the moment you step through the door of my elegantly furnished room, you will see that I personally go above and beyond to ensure my clients’ expectations are always met and exceeded. I go to great lengths to ensure my hair, makeup, clothing, and workout routine contribute to me being the most alluring I can be to enhance your experience. On a daily basis, I invest back into making sure your experience here is of the highest quality I can provide so that you, in turn, will be eager to invest in me.

Click on a thumbnail below to view gallery

A considerable amount of my own personal time and money has also gone into ensuring that my room is a luxurious sanctuary. With my background in massage therapy (not to mention an interest in neuroscience), I am keenly aware of how one’s environment and sensory input on multiple levels contributes to one’s experience. I have gone to extensive effort to ensure that visiting my room is a VIP experience every single time.

Let me paint a picture for you. Before you even enter my room, you may catch the scent of vanilla wafting down the hall. Smell is our most powerful and primal sense; it can bring back memories or completely alter our experience of an environment. I often use vanilla, as it is considered an aphrodisiac scent that promotes tranquility. (If you have a particular request instead, don’t hesitate to let me know in advance.)

When you walk in, the lights will be dim and the decor elegant and attractive. Everything is clean, orderly, and in its place. Candles all around provide an extra romantic gleam, reflecting off the mirror alongside my bed where we can later watch ourselves moving in our passionate encounter.

Far away from the parlor, the audible disturbances will be minimized. Your ears will be treated to soft, romantic music (unless you prefer a different soundtrack) designed both to relax and gently stimulate the natural rhythms we invoke. When we finally make it to the bed, my extra soft sheets and plush bedding will envelop us in a comforting cocoon. The most intimate moments occur here, with every sense incorporated to its fullest. You’ll have had plenty of time to undress me with your eyes, but when seeing turns to feeling, you’ll notice how my all-natural body conforms to every expectation of firmness and softness in just the right proportions.

Amelia Heart in her private bedroom at the Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada

After our bodily exertion, we can take advantage of my private bathroom to rinse away the sweat in my double-headed shower or with a relaxing soak in my spacious tub. Thick, oversized towels await you when we emerge. And, of course, if we aren’t ready for the encounter to end, the delights go on with as many indulgences as we can dream up; let me treat you to as much time together as you would like, whether in my room or venturing out for a decadent dinner to satisfy those appetites we haven’t already.

If you are seeking an extraordinary encounter, look no further. I look forward to indulging you in every way with all the amenities I can provide. Let’s begin our plan soon for one or more of the most unforgettable encounters of your life.

Amelia Heart

Amelia Heart

A slender, all-natural brunette, Amelia Heart is a confident, compassionate, and open-minded woman seeking to share all the vitality and spirit of life, of which sensuality and sexuality are such important components. She is currently seeing clients at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat brothel near Reno, Nevada.

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Sex and Star Wars: Why Slave Leia is my Most Popular Role Play

As a licensed prostitute at one of Nevada’s top legal brothels, I get a lot of requests for erotic cosplay sessions and various types of sexual role play. While the “naughty nurse” or “sexy CEO” seem to be old standards that never go out of style, it’s the fantasy and science fiction scenarios that make up the bulk of my role play business. From Game of Thrones’ Khaleesi to the ever-popular Harley Quinn from DC Comics, I find myself taking on the role of the sexy characters from imaginative TV, comic books, and film more and more — and, by far, the most requested character I’m asked to play is “Slave Leia,” the captive princess from Star Wars: Episode VI – Return of the Jedi, bound in chains by interstellar crime lord Jabba the Hutt, and forced to wear an iconic (and ridiculously hot) metal bikini.

As a Star Wars fan, I have delighted in portraying the character of Slave Leia several scores of times in the privacy of the brothel setting, where my clients can let loose their inhibitions and indulge their innermost desires in a nonjudgmental environment. In the discreet realm of my Nevada sex den, I have experienced first-hand the deep-rooted obsession men have with this classic cinematic sex symbol. From my experiences, I have drawn a few conclusions as to why the Slave Leia incarnation of the Princess Leia Organa character from Return of the Jedi is my most requested role.

Hannah Foxx from the Kit Kat Ranch as Slave Leia

Slave Leia is the sex symbol that enchanted a generation (that now visits prostitutes.)

In 1983, when Return of the Jedi was released, millions of highly impressionable pubescent boys were exposed to the bikini-clad heroine when she was projected on massive movie screens over 20’ tall. The overwhelming images of the enslaved beauty were ineradicably branded into the minds of these sexually developing young men, creating a mass psychological phenomenon that significantly impacted the sexual psyche of an entire generation.

Thankfully, these 12 to 16 year olds are now entering middle age, which just happens to be the age of the primary demographic of Nevada brothel customers. It’s no coincidence that the vast majority of my Slave Leia requests come from men in their forties. When these composed men first see me walk out from my dressing room in full Slave Leia regalia, I can see their expressions change as they harken back to their first boyhood infatuation and melt like a teenager. Without a doubt, the main reason why Slave Leia is my most popular sex party is because my clientele are at a point in their lives where they can, and choose to, indulge in the fantasies that these customers have been yearning to play-out since boyhood.

Hannah Foxx

Slave Leia: A damsel in distress, or a BDSM badass?

In 1977, George Lucas introduced us to Princess Leia with the first Star Wars installment. Brilliantly played by the late, great Carrie Fisher, Leia was a female character that was as capable, confident, and courageous as the male characters — if not more so in many ways (in the first film she was already an established underground operative and planetary diplomat.) She was “one of the guys,” the female protagonist that a young boy could see himself genuinely being friends with. But Lucas took care to not sexualize the character in the first two Star Wars movies, often featuring her in full military dress or unrevealing gowns (Fisher’s breasts were even taped down so as not to be a distraction in the first film.)

So when this bold, self-reliant female character was objectified by vile gangster Jabba and stripped down to her metal and leather undies, it was a titillating shock. The cool girl-next-door filled out — and she was into bondage!

Now that these young boys are adults with a variety of sexual interests, it goes without saying that there is a lot of dominance, submission, and sadomasochism play involved in a Slave Leia sex party. My clients love to reenact the scene from the film that takes place on Jabba’s floating sail barge, where the shackled Leia turns the tables on her captor and strangles the villain with her chains. This role play allows for both my client and me to switch from submissive to dominant, so that each of us can experience the thrill of being ravished and defiled by our captor, as well as the devious pleasure of teaching our sexy prisoner a lesson.

On rare occasions, for client’s into erotic asphyxiation, I’m asked to recreate the strangulation scenario itself during a sex party. As a BDSM specialist I’m trained in proper and safe methods of breath control to stimulate arousal, so that my client’s can get off on playing Jabba’s death scene again and again.

Hanna Foxx (Kit Kat Ranch) and Alice Little (Bunny Ranch) as Slave Leia

Slave Leia is the modern day taboo men just gotta have.

Look, the Star Wars franchise is a Disney property and I’m aware that the films are meant to be enjoyed by “children of all ages.” This doesn’t change the fact that I have amassed considerable revenue from men paying me to be their personal space slut. Certainly I’m not at fault for doing my job and indulging my client’s fantasies, and my clients are not at fault for being turned on by the character. So what “went wrong” in the Slave Leia scenes that turned this family film into a very profitable opportunity for sex workers.

Was Slave Leia a storytelling blunder? Was the character too naughty for her audience? Did the filmmakers go too far by insinuating that the princess was sexually violated by Jabba with the Slave Leia imagery? Regardless, the Slave Leia scenes are inarguably the most controversial item in Star Wars’ forty year history. In 2015, it was even rumored that Disney was considering discontinuing Slave Leia merchandise.

A long time ago…Legendary actress Carrie Fisher with brothel owner Dennis Hof, Madam Suzette, and the ladies back in the day

Whether or not you agree that Slave Leia was a misstep that now needs to be suppressed and muted, there’s no denying the character’s impact on popular culture — or her power to polarize public opinion. In our politically correct era, we have just about made men’s attraction to Slave Leia an untouchable and unmentionable topic. In 2017, is it safe for a man to casually say that he would love to play out a Slave Leia sex fantasy? Not likely, for fear that an army of feminists would discredit him on social media and brand him forever as a male chauvinist.

We have forced men’s fascination with Slave Leia into the underground, where professional women like me allow my clients to satisfy their longstanding adolescent urges in the privacy of Nevada’s brothels. Who would have thought that the galactic adventurer that dazzled millions of cinema fans would end up being a modern day sexual taboo? As Jedi Master Yoda would say, “Always in motion is the future.”

Hannah Foxx

Hannah Foxx

A sexual maelstrom with an impressive resume in the erotic arts, Hannah Foxx provides the finest in romance and risque. Hailing from the deep American South, Hannah is currently a premier companion at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat Ranch near Carson City, Nevada.

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Ask for Two Girls and You Shall Receive – Plenty of Sex!

In my profession as a courtesan, I am what is known as a Giver or a Pleaser. If you come to see me, I will do my best to provide you with so much pleasure, in so many ways, that you’ll leave exhausted, ecstatic, and anticipating our next meeting. I’ll leave you with such strong impressions that whenever your thoughts turn to sex—and most people think about sex most of the time—a mental picture of me will likely pop up in your imagination. If you have a really creative mind, I may become a figure in your dreams. I’ll be so happy if I do, because that will mean I’ve done for you what you need: brought warmth, erotic fun, and sexual playfulness to your life. In other businesses, most clients are satisfied if you deliver the goods on time; in my business, it’s my joy to bring you to the heights of climactic rapture.

Pantera (right) and Randy Ryder from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Have a look at my lush body—and that of my friend, Randy Ryder, who is to my left in the above picture. Our body types can be described by the Yiddish term zaftig, which means “alluringly plump, curvaceous, buxom” and, especially, “juicy.” We have big boobs, big butts, and are all-round all-female. If you book a two-girl party with us, what you will get is comfort, warmth, and magnificently muscular thighs between which are soft, receptive pussies that welcome the penetration of hard cocks, eager male or female fingers (or tongues), or the pressure of a woman’s hot cunt as we scissor-grip a sister.

The chemistry of two girls like us, with our similar body types, can be heady for men or women. For one thing, we can offer erotic variations on the old expression, “Two heads are better than one.” First, that means two sexy imaginations are thinking up dirty things to do to you. And second, you gain the advantage of two girls working simultaneously on pleasing you. If you’re a girl, you can sit on one of our faces and get your clitty licked while the other fingers your pussy from behind. (Screaming with joy is definitely allowed.) And if you’re a guy, one of us can jerk your dick up good and hard, then hold it tightly while the other sucks you off—and vice versa.

Then there is the famous “pussy pile”; what happens is that one of us lays on her back while the other assumes the female-superior position above, then adjusts herself so our pussies align. Just like the old advertising slogan, “Double your pleasure, double your fun!” Just aim your hard cock, and slide it into whichever hole you like. Some guys like to switch back and forth every few strokes, and other guys like to linger awhile grinding away. Some guys like to shut their eyes, popping in and popping out, making a fun game to trying to guess, “Pussy, pussy, which pussy am I in?” And if you want to stick your thumb in one of us while slamming away at the other, be our guest!

Now if you’re a bi-curious or gay lady, you can finger-bang one of us while licking the other. Or just lick us both in one long, luxurious tongue-lashing. Now, if you’re a couple seeking a foursome, the woman companion of the man can grab his hard shaft, give him some quick sucks, then plug him into us, back and forth, gently stroking his scrotum while he fucks our pussies. Some men are surprised at how excited their lady friend gets from watching them hump our muscular, grip-tight cunts. Some women will drip some lube on one of their fingers, then suddenly slide it right up their man’s ass just before he’s about to spurt (women can always can tell by the distinctive, and funny, facial expressions their guys make in the last seconds before ejaculation). Some men groan deeply, some howl like wolves, and some just go, “Wow!” The she pulls him out and lets him cum in her mouth. For some couples, that’s the first time that’s happened, and you know the hubby or boyfriend will start to ask to finish off in her mouth when they get home.

For the girls, we like to teach them about female ejaculation—the way you can forcefully stimulate the Bartholin’s glands in the vagina that produce lubrication to make that natural wet stuff just shoot out at the moment of orgasm. It works for bi-curious, gay, or straight women, and so many of them appreciate learning this skill. You might have to launder the bed sheets a little more often, but its well worth it for the enormously powerful effect that female ejaculation has on a woman’s sexuality. A lot of women have never heard of it before, and are ecstatic to discover that their sexuality has even more varieties of pleasure to offer them. It’s great to be a woman!

And, of course, it’s great to be a man, especially when we blindfold a male client and play “Gotcha!” with his cock. The object of this sex came is to see how often he guesses correctly which of us is sucking him. There are no losers in this game; everybody wins. We get to demonstrate the plethora of our oral skills, like licking his shaft fully with our tongues or tickling it with their tips; running our manicured fingernails slowly up the underside of his cock (which always elicits deep moans from men); deep-throating him; hard-sucking him with our mouths full of cool water or Champagne, then making loud popping sounds as we detatch; and—one of our favorite moves—one girl jacking him while the other blows him, up-and-down, up-and-down.

Finally, when he’s fully stiff, the head of his cock all purple and fully inflated, we get up on the bed doggy-style, and he rams into our puffy pussies like a madman who hasn’t had sex in weeks. Sometimes he blows his load into one of us, and, more often you’d think, he stays hard after the first climax, plunges full-length into the other girl, and cums a second time. It shows why we’re such a powerful pair of lovers. So call us to book your two-girl party NOW. Your Johnson will thank you!



Built for seduction and catering to men, women and couples searching for an exhilarating sensual experience, Pantera is a luxury courtesan currently featured at Dennis Hof's world famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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My Youth, Your Experience—Perfect Together!

“I like a guy what takes his time…” That’s what the great singer and actress Mae West sang in her 1933 film, She Done Him Wrong. Christina Aguilera recorded her own version of the song in 2010, which shows that this sexy tune has staying power. I write this not only because I’m a musician (I play piano, viola, cello, and guitar) in addition to being a courtesan, but because I love older men who, over the course of their lives, have learned to take it slow in the bedroom and make the beautiful experience of sex go on and on.

Elaina Gilbert from Dennis Hof’s Kit Kat Ranch has a preference for older men.

I’m a courtesan who craves being courted, to coin a phrase, and men of a certain maturity know how to treat a woman—in her whole self—very well. They know that a woman appreciates the whole effect of a man’s personality on her—the sound of his voice, the sensitiveness of his touch, the generosity of his attitude, a well-developed sense of humor (a witty older man is very sexy to me), the way he’s grown comfortable in his own skin, and ability to listen to, and make, interesting, flirtatious conversation. Of course, it helps if he’s nice-looking and well-dressed, but older men these days are often as fit as younger guys. And it also turns me on if he’s a sweet man. I specialize in offering the girlfriend experience, and it’s very easy for me to play that sexual role if the man with whom I’m spending time is basically a decent guy who really loves women. Some younger men have that kind of poise, but older men have it more because they’ve lived and learned what women want—sexually and emotionally.

Men with experience have loved women of all ages. They know the importance of eye contact during sex, where a guy looks deeply into your eyes while his hands are making mischief with your pussy. If you look at my photos, you’ll see I have cat eyes, and I just love it when an older man sits down on my bed while I lay there naked, my legs opened wide, and he stares at me while his experienced, gentle fingers open my pussy, stroke my labia and slip and slide in and out of me while we chat and get acquainted. An older man knows how to savor the pleasure of getting a girl slowly but steadily excited, my vagina moistening and awakening as he watches my facial expressions shifting and changing as he observes the erotic effects his finger-fucking is having on me: my eyes getting dreamy, my nose crinkling, my lips pursing, my breasts rising and falling as my breathing quickens, my inner voice making that unmistakable change from “Gee, what a nice man” to “ Oh, God, I am just going to fuck the hell out of him!”

You see, an experienced man gets a big kick out of turning on a woman, and, if she’s significantly younger than him, she can learn a few things about how older men have acquired the lovemaking skills they have. They’ve learned to spot the subtle signs a woman gives off as her horniness quickens. Her eyes narrow, her breathing changes, her body readies to receive his cock. One of my clients would converse softly with me, his fingers probing ever deeper inside me until they were covered with pussy juice. The he would withdraw them and use my natural lubricant to stroke my nipples to firm points. Sometimes he would use both hands to pull steadily at my nipples, and make playful circles around my areolae, until my body shivered with an orgasm. (Older men have learned that there so many kinds of climaxes a girl can enjoy, depending on which part of her body is played, just like I play my cello to make it sigh, throb, or sing, depending on how I draw my bow across the strings.)

Mature men know that a woman’s body is an instrument to be played, like a virtuoso musician coaxes sweet melodies from a blues guitar or a flute. And speaking of flutes—skin flutes—after a good pussy manipulation, I am so ready to suck off my “granddaddy.” While he’s been toying with my naked, lush body, I have him stay clothed. Why? Because, when I’m ready to sample his pole, I ask him to stand by the bedside while I sit up, rub the crotch of his pants, then unzip them and pull out a proudly erect dick. My hands stroke him, rub his shaft between my warm palms, then I grip it firmly and drop my mouth over his cockhead, sliding down until almost every inch of his manhood is inside.

I suck his luscious cock slowly but intensely, because that older man has taken the time to get me really worked up. Sometimes I slip my lips off him ever so slowly, and hold him in my loving grip while I lick the underside of his shaft, which is particularly sensitive.

Now, that kind of passionate cocksucking, on a younger guy, might make him spurt cum like a rocket. I don’t mind a guy cumming on my tits, but I love the control that an older man has learned. He knows the longer he lasts, the more pleasure he’ll enjoy from a beautiful young filly like me, and the more intense his climax will be—the kind that makes his asshole contract spasmodically.

That’s because he knows my warm cunt awaits to receive his well-prepared penis. After I’ve sucked him a while, I lay back, my legs in the air. Sometimes an older man will surprise me with the force of his mounting and penetration. He just nails me, like an old lion mating with a fresh younger female. Some of my elder gentlemen even growl as they stick it in and pound me like a pile driver. There’s a lifetime of sexual need behind the ferocity, a savage fierceness, of a well-experienced lover entering a young girl’s pussy. It makes my eyes roll and my cunt grip him tight as we rock back and forth together.

Don’t let anyone tell you that age diminishes a man’s hunger for sex. When he unleashes his climax, he’ll spurt strongly, 10 or 12 times, filling me up with so much ejaculate that when he withdraws, a whole lot runs out of me and soaks the sheets. And I’ve cum two of three times myself and am thoroughly exhausted.

Believe me, older men have brought me some of the most satisfying sex I’ve ever had. So, if you’re a man on the far side of fifty, give this young girl a call. I can always use a good fucking workout from a guy what takes his time.

Elaina Gilbert

Elaina Gilbert

A breathtaking young blonde of Scandinavian descent offering the finest of Girlfriend Experiences, Elaina Gilbert is a featured courtesan at Dennis Hof's Kit Kat Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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