“Madam On The Menu” Prostitution’s Positive Impact On My Sexuality

My formative sexuality was forged after the “free love” movement changed the rules of romantic engagement.  Some people say, “You can’t miss what you never had.”  In a way, that’s true.  We accept the world as it’s presented to us without too much questioning.  The world presented to me encouraged sexual experimentation and shunned the “uptight”.   Numerous boys skipped the whole dinner and a movie starter dates and went straight to a flask of booze and “This spot looks like a good place to park.” When I committed to marriage, my fiancé gave me an ultimatum; I had to take other partners and bring women into our bed, before he would sign on the dotted line. He explained, “I am emotionally monogamous but sexually plural.”  So cutting edge!  From that point on, I was an active swinger and was routinely expected to be his pussy-bait or “take it for the team” when there was a woman he wanted to fuck.  I became cynical about men and sexually jaded.  Copulation became perfunctory.  I’m positive that, because of my perceptions, I was a terrible lover.

Flash forward to my decision to work in a brothel.  I’d seen made for TV shows depicting heartless businessmen preying on sobbing teenagers.  I’d seen news stories about politicians & ministers losing their careers over encounters with street walkers.  I’d seen movies depicting prostitutes as low functioning victims of society.  The few times I saw women depicted in art as successful sex workers, they also were sociopaths & criminals. I really had no idea what a brothel would be like but I faintly imagined it was something like a dairy, only full of men, & it would be my job to milk them, one after the other after the other….into infinity.   

Sonja is the madam of Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch South near Las Vegas, Nevada

The reality was so much sweeter than anything I could even imagine.  First, the line-up.  What looks impersonal to a lot of men is a sweet compliment to a woman.  He is paying so he absolutely gets what he wants.  He has all these ladies to choose from, and he chooses ME.  Even when we didn’t come to an agreement, the fact that I was favorited was a slow working aphrodisiac that stayed with me.   The negotiations were terrifying at first.  In swinging, there is an undercurrent of social manipulation as a man pretends to be interested in you in hopes you’ll decide to bed him.  In the brothel, it’s all upfront.  He comes right out and says what his fantasies are and I accept or reject that.  I come right out and tell him the value I put on myself and that experience.  He comes right out and accepts or rejects that.  When we come to an agreement that works for us both, there is no pretense.  And the fact that this man treasured an experience with me so much that he made such a generous offering is irresistibly charming…and yes, romantic.   That was the thing I’d missed out on my entire life.  The ritual of making an offering to a lady you are sweet on.  The ritual of a lady accepting those gifts & picking and choosing suitors.  When that happened it cracked me open and the hardness fell away. The image I had of men and their motivations was changed forever.  They were not sexually predatorily Neanderthals, capable of only thinking with their “little heads”.  They were boys in grown up bodies.  Boys who needed love and comfort, who needed the balance of a woman in their life, and who were starving for TLC and intimate attention.  In spite of mass media’s constant depiction of men as being more shallow than women, I’ve actually concluded that they are (on the whole) the most romantic & sensitive of the sexes.

It’s actually pretty easy to physically stimulate a man to orgasm.  Women are more complicated, and I was no exception.   The testosterone level in most men creates a lot of their foreplay via a constant stream of sexual thoughts.  The opposite is true for women who tend to have brains more prone to overthinking.  We are vulnerable to pleasure inhibiting thoughts and beliefs.  The body may be willing but the female brain can be a relentless cock blocker.   That’s when the second brothel epiphany freed my mind so I could become multi-orgasmic. 

Remember that milking machine expectation I had?  Well imagine my surprise when I learned that over 90% of the men who chose to be with me,  and who were paying to get whatever gave them pleasure, wanted MY pleasure over their own.  I could not have believed any man from the swinger lifestyle who said that.  I would assume it was a line to get me into bed.  But THESE men were paying for what they wanted.  There were no games being played, and no ruses.  THESE men I believed, as one after the other made themselves vulnerable in my arms and got “helper’s highs” every time they evoked a storm of pleasure from me.   My cynicism about men evaporated and my cock blocking mind got out of my body’s way.   It became easy for me to trust, to let myself go, & to enjoy the ministrations of my lovers.  Because I didn’t have to struggle against interfering thoughts, I was able to cum more easily & often.   Those orgasms have powered my transformation.  Copulation has evolved to lovemaking and my interactions are almost always instantly intimate now.  My experiences working in a brothel have truly been life expanding.  



Author, ordained minister, porn star, Reiki Master, nudist, post-humanist, and former school teacher -- experienced "sex warrior" Sonja is the current madam at Dennis Hof's Love Ranch South near Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Why I Love to Cater to the Introverted and Antisocial 

Do you find social groups to be emotionally draining? Do you feel like you require extended time by yourself to feel recharged and refreshed? Well, you’re not alone—one third of our population feels exactly the same way. Would your electricity being cut off end your sex life? Let me plug you in, and we’ll make our own sparks, alone together, in comfortable privacy. Allow me to be your keyboard—stroke me till you find the answer to your desires. I guarantee the answers to your emotional and erotic needs can be found in my hands holding yours, my arms hugging you, my thighs welcoming you. I will never make you feel embarrassed, but will thrill you beyond anything you have ever imagined. 

As an introvert myself, it has always been a struggle to socialize and open myself to others, but my lifestyle and career as a legal sex worker has brought me in touch with other anxious and shy people who have taught me how to be more open, and how to reveal the hidden sexual talents we all possess. All it takes is a kind, patient, and understanding person to bring a new lover out of his or her reticent state. I have taught myself to be that person. I want to show you the path to a thriving and stimulated social and sexual life.

Caressa Kisses from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

I flourish on growing with you and helping you dive into your passion. I find the balance of privacy and participation to be alluring. I start by taking you from masturbation to stimulation and slowly but firmly sliding you out of your shell. Let my soft sensual approach disarm you and be your guide. I take great pleasure in helping you explore the possibilities of sensual touch. As an introvert, your thoughts are always racing away and trying to analyze and improve your environment; knowing that, I can lay you in the lap of relaxation and tailor-fit your psychic settings to whatever your needs and desires may be.

I’ve made it my personal mission to give my fellow introverts, who are highly intelligent and emotionally advanced individuals, the opportunity to live beyond your screens and keys. To use me as your personal muse to create the intimate experience of a lifetime. 

We are not limited to just the confides of my bedroom. We can engage in a romantic dinner and dancing, take in a movie, go bowling, or enjoy a picnic in the Sierra Nevada Mountains — Taking our time to become thoroughly comfortable with one another before walking  you back to my room, hand-in-hand, to establish the beginning of our bond. After we get to my private suite at the Bunny Ranch, I will gently undress you, then ask you to undress me. That gets us used to each other’s touch, physical presence, body scents—anything that creates that sweet sense of trusting intimacy. We won’t hurry; I want to savor the sight of your nakedness being revealed, and I’m sure you’ll want to see my bare, beautiful body emerging before your eyes. You needn’t worry if you feel butterflies in your stomach—yes, you’re feeling nervous, but it’s the glow before the lovemaking. 

After we’re both completely naked, we’ll sit and chat casually. Perhaps I’ll take your hand and place it on one of my breasts, and show you how to stroke it to make the nipple erect (and start turning me on, and you too). Being shy, you may feel weird about asking “permission” to touch my body, and my gentle action will make no permission necessary.

But, wait. We introverts fancy anticipation—that period of building up, feeling your breathing quicken and your imagination dance, knowing that you are indeed going to unite sexually with another person. For shy people who can struggle just working up the courage to ask someone on a date, the situation we’re in now will be a dream coming true. That electric thrill running up your spine is from my hand stroking you for the first time. All this anticipation will go on as long as we want it to. No hurry, no rush.

The feeling of freeing a man of their insecurity about sex is so wonderful. If the person is shy and particularly sweet, I may find myself later on laying in bed and touching myself to the memory of the encounter. 

So, if you’re a shy violet like me, contact me so we can help each other sweep away all doubt about the wonders of sex. Allow yourself to be pleased and to please another. You deserve it! 

Caressa Kisses

Caressa Kisses

Legendary courtesan Caressa Kisses is a perfectionist in everything she does, and that includes all things sensual. Internationally renowned for her sexual prowess and flawless body, an encounter with Caressa Kisses is sure to be the apex of your sex life.

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Valentine’s Day for Virgins

Valentine’s day can be an incredibly intimidating time of year for those who have yet to have a sexual encounter. Adult virginity isn’t anything to be ashamed of. You have an image in your mind regarding what you want your first time to be like; you’ve stuck to that, and want your first time to be special. I wish I had put more thought into my first time- instead it was a less than memorable experience that didn’t teach me anything about sex. At the end of it, I still didn’t know anything about my body, let alone someone else’s body. If anything I was more confused about sex after I had sex! So many people regret their first time- so I think its incredibly important to make your first time memorable, special, and enjoyable! Valentine’s Day is a date we’ve already set aside for romance- why not claim Valentine’s Day to be your V-card day?

Most virgins who seek my services have several things in common. First, they want to make sure I’m comfortable working with virgins. The answer is not just yes, but I actually love the company of virgins! I get the pleasure of sharing your first sexual encounter — which is something I treasure just as much as you do.

Alice Little from Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

The second thing many men have in common is that they want to have a mutually enjoyable experience. In other words, they want to be positive that I’m enjoying myself too! This is such a thoughtful and considerate motivation. Something you may not know about me is that I’m sapiosexual — which means I’m attracted to intelligence and personality, and my arousal is directly linked to getting to know you better! Time spent with you is a genuine turn on for me.

The third and final thing is the desire to learn more about sex. You might be surprised to hear so many are interested in the technical side of sex, but it actually makes a lot of sense. In school, sex ed was abstinence and anatomy only. We didn’t learn how to pleasure ourselves, let alone pleasure the other sex. If you’ve yet to begin your hands on sexual education, it’s only natural to be curious about how sex works! Not only am I a passionate lover, I just so happen to additionally be a sex educator. My passion for sex and passion for sharing knowledge harmonize in the bedroom. You won’t even realize how much you’ve gained from our time together; you’ll be so focused on the pleasure!

Virgins, I want to help you claim this day as yours. Let’s have sex, let’s lose ‘it’, and let’s make your first time special. Let’s go on an outdate and get to know one another better before our encounter! We can visit the planetarium, or enjoy the library. Maybe you’d like to go out for dinner, or you envision a romantic spa day. I want you to describe for me your perfect first time, then allow me to make it happen for us. Let me give you the gift of the perfect Valentine’s Day!

Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie with a super-fit, all-natural body -- but don’t let her small stature deceive you. This friendly firebox is a pocket-sized sexual powerhouse with unparalleled lovemaking skills. A part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, Alice will make you feel right at home at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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Visiting a Legal Sex Worker for the First Time

Do you want to visit a Nevada brothel but don’t know where to begin? Feeling nervous because there can be a lot of unknowns? Fear not! I am going to provide you with a brief beginner’s guide on how to start planning your first brothel trip! Here you will learn the steps on how to become a client of mine, or any other amazing lady at the Bunny RanchLove RanchKit Kat Ranch, or Sagebrush Ranch – all legal brothels that are absolutely discreet, safe, healthy, and a lot of fun! It’s really quite simple and much easier than you might think… 

Ruby Rae from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada
Decide whether you want to see a legal provider or an illegal provider

Here are some important reasons why coming to a legal Nevada brothel is a better option than seeing an unlicensed, illegal prostitute. One, it’s legal! For those of you who don’t want to worry or stress about getting caught by law enforcement, whether it be because of a sting operation, or the wrong information getting in the hands of law enforcement, a legal brothel is the best way to ensure that definitely will not happen. Two, the ladies here are tested for STIs (sexually transmitted infections) and HIV on a regular basis and we must have a clean bill of health in order to work, per state law. We are also required by law to use condoms during oral and intercourse activities. Third, you will be coming to a safe environment. No sneaking around in hotel rooms, or having a lady’s pimp waiting inside the room, or outside of the door. You are entering a relaxing and safe environment from the moment you park your car.

Determine your needs, wants, and desires

Before diving into this world of lust, intimacy, and sexual pleasure, it’s always best to pinpoint the “why” you want to come to a brothel in the first place! Are you wanting to fulfill a sexual need or desire that you may not be getting in your personal life, whether from your significant other, or from being single? Are you looking for intimacy and a deep connection with your lady of choice? Do you want to check something off your bucket list, such as a threesome? Do you just want to explore your sexuality more and maybe learn your likes and dislikes? Your needs and wants can expand over multiple areas and that’s okay – you can always come back for more after your first visit! But knowing “why” you want to come to a brothel will make it much easier to choose lady or ladies to see while you’re here.

 Use online resources to research the lovely ladies

Make sure to peruse the websites of the individual ranches to see what ladies are available and whose photos visually stimulate you or grab your attention, AND what bios stimulate your mind! You can find my bio here! Who are you attracted to? Does she seem to offer the kind of experience you are looking for, whether that be Girlfriend Experience (more sensual, intimate, and a longer date), or Porn Star Experience (a little more wild and hardcore experience), or any specific interests such as roleplay, fetish, etc? Or maybe you’re looking for a two-girl party where you pick two girls to play with each other and you? Some ladies are also very skilled in providing services for couples, if you are looking to bring your significant other along. Either way, make sure to spend some time looking through the variety of ladies and choosing a few that you think would best suit your needs and desires. You can also sign up for our message board where us ladies spend our time advertising and conversing with you all! You can really get a feel for a lady’s personality and vibe from exploring her posts, responses, and photos there as well.

Reach out to your dream girl, or multiple dream girls! Then make a choice!

After your period fun “research”, reach out to your lady or ladies of choice! Strike up a conversation! Most ladies prefer email as a way of correspondence, but you can always ask to make sure. Let her know what kind of experience you’re wanting and see if that’s something she would be able to deliver. Then think about what date you would like to set up an appointment with her and see if she’s available. Or, if you’d like to forgo the appointment route, you can always just show up at your chosen brothel (or multiple brothels!) and request a lineup or request a certain lady to meet you at the bar if she’s available. However, I always suggest setting up an appointment with your dream girl so you are guaranteed to meet her and that she’s waiting for you, and only you. 

Arrive at the brothel and negotiate a price and experience

Once you arrive at the brothel and are with your chosen lady, or ladies, you will then go to her room to negotiate the price for your experience. Due to Nevada law, us ladies are not allowed to quote or discuss pricing off of brothel property. That means all negotiations have to be done once you get here in our suites. But fear not! Most of us will work with any reasonable budget and our goal is to make it work! My best advice on this front is to determine what is most comfortable for you and your personal finances and we will try our best to work within your means. If you are looking for an experience that is more in depth, more time, or more activities such as an outdate or overnight, then that will take a more generous budget. Many ladies offer specials or packages that will make your budget go further, so don’t be shy to ask about this when you arrive. Just relax and enjoy your sex vacation! We are all very nice and just want to make this a great time with you! 

Experience pure bliss

Now comes the part you’ve been waiting, dreaming, envisoning, and lusting about….so just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Ruby Rae

Ruby Rae

Graduate student and luxury companion Ruby Rae is a lovely and sophisticated young woman with a passion for film, yoga, reading, and traveling. Her favorite type of encounter is one that includes dinner, dessert, and time beneath the sheets.

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Getting Off On Getting Me Off

You want to get off? I can most definitely oblige! As I mentioned in an earlier post, as a fully licensed and tremendously qualified sex worker, I can make you come harder and more satisfactorily than you ever thought possible. But you may be surprised to learn that my role as the living embodiment of your most intense sensual fantasies is not limited to fulfilling your physical needs. I know that men get off on a lot of levels, and giving you a gratifying orgasm is merely one of many ways to put a spring in your step after our session.

Pleasure is my business, and I am an expert at giving and receiving it. I’m well aware that many men get off on going down on a woman — listening to my moans of excitement grow as you bury your face in my muff, and pleasingly navigate my taut, wet world with your eager tongue while I writhe in rapturous joy. There are many reasons why men absolutely adore cunnilingus with a prostitute. Here are a few examples, from my experience, why men fancy reciprocating the bliss of sexual gratification that I so enjoy providing…

Chanel wants you to go down on her at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

You genuinely like me

News flash: My clients actually don’t treat me like a rag doll to be fucked silly and then casually tossed aside as if I’m some sort of sperm depository. I mean, you can if you want — nothing wrong with an occasional “Wham, bam, thank you Chanel” — but generally my lovers and I enjoy each other’s companionship, and we often develop an authentic connection that extends beyond the sexual. When you have legitimate affection for another person, you tend to enjoy making them as happy as they make you. What better way to show your appreciation for your favorite side chick than by feasting on my sweet snatch and making me climax as part of our no-frills relationship? 

You have something to learn

It’s very common for people in relationships to not communicate effectively about sex. You’d be surprised how many men never learned how to appropriately perform oral sex on a woman. I promise, if you think that you lack sufficient pussy eating skills, you’re not alone. There are millions of guys out there in the same boat. You want to please your significant other, but you can tell that she’s just not feeling what you’re doing down there — and you also know that she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings by telling you that she’s not impressed with your cunnilinguistics. Not to worry, I’ve helped hundreds of men become capable muff divers. I can teach you everything your wife or girlfriend isn’t telling you, and you can freely ask me any questions in the safe and nonjudgmental environment of a legal brothel. With me as your pussy eating practice partner (say that three times fast), I guarantee that you’ll have the time of your life as you learn-by-doing(-me.)

You have Erectile Dysfunction

One of the best things about being a prostitute is that you learn, first-hand, about the facts behind the myths associated with sex. Many of my clients are older men, and a portion of those clients have to deal with Erectile Dysfunction. Having had sex with many, many men of all ages that suffer from varying degrees of ED, I’ve found that these men are far from the disappointing lovers society stigmatizes them to be. When men have Erectile Dysfunction, their penis becomes less central to their bedroom activities. Since these men tend to take more time to “ramp up,” they discover that the marvelous act of sex involves every part of their body, not just their penis. Indeed, some of the most amazing sexual experiences I’ve had have been with older men who have generously ravaged me with their hands and tongue, and have delighted in their newfound sexual prowess as they watch my eyes roll back and feel my body shiver with glee. Enjoying the full spectrum of sex acts is not only fun, but also helps alleviate the anxiety that intensifies ED, allowing you to get relaxed, rock hard, and ready for me to ride you home.



Stunning blond bombshell Chanel prides herself on her sexual prowess and compassionate nature. As a choice companion, she's currently granting wet-and-wild wishes at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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Young Girl Seeks Men Wise Enough To Appreciate Her Charms

I can always sense when a man is looking at me. I feel him watching me. I can be out somewhere, say, browsing the stalls at a farmers market, when I feel eyes on my back. A twinge goes up my spine, and I suck in my breath quickly, then let it out slowly. Somebody is checking me out from somewhere nearby, and it turns me on. It’s not stalking; it’s being adored. Being the object of a male gaze, especially from a mature man, a man who knows how to study a woman’s body and the erotic possibilities it suggests, switches on all my girl parts. From my mind down to my toes, I feel intensely aware and charged. A stranger is making me part of his fantasy world, and it gets me wet in the area of the lovely V.

But first, the chase. I get a kick out of teasing guys. I like older men the most because they’ve lived long enough to appreciate a-n-t-i-c-i-p-a-t-i-o-n, a nice, leisurely buildup to a fiery fuck. Some younger guys, when they come to see me at the SageBrush Ranch, they see this petite, well-toned girl with a pretty, innocent face and pert titties, and they shift into fifth gear instantly, strip down, and want to mount me fast, like I’m their girlfriend’s sweet younger sister they always craved to penetrate. That’s a little too fast for me. I like giving oral sex, for example, and a guy so desperate to jam his dick in me is missing a great experience with a girl who knows how to use her mouth to talk and to suck a cock to a fare-thee-well. (More about that later.)

Ophelia Bee from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Back to the farmers market. I discreetly took out my compact mirror from the pocket of my jean jacket, held it at a certain angle, and glanced into the reflective glass. Along with the unbuttoned jacket I was also wearing a dark, sheer tee shirt that outlined my bare tits, red bikini panties, high-waist 90’s denim that hugged my ass, lacy white socks, and a pair of beat-up pink sneakers. Casual but sexy and slutty enough to catch the eye of any man who loves a woman’s sexual power. About four stalls down I glimpsed a man, about six feet tall, with a bit of a middle-aged belly but cute, with a trim gray beard and glasses, and he was definitely not browsing the vegetables. His eyes were taking a leisurely tour all over my body.

Whether I’m sitting conversing in my room with a customer, hanging with a client on an out-date, or just pleasing myself teasing horny strangers at farmers markets, I call that kind of look, “the hook-’em moment,” because I know my sexual projection has seized full power over the situation. Sometimes I imagine I’m a spy whose mission is to seduce her follower and fuck secret information out of him while I’m draining him dry.

I decided to do a little flirtatious posing to further arouse my audience of one and increase the sexual tension between us. So I bent down low, seeming to pick something off the ground, displaying my tight little buns and dancer’s legs to full fluorescent effect in those leggings. Then I straightened up, stretched and arched my back so my nipples pointed skyward, stood with my legs apart for few seconds, and sauntered off.

I didn’t have to glance back over my shoulder to know that he was moving behind me. I kept slowly walking, stopping every few stalls to browse, feeling him getting closer. By the time I reached a counter where the vendor sold jewelry made with turquoise, he was beside me. I waited for him to speak first.

“Hello, my name is Frank*,” he said in a soft, deep voice. I turned to face him, offering my hand to shake. “Ophelia,” I said. He held on to my hand and didn’t pull his back. Although he was a big man, he had a gentle touch. “I have a friend with a birthday coming up, and I need a beautiful young woman to help model some of this jewelry so I make the right choice,” he explained.

I love men who have lived long enough to confidently state their attraction to me so artfully. Here he was, holding my hand, touching me, standing so close I could feel the warmth of his body, the energy of his personality. So I said I’d be glad to help him out, and he let go of my hand to pick up a choker from the table.

I held up my chin so he could fit the choker, with its central throat turquoise stone, around my small neck. He didn’t close the fastener in back but held the choker tenderly around my throat. I had a sudden thought: “The first chance I get, I am going to suck this guy out of his socks!” I was getting very excited, but I didn’t show it. Keeping your crazy horniness corralled when you’re that worked up is one of the best parts about moving slowly.

Frank tried a couple of necklaces and bracelets on me, then placed them back on the table and thanked the vendor for the time. “Would you like some coffee?” he asked. I said sure and walked with him to the coffee truck. As we sipped, Frank asked me out. So I told him that I make my living as a sex worker at a legal brothel. Now, that startles some guys.

But not Frank. He smiled broadly, like he had won the lottery. “Really? I’ve never had a lady as young as you. Girls your age usually see the gray hair and roll their eyes.” I told him I didn’t see anything but gentlemanliness, grace, and experience in men his age. As we finished our coffee, I gave him my contact information and told him to book an appointment with me at the SageBrush Ranch.

He contacted me the next day, and we set our time for Saturday afternoon. When he arrived he was actually wearing a suit! But he looked good in it. (I especially love the shockingly hot effect when you fish a hard, purple-veined dick out of dress pants.)

We walked to my room, sat down to conclude our negotiations for a party, then I put on some Sinatra for us to dance to. Sinatra always works to get people in the mood for sex. I had a friend named Roxanne who taught me about Sinatra’s music and life. I always knew which guys she was planning to fuck: if she put Sinatra’s music on when the guy was with her, that was the signal. So I picked it up from her. Older men see Sinatra as a model for masculinity, so I always put on Old Blue Eyes for them.

We danced for a long time. I pressed myself against him, and I could feel a nice lump growing in his pants. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to satisfy my curiosity about Frank’s dick: Was it big? Was it long? What did the head look like?

I sat down on the bed, motioned Frank over, and told him to stand in front of me. I looked in his eyes as I unzipped his pants, reached in, and located his snake in its lair. It popped out strong and tall; the head even swelled up and subsided. Man, was I excited! I should tell you all that I absolutely love giving oral. I do it because I love controlling a man’s pleasure. Jerri Hall, who was once married to Mick Jagger, famously said something like, “If you want something from a man, drop to your knees and give him a blow job!” I unwrapped a strawberry-flavored condom and rolled it over Frank’s manhood.

I like the funny faces men make when I suck them. I slid my mouth over Frank’s best friend, and that dick head of his swelled up on my tongue. Yummy! Frank’s facial expressions weren’t silly, but ecstatic. I took him out of my mouth, and said, “Oh, honey, you haven’t had a good dick-sucking for a long time, huh?” He nodded, then thrust his dick forward with a pleading expression. I returned to pleasing his pussy-prodder.

I had him groaning and moaning, fucking my mouth with that long-experienced rod of his. If I let him continue, I knew he’d soon blow his load into the condom. But I wanted him to explode inside me. I told him we had to strip off and get fucking now. “I just can’t wait to get your dick in my cunt!” I said.

I lay on my back on the bed, and in a hot second Frank had my legs in the air and was pile-driving himself balls-deep in me. God, he filled me up. He rammed himself into several times, grunting like a lion, then settled into a steady rhythm of pelvic thrusts, and we cruised along like that for a long time. He slowed down, then sped up; he pulled almost all the way out, then slid very slowly back in my pussy; he made short, sharp penile motions; he explored every inch of my pussy; and I lost track of the time. That’s what I like about older men. They use every move they know. Some guys want to fuck hard for five minutes, then shoot and go. Mature men want to stay inside that special warm and tight part of a woman longer. Much longer. Ahhhh….

Suddenly, Frank started hammering me like a living machine tool. I came twice before he did, and when he came, he slowed almost to a crawl, and I could feel the pulsations as he filled up the condom with his love-milk. I think he must have ejaculated eight to ten times, strongly. What a first-time experience with a client!

I love entertaining generous, mature men, and, as a new girl in town, I’m looking for new friends, and though I’m young, I’ve learned my superb sexual skills from men with decades of fucking experience. Let’s make a date you’ll never forget. Be good to your dick—he’s been good to you. Come see me and let’s party!

*Names have been changed for purposes of confidentiality 

Ophelia Bee

Ophelia Bee

A 4'11" petite beauty, Ophelia Bee provides the very best in intimate companionship. Specializing in the Girlfriend Experience and an array of sensual services, Ophelia is currently a featured entertainer at Dennis Hof's Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada.

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How Reddit Helped Make Me the Top Hooker at my Legal Brothel

As we enter the final years of the second decade of the 21st century, it’s no secret that social media plays a big part in marketing the products and services we use every day. Online platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Yelp, where people can share ideas, review products, and seek advice, have revolutionized the way we make purchasing decisions. The vast majority of companies and merchants that have embraced social networking have thrived in this new age of doing business, and those businesses that were late to the game are trying desperately to catch up.

When social media marketing is mentioned by the seemingly countless gurus sharing their expertise in blogs, white papers, or pay-to-play online seminars, the examples of success most often cited are companies like Zappos, brands like Old Spice, or small mom and pop businesses that used social media to turn their respective bakeries, coffee shops, and hair salons into cash cows. But there are less traditional types of service providers that use social media and online communication platforms to great success — namely, prostitutes. And like other accomplished professionals, the prostitutes that have taken to social media, identified a niche, and reached out to communities that have a genuine need for their services, have prospered.

Roxanne Price from Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch near Reno, Nevada

Networking with the Virgins of Reddit

This year, I earned the title of “Lover of the Year,” which means that I was the most successful prostitute at the licensed Nevada brothel where I work. This is no small achievement, considering that my co-workers are among the most sought after working girls on the planet. I’ve been a legal Nevada sex worker for a few years now, and this is the first year that I’ve managed to “out sell” my colleagues. I attribute my hard-earned success in no small part to a heavy focus on social media, particularly my outreach to adult virgins on Reddit.

Reddit is a social news and discussion platform where people come together to discuss just about every imaginable topic in mini-forums called “subreddits.” Reddit is definitely my favorite website because it hosts what I believe to be the most genuine and engaging of all online communities. While many subreddits discuss topics like health, sci-fi, or video games (My favorite pastime), there are other subreddits that provide support for people struggling with depression, loneliness, and other human conditions. Many of the individuals seeking help from the “redditors” in these communities are in dire need of someone to communicate with, and most of these distressed people have no outlet, other than Reddit, to get worthwhile advice and heartfelt compassion from people who genuinely care about their well-being.

Roxanne Price

When I first became a legal sex worker, I didn’t initially look to Reddit for my potential clients. Even though I have personally reached out to Reddit in the needy hours of my “real life,” and I knew that the website was a great place to get sincere answers to real-world problems, I tended to treat my “work life” as something that wasn’t quite real. I started as a sex worker when I was only 19 years old, so I guess I had a little growing up to do before I understood the responsibility of my role. It took me over a year of actually seeing clients and being intimate and vulnerable with these men before I understood that my job was more than just being a “fuck buddy.” I became a friend, a lover, a listener, and a confidante to my clients. I grew into my job and I realized that I was very well suited for my role as a compassionate and empathetic sex partner and intimate companion.

As I matured as a courtesan and continued to frequent Reddit, I consistently encountered stories of men, young and not-so-young, that for one reason or another never had sex. These men were in terrible anguish over being virgins. They were unable to even start to form relationships with women, for fear that their potential lovers would judge them as some sort of social aberration. They were desperate — and they felt that they had no one to turn to.

That’s when something clicked for me and I realized that I could help these grief-stricken guys. Reddit showed me the problem, and, through Reddit, I could be the solution. I engaged the virgins of Reddit in a full-on campaign, tirelessly posting in subreddits, participating in question and answer sessions, and fielding a deluge of private messages from the countless virgin men that were curious and excited about the prospect of losing their virginity to a legal prostitute.

Roxanne Price

In time, appointment after appointment started to appear on my books. One after another the virgins from Reddit appeared at the entrance of the bordello. Each of them uneasy at first, but every last one of them departing from their session a satisfied,  sexually experienced man — and many of them returning for additional hands-on tips on how to enhance their proficiency in the bedroom.

I believe that my outreach worked not because I had a sound “social media strategy” or because I subscribed to the best online seminar. I was (and continue to be) successful in my deflowerings not only because I knew that I had the best possible service to offer these adult virgins, but also because I valued the authenticity of the Reddit community. I knew that there were real people who needed help behind those user names, and I treated every one of them with the individual respect they deserved.

Advertising legend Leo Burnett said “Help your customers and you help your business.” Well, there are hundreds of men walking around who are no longer virgins because of me, and I’m the top earning hooker in my brothel, so Mr. Burnett may have been onto something…

Roxanne Price

Roxanne Price

Lovely and curvaceous, Roxanne Price is an elite courtesan who prides herself on providing the “authentic girlfriend experience.” An empathetic woman with a genuine sensitivity to her client’s sexual needs, Roxanne provides transformative erotic experiences to men from all walks of life.

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A Helping Hand for a Happy Ending

Picture yourself sprawled out on a warm massage table, soft cotton sheets laid delicately over your naked flesh. Sensuous, warm hands working across your back and shoulders, skillfully melting away the work day stress. You notice my hands pause at the crook of your hips, and feel my lips brush barely against your ear. “Roll over for me baby…” I croon, moving my hands to suggest shifting yourself around. I reposition the sheet over your body, smiling softly at your growing bulge under the sheet. “Shall I lend you a hand…perhaps, a happy ending?”

A massage with a happy ending is a common fantasy, one that many men and women have pondered while laying on their massage therapist’s table. Being both a massage therapist and a sex worker at the Bunny Ranch, I’ve had the pleasure of helping others fulfill this fantasy. It’s only natural to be aroused during a massage- you feel so good afterwards, once the stress has been worked out of your tired muscles. Let my delicate fingers work out all the little sore spots, before tending to the rest of your bodies needs. Sex is psychological as well as physical, so it is important to fully relax before shifting gears to focusing on your sexual desires.

Alice Little is a licensed sex worker ay Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

The Bunny Ranch has a spacious Massage Suite specifically available for erotic massage parties. Massage with a happy ending, nuru massage, yoni & lingam massages, etc are all possible! Physiologically speaking, touch to any part of the body can trigger the parasympathetic nervous system, which in turn triggers arousal. It’s perfectly healthy to experience this during a massage, and its quite fun to experience release following a high quality full body massage.

Unlike a “vanilla” massage, physical arousal isn’t just welcome — it’s encouraged! Throughout the massage I’ll be kissing your body, sensually touching you, all while clad in barely-there lingerie. My personal favorite is to massage your body slowly, starting with your shoulders, back, legs, and buttocks — then roll you over and tease before finally pleasuring you fully. There are even special places on your body that I can massage to specifically enhance and increase your arousal and pleasure! Without a doubt, a massage with a happy ending will be the best massage of your life.

So what makes for a great Happy Ending Handjob? Here’s my expert top 3 tips to maximize your pleasure:

 1. RELAX! 

 This is a massage too- let your shoulders down, and take a deep breath! Its okay to lean into the pleasure, and give yourself permission to close your eyes and just let your stress melt away. When you come to the table already feeling calm, you’re going to have a much better time! Being in the right frame of mind for our date helps to set the stage for a pleasurable experience that you’ll enjoy from the tip of your toes to the tip of your…well, you know…

 2. Don’t Rush It

 It can often be tempting to bypass the massage and skip right to the happy ending. I mean, who doesn’t want their dessert first? In this case however I advise patience. The pay off at the end when you finally climax will be absolutely toe curling! The torturous temptation of my bare breasts pressed on your back while I massage your knots away is enough to drive any man crazy. I’d apologize for teasing, but I wouldn’t really mean that. The slow build up is all part of the experience! 

 3. Sweet Release

 A common mistake men make when enjoying a happy ending massage is to try and prolong their pleasure by holding back their orgasm. Believe it or not, this actually is the #1 cause for a failed fantasy! When you ask your body to delay gratification, you’re actually decreasing your pleasure and limiting how strong your orgasm is. By simply letting go and giving into sweet release, you’ll experience perfect bliss! Follow these 3 tips, and you’ll have the happiest of happy endings, and some pretty great memories too! 

Alice Little

Alice Little

Alice Little is a 4’8” red-headed cutie with a super-fit, all-natural body -- but don’t let her small stature deceive you. This friendly firebox is a pocket-sized sexual powerhouse with unparalleled lovemaking skills. A part-time girlfriend coveted by both men and women, Alice will make you feel right at home at the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.

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Why I’m Auctioning My Virginity at the Bunny Ranch

My name is Bailey Gibson and I am a virgin. Now, if you saw me on the street and I told you that you’d probably say, “yeah right! No way!” But contrary to popular belief (and societal norms) attractive 23-year-olds can be virgins too, I am happy to say.

I grew up nestled in a gated community in the suburbs of Sacramento, California. I was adopted when I was one year old, and grew up with very strong Christian values as my adoptive father was an elder at our home church. I grew up very sheltered. I was not allowed to watch TV, listen to any music other than Christian music, have friends over, or have sleepovers ever. If we did watch a movie, it was on the Hallmark or Disney channel. If we were allowed to watch TV, we were allowed to only watch programs like Little House on the Prairie. I remember sneaking and watching Carmen Sandiego cartoons and Hannah Montana with my sister.

Bailey Gibson will lose her virginity to the highest bidder at Dennis Hof’s Moonlite Bunny Ranch

My birth mother was unable to take care of me as she already had another child and was putting herself through college. I am reasonably content with the life I was given and never questioned her decision.

My adoptive parents sent me to an all-girls boarding school in in Stockton, Missouri when I was 16 years old. It was a strict Christian academy and I had absolutely no contact with boys the entire time I was there. Needless to say, the lack of male company and deep religious study contributed to me becoming an adult virgin. 

I have never had a truly satisfying relationship with my adoptive parents. Although I care for them dearly, I always had a sense that they regretted my adoption and kept me at arm’s-length. Newly graduated, I posed a new problem for them. Where would I go? My parents were always practitioners of “tough love,” so they made it clear to me that home was off the table. My parents put me in a hotel and gave me two options instead.

During her teen years, Bailey Gibson attended an all-girls boarding school

Option A: Join Teen Challenge. For those who don’t know what Teen Challenge is: It’s a program that drug and alcohol addicts go through to get clean. I had never done drugs or drank before at that point (besides maybe stealing a sip from a grown up at holiday parties). But it was less about me and my well-being; more about my parents regretting my adoption.

Option  B: Join the Air Force. I picked this option because at least there was some honor associated with fighting for my country. Also, my adoptive father and two older brothers joined the Air Force. I went through MEPS, received an 84 on the ASVAB; and anticipated swearing in as a helicopter mechanic.

Before I did, however, my birth dad found me, and two weeks later I was on a plane to Charlotte, North Carolina. I stayed with my birth father in North Carolina for a while before moving to Wisconsin to live with my biological grandmother. While living with her, I found a boyfriend and we moved in together in the months that followed.

My ex-boyfriend was a Christian at the time and I did not wish to have a sexual relationship with him until we were married. Knowing I was a virgin, he respected my values (for a while). I learned that love can be deceiving when I discovered that he slept with his ex on Valentine’s Day, however. Being the naive 19 year old that I was, I thought that if I stayed with him and we enrolled in couples therapy, I could make our relationship right again. At that point I had virtually nobody and my ex-boyfriend brought me companionship. So, I stayed. Foolishly. Only to be heartbroken after one of our couples therapy sessions when I found out that he had already met and slept with someone else — on their first date no less. After grieving for a while, I came to the conclusion that waiting until marriage to lose my virginity was the wrong decision, because my ex-boyfriend wasn’t worth waiting for.

I thought that I could trade my virginity for my boyfriend’s lifelong devotion. I was wrong. So, I decided that I was going to get something for my virginity — something that benefits me and my life. I wanted to lose my virginity in the most profitable way possible. That’s when I looked into selling my virginity and found Dennis Hof and the Moonlite Bunny Ranch. I emailed Dennis in 2016 but he didn’t respond initially. In 2017, desperate after losing my job as a property manager, I wrote Dennis again and convinced him to help me out. Needless to say, here we are. I am auctioning my virginity to the highest bidder at the world’s most popular legal brothel.

Society perceives me as a deviant, and I am okay with that. At the end of the day, it is my body. I have the right to do what I want with it. Going through the Bunny Ranch allows me to legally have sex for money. Does this make me a prostitute? Gasp! Meh, I don’t know. If you take a picture once, does that make you a photographer?

I do not think that capitalizing upon your purity makes you a bad person. Just like having sex with multiple men does not make you a bad person. We all make choices. Mine was to wait. Now it is to sell.

For information on bidding on Bailey Gibson’s virginity, please contact Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel owner Dennis Hof at dennis@bunnyranch.com or call the Moonlite Bunny Ranch at 775-246-9901. All inquiries will remain entirely confidential.

Bailey Gibson

Bailey Gibson

A 23-year-old virgin from Wisconsin, sexy Bailey Gibson is auctioning her virginity to the highest bidder at Dennis Hof's Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Will you be her first? For more information or to bid on her virginity auction, contact dennis@bunnyranch.com.

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I’m the Hottest Sex Teacher You Will Ever Meet!

When I applied for a job at the Sagebrush Ranch, I asked, “Does age matter, because I’m not 20 years old anymore.” I just turned 44, and it’s been the best job I could ever imagine, and I’ve done things I never could imagine, outdates and overnights. I could be working on site for awhile, and then I get an email to go to Vegas, and off I go. I don’t know from day to day what I’m doing. It’s pretty awesome. I’ve been asked out for overnights and outdates because of my age. If you want to sit down and have dinner with a woman, well, what are you gonna talk about with an 18-year-old? I’ve had girls who have been here 10 years, and they ask me, “Why haven’t I gotten an outdate?” Well, you are the image that you project.

When the driver picked me up at the airport, I told myself, This is crazy, what am I doing? And I thought, this is going to be the best or the worst thing I’ve done, but my first two weeks, I did five figures’ worth of business! The first 4 years that I was here, I worked on my computer for 8 hours straight every day to build the name that I have.

Shelby Star from Dennis Hof’s Sagebrush Ranch near Reno, Nevada,.

I do like my parties because they’re different. I tell the guys what I want; I mean, I ask them what they want, but I tell them what I like to do. I get a lot of mature, sexually experienced men, and they want to please me. I feel you always have to find a connection with a client. My mom was a teacher when I grew up, and we visited every single state in the United States. That really helps me in relating to a client because, if they bring up a state or a town, most likely I’ve been there.

I’m a very sexual person, but I’m relaxed, I like to crack jokes. I’m on a mission to make clients feel confident to be sexual. Maybe they’ve had a partner in the past who sucked in bed. It’s about a healing process. Every client that comes in here has a want or a need. There’s a reason why they’re here. Like, married men, their wives won’t get on top anymore, won’t give them a blow job anymore. They’re here to fulfill the things the wife won’t do.

One of my clients is from Asia. He didn’t like to make eye contact with a woman because the women in his country shamed him. He would lose his erection. So I tried something different: I blindfolded him. And I was able to give him a blowjob and have sex with him successfully. I’ve been seeing him about two years now, and he’s become very self-confident sexually. He even learned to do cunnilingus. I sent him DVDs on how to do it. And I told him to study them, and that the next time I saw him, we’d try it.

I think that conversation is No. 1 before anything else. I ask questions of a guy, like, What are your hobbies, where are you from, what do you like to do? It builds a relationship with this person to be a regular and come back and see me. I keep a book. When a customer is a first-time client, I write down his name, and something about him, like, does he like country-western music? So the next time he visits, I have country-western music playing in my room. They remember and appreciate stuff like that.

Sometimes I think I have more fun than my clients! They tell me that they can see that I love what I do. I love sex. You think that all these women come into this profession, that they know all these different sexual positions? I learned so much from my clients. They’ll come up with some off-the-wall position that’s really good! It works both ways: They learn something from us, and we learn something from them.

I think the best thing about coming here is you’re going to unleash your inhibitions the first time. I have clients who are transvestites, and they want me to make them up as women. They know that I’m older, and what they say is not going to shock me. I don’t think they’re weirdos. A married guy will say to me, how did my sex life go so wrong?” It’s because you haven’t explained what you want to your wife. If you come to me, and I suck your cock in a way that you don’t like, you’re gonna tell me want you want. I think when a man comes here, he can communicate because I’m a professional, and I’ve done everything. If you walk out of here unsatisfied, it’s because you didn’t communicate with me. Because I’m pretty much open to whatever you want to do. You want to role-play? I do role-play parts all the time. Like, you’re the “boss,” and I need a job really bad, and I fuck you to get it. It excites me to role-play; it’s fun. Playing a teacher is a favorite: you’re the teacher or I’m the teacher, and they’re a student hitting on a hot teacher. Or a cheerleader with football players. I even had one client that wanted me to be a slave on a pirate ship! Sometimes people want me to be a submissive or dominatrix.

I do a lot of couples. I’m into women too sexually, and when a couple comes in, I always negotiate what we’re gonna do with the female. I don’t want to do anything that the woman doesn’t want to do. We need to talk about what the boundaries are. I don’t want the couple fighting over whether he’s going to fuck me or not. I’ve learned to get her permission, her agreement about what kind of sex will happen. And some of the wives have watched me fuck their husbands and have learned something new that they want to try later at home. I have one guy whose wife has cancer and can’t have sex anymore, and she wanted him to be safe and be happy. He’s been seeing me for five years. Her only condition was that she wanted him to pick one girl and stay with her. That made it okay.

I get a lot of virgins, and virgins are fun because they don’t really know what they’re doing, and I get to show them what to do for the first time. I not only have sex with them, but after I’m done having sex, I say to them, “I’m going to show you exactly what a woman does when she’s building up to orgasm.” For men, the best part of the whole party is to watch me orgasm, because I’ll tell them, “Watch my breathing.” My breathing is going to go a little different, I’ll start moving my pelvis up, and when I get close to cumming, my body is gonna start to spasm, and I cannot control it—it’s going to do what it wants to do. They love it, and they walk out like they’re on Cloud Nine. Now they know if a woman is faking it or not. And they can say to a woman they’re with, “What can I do to make you orgasm?” And I show them all the tricks: touch here, do that, use this sex toy, don’t use that toy. (I love my Hitachi Magic Wand! I have the original one, and one I can travel with.)

Foreplay to me is everything; if I had to choose between fucking or foreplay, I’d choose foreplay, although I love sex too. Sometimes it depends on the guy’s health, like if he’s had prostate cancer or is diabetic. If someone has diabetes, there needs to be a lot of foreplay, a lot of buildup, and it takes a while sometimes for a guy to cum. I really want to please him, with him feeling that he’s gotten what he paid for. I don’t want for this to be a party of “Hurry up and cum.” That’s not fine for either one of us. I had a guy say, “I can’t cum twice during a party.” Well, I made him shoot twice, and he left happy. saying, “Oh my God, how did you do it?” Well, there’s a time frame. After he’s cum the first time, I give him a back rub, then a blowjob. He’ll be ready to cum again, no problem.

The whole point of what I do is I really like people. I like smiling at them, making them feel special, showing them sexual things to do that they never did before. I inherited my instructional skills from my mom, and over the years, I’ve become a really hot teacher! Cum one, cum all! I’ve got a heart as big as Texas, my home state, and I’ll show you the time of your life!

Shelby Star

Shelby Star

Shelby Star is the quintessential girl next door. A Texas native with a heart as big as The Lone Star State, her infectious personality and charming demeanor will instantly enchant you.

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