Legal Sex Worker Addresses Adult Virgins of Reddit

Posted by Roxanne Price on June 29, 2016

As a licensed sex worker at Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch, I meet adult virgins every day. Anxiety, frustration, and depression are very real consequences for men of all ages who have never had a genuine sexual experience with a woman they desire. Many adult virgins feel that they are forever stuck in their sexual situation, and that they will never have a satisfying, long-lasting relationship. Others fear that if they ever do have an opportunity for intimacy, that they will not be able to adequately perform and sexually please their partner.

Perhaps more than anywhere else online, the plight of the adult virgin is heartbreakingly evident on Reddit, where numerous communities (called subreddits) showcase personal stories shared by adult virgins and provide support to people struggling with their virginity. In an attempt to reach out to the multitude of Redditors agonizing over their inability to lose their virginity, I recorded the below video as a sort of “public service announcement” to let the Reddit community know that I can help.

I realize that this approach may seem a bit direct and unorthodox, but I feel that it’s the best way for me to connect with the online community and start a conversation about how fully licensed Nevada prostitutes like me can help virgins through this unfortunate but temporary phase of their lives, break the cycle of pain and self-loathing associated with adult virginity, and transform distressed virgins into confident people with a healthy sexual future.

Things are going to get better. I’m always willing to talk and I answer all of my emails. I’m here for you.

– Roxanne

Roxanne Price

Roxanne Price

Lovely and curvaceous, Roxanne Price is an elite courtesan who prides herself on providing the “authentic girlfriend experience.” An empathetic woman with a genuine sensitivity to her client’s sexual needs, Roxanne provides transformative erotic experiences to men, women, and couples from all walks of life.

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Roxanne Price

Author: Roxanne Price

Lovely and curvaceous, Roxanne Price is an elite courtesan who prides herself on providing the “authentic girlfriend experience.” An empathetic woman with a genuine sensitivity to her client’s sexual needs, Roxanne provides transformative erotic experiences to men, women, and couples from all walks of life.

11 thoughts on “Legal Sex Worker Addresses Adult Virgins of Reddit”

  1. I saw this link on the forever alone subreddit.

    Although I am not an adult virgin I do want to thank you for the gesture. If you are being genuine then it is appreciated. I think more should offer the olive branch to those men who are pretty much left behind.

    I do offer some criticisms on this however. I am sorry if this comes across as harsh. I think the one thing that bothers people in the sub reddit is they feel you are trying to take advantage of emotionally vulnerable male virgins. Should we all help them? Of course but it wouldn’t be through platitudes and useless advice of course. I am however not convinced this would help either. Most of people who post in the forever alone sub reddit not only have difficulties forming intimate relationships with women but also getting passed a job interview. It would be difficult for them to even pay for such services. This would be on a case by case basis.

    Loneliness is a terrible thing. I should know I have been single for almost 16 years. I am one of the few that in my youth was able to share a part of me with someone but unfortunately life is unfair and I knew it not meant to be. When someone has been alone for that long it truly does poison your soul to the point where you build walls around yourself and see the world through contempt and resentful eyes. I tend to lash out at people when they don’t really deserve it. You start to see the world as a hurtful place that is just waiting to pounce on you. Then this lonely individual may hear the call of alcoholism and drug use to escape the jaws of the abyss.

    Either way you are serious about this I applaud you and you have your work cut out for you. If you do read this thank you for doing this.

    1. Thank you Lawrence. In case you missed my comment on the subreddit, I wanted to re-post it here so that you understand that I know, at least to some extent, what it feels like to go through what many of the ForeverAlone community members experience…

      Okay so the main reason why I posted my blog here is because I can directly relate to the essence of this page. Before I came out to NV in 2014, I was an awkward/ heavy set teenager who just got out of high school. I was living with my mother, with no motivation to work and the only thing that I looked forward to was playing Skyrim and Soul Calibur 5 online everyday. My social life took an arrow to the knee hard, let’s just say that. Thanks TES.

      Every day when I woke up I would go straight to the TV for pretty much all day, never socializing/ not going outside and eating way too many munchies. It was a rough point in my life and it felt like I had no potential/ future ahead of me. So by the time summer 2014 hit I got fed up with myself and took off to the Love Ranch North. 2 years later I am financially stable, losing weight/ eating healthy and my social skills and confidence levels are on point. I’m so much happier now, and I want you guys to know that anyone can change the rut that they’re in with enough hard work.

  2. Frankly I don’t see the point of seeing as escort out of desperation for sexual experience after regular women have rejected you. If women don’t find you at least minimally attractive in the first place, the escort experience won’t change that about you. Women won’t go, “Wow, he saw an escort! That makes him boyfriend material now!”

    And this assumes that the escort doesn’t reject you as well, or you otherwise don’t have a bad experience with her. Prostitutes don’t come from some alternate reality where the women operate according to rules different from the ones for regular women.

    1. Mark,

      If you are benign, have decent hygiene, and aren’t grotesque to look at, the odds of you being rejected by an escort are slim.

      Approaching and escort for sex, is not the same as approaching a women in the bar or the street. They will explicitly sleep with you for money, and I assure you they do not only sleep with men they find attractive.

      1. You seem to have missed my point. Even if an incel has a passable experience with an escort. what’s the follow up to that? Regular women will still reject him, so the escort experience is a dead end.

  3. For me as asperger authist its more easy to understand the principles of the Theory of Relativity, or any other complex scientific stuff than inter-human communication.

    Smalltalk is difficult for me but i learned it over the years by applying a complex set of sociological und rhetorical rules based on my logic and rationality of thinking.
    But Dating, Mating, Flirting and so on, quite difficult for me ! there is just to much randomness and emotion in it to conceptualise it on a theorethical level or even to construct myself a behavioral pattern on wich i can act in such situations. What i want to say, not all FA Redditors have Problems with Anxiety or their Anxiety exists because they have problems to function properly in social and emotional situations.

    On the one side i feel strong emotions, but im not able to express them as it is needet by human society, people tend to freak out when i say what i really feel and think as being 100% Honest all the time isnt appreciated in the human civilization. Additional i dont really understand the emotions of other people as long as they do not express them very clearly in a verbal way. So im living on the wrong Planet, think i would fit quite well into Vulcanian society as shown in Star-Trek but not planet earth….

    Not that easy to change that, for many people at least. So getting myself an escort or payed sex wouldnt change anything as i dont have any anxiety. I just behave awkward all the time cause i dont understand the intentions of other humans in emotional situations. As there are not many women who are into Mr. Spock like guys there is a very high chance i will be a looner for ever 😉

    1. This is really a scam. If a young man has been consistently rejected by girls in his teens and twenties,why would he have a better experience with an escort? Escorts are fundamentally like the women who rejected him.

  4. As an old man, I can look back and identify with some of the young men who think they will forever be loners. I felt the same way half a century ago. Just couldn’t connect with the ladies. Shy, different, very unconfident. An older lady that I paid money to patiently and compassionately taught me the ins and out of sex while I served in the army. I’m not encouraging all young men to do this. I just know it helped me. I view the so called “bad ladies” in a very compassionate and appreciative light.

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