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Legal Prostitutes Help Defeat Trumpcare

We did it! Hookers for Health Care played a part in the fight against the ...
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Nevada Brothel Prices

“How much do services cost at a legal Nevada brothel?” is one of the most ...
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The Best Working Girls Bring Passion To Everything They Do

If I had to pick one attribute, one characteristic, one "thing" about a working girl, ...
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Nevada Working Girls vs. Trumpcare

As a rule of thumb, I usually choose not to discuss religion or politics, as ...
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Nevada Brothels — Three Common Questions

Nevada brothels are sometimes a bit of an enigma — there’s not a ton of ...
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What Makes a Great Brothel Owner?

Welcome to prostitution politics of 2017 in the USA! Despite the fact that brothels have ...
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What Makes A Perfect 10?

This weekend, a client gave me a wonderful and flattering compliment. After a romantic and ...
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The Best Place to Cheat on Your Wife

Let’s face it, some married men cheat on their wives. It happens. Whether it be ...
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Hustler Magazine’s “Beaver Of The Year Contest” Starts Today—And My Girls Are In It To Win It!

Hey everybody! Have I got some exciting news for you and my entire 7-brothel family! ...
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